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.Bisman quirked one side of his mouth."Salvage," he said simply, flipping a hand up toward space."Found it out there,somewhere.You know." Fontrose raised his hands in surrender."All right, all right, I won't ask."file:///G|/eMule/Incoming/Nye_Jody_Lynn_-_Ship_06_-.006]%20-%20Ship%20Errant,%20The%20(EDGv1,html).html (174 of 329)15-7-2004 1:12:50 JODY LYNN NYE - [The Ship Who Sang Series - 06] The Ship Errant"Eleven," Minna said warningly."Wait! Wait!" Fontrose turned to her, alarmed."Please, dear lady, don't raise thingsuntil we've had a chance to talk about your first offer.Now, I thought eight and ahalf."A long-legged figure stumbled down the steps of the raiders' ship and ran toward themheadlong.Mirina recognized Zonzalo, and wondered why he was so agitated.Shestopped him with a fierce glance when he was still half a dozen meters from thegroup.He gestured with his hands and eyebrows, trying to signal urgency.He stoppedwaving at her when Fontrose turned to glance at him, but started his semaphoringagain as soon as he looked away.Bisman shot her a look of annoyance."Go back, Zon," she said at last."Check and see how they're coming with thosecontainers.""Miri!" came a choked squawk from Zonzalo.Font-rose swiveled to stare openly.Bisman looked exasperated.Mirina smiled at Fontrose, dangerously, but politely."Excuse me just one moment.A matter of crew discipline."The colony leader nodded, and Bisman took the distraction as an opportunity to movein to close the sale."Now, while she's gone, my old friend, let's get the price to where we both like it.""What is it?" Mirina hissed.Her younger brother was hopping up and down withnerves."How dare you interrupt a negotiation?""It's dire! Twilight's been holding a message for us from Autumn on Base Eight.They've been attacked by a Central Worlds ship.They need help.""What are we supposed to do about it?" Mirina asked, annoyed."We're too bloody faraway to do anything now.That message will be weeks old!""We ought to go and check out Autumn's report," the boy insisted."Check out what? If Autumn got word out, then someone was alive to operate thecommunications board.""What the hell is going on?" Bisman asked, coming up between them."Base Eight's had a run-in with CW ships," Zonzalo said, wide-eyed."So what?'file:///G|/eMule/Incoming/Nye_Jody_Lynn_-_Ship_06_-.006]%20-%20Ship%20Errant,%20The%20(EDGv1,html).html (175 of 329)15-7-2004 1:12:50 JODY LYNN NYE - [The Ship Who Sang Series - 06] The Ship Errant"So, it's been discovered by the authorities," the boy said."We have to help them.""Zon, this is not a vid-show.We're ages away from there.Autumn will just have toabandon the place," Mirina said."She's a survivor.She'll get the rest of the crews outof there.""Too bad about Base Eight," Bisman said, scratching his unshaven chin."It lasted along time.My dad established that one when I was a boy.I spent time there myself.""But CW might find the Slime," Zonzalo said."They'll talk.""Who cares? They don't know who we are," Bisman said, impatient to get back to thenegotiations."Besides, they stopped kicking a long time ago.One ship is no big deal.They'll come, they'll go.In the meantime, we can go back and mine the skies aroundPlanet Two with impact grenades, to make sure no one gets offworld, no matter howmany visitors they get from CenCom." His eyes grew dreamy."Maybe a blanketbombardment, keep kicking them until the whole planet blows up.Always wanted tosee how much that Slime Ball defense system could take.""Stop it, damn you," Mirina said, interrupting.She never knew whether his enfantterrible mode was an act or not."We'll just abandon the base.The Slime don't knowwhere we are or where we went.Zon, send word to Phyllis and Autumn and the othersto destroy the equipment, and evacuate.There's no need to cause further loss of life."Bisman turned on her, one finger thrust upward under her chin, eyes flashingdangerously."Enough of that, brawn.I'm tired of it.You lost one friend, one brain.I've seen hundreds of friends, family, even lovers die over the thirty years I've beenout here.You're here where my people live.Do you want to know how many holesthere are in my family?""I know," Mirina said, staring him straight back in the eye."You've told me again andagain.""And I know.Charles this.Charles that." His scorn pummeled her, and she gaped athim.He shoved his face close to hers, backing her out of the negotiation circle untilshe was trapped between him and somebody's front door."I don't care any more! Youdon't like death, huh? You don't want to see anyone else die.It blunts your edge,woman.You should be able to kill to protect yourself.Why should just one deathaffect you so much?"file:///G|/eMule/Incoming/Nye_Jody_Lynn_-_Ship_06_-.006]%20-%20Ship%20Errant,%20The%20(EDGv1,html) [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]