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.”“Tats wants a sit down.” This came from Dec as he joined us in the VIP area.“Where?”“I told him I’d have to run it past you and the club, before any decisions are made.”“Linc, what do you think?”“He’s losing money and with several of his men missing.His charters shrinking.”Black County and Tats were not losing men.They were in hiding and for the last couple of weeks Twiggy and Trax have been watching Jimmy- Joe and Sandy.However, since we took over their drug trade, they were hurting financially.“Scarlet Runners have a stake in this.Are we calling them?”“The meeting has to be on neutral ground.Fudge you arrange it.Linc contact Sinbad.Tell him we have a sit down, but we’ll face this on our own and update him afterwards.”“I need to check on something in the office.I’ll be back shortly.”“Something or someone?”With a flip of my finger at Fudge, I leave the brothers as they continued to watch the floorshow.On my way, I almost knock into Crabby.“Where are you going Tabby?”“To the office.”“Rayven isn’t there.”“Do you know where she is?”“Outside.”Why was she outside?“Rayven all I ask for.Is a simple life.”I found Rayven in the rear yard starring at the stars.“Everything okay?”A slight nod of her head is the only indication I receive.A little concerned at her lack of response, I join Rayven on the bench, cupping her hand in mind.With the door closed, the sounds of the club are eliminated, and strangely, I find the silence comforting as Rayven burrows her head into my neck.“I love the night, Tabby.There’s such a vivacious ambience.You know when you first had me working here.I really hated it.I used to think that only perverts came to places like this.Only it’s not.There’s some really wonderful people in there and this is their way to break the monotony of their lives.”“Did I ever tell you, that you’re a strange one Little Bird?”The only answer she gives is to snuggle in closer to my body.The feel of her lithe form, reminds me I still need to get the details of the hotel that Linc uses when he and Cassie go away.In the comfort of the night, I draw Rayven closer.Yeah, Little Bird needs a break from everything and everyone.“Are we going back inside?”Rayven’s hair tickles my chin as she gives a negative shake of her head.Chapter 20“Keep them closed Rayven.”Tabby has had me blindfolded since we left his house.The journey in the SUV has left me feeling slightly travel sick.Yet Tabby refuses to tell me why he has me wearing the blindfold or where we are going.All he kept mumbling was that it was a surprise.“Tabby not only are they closed.But you also have me blindfolded.”“Mind the step.”“Well?”Now that Tabby has removed the blindfold.All I can do is stare in amazement as I spin round the room.When I come to a stop, I find that I am facing a large window and can see out onto Comfort Springs Main Street.“What’s it for?”“For you and your dance studio.”“Why?”“Why, because you love dancing and teaching.”While my tears are welling up, I am doing everything possible to prevent them from falling.My family may love me.However, no one has ever thought about my well-being or what I want.Well, until Tabby that is.Unable to hold back my excitement any longer, I fling my arms round the giant and scatter kisses all over his face.“I take it you like it then.”With a lightness, I have not felt in a long time, I pull back from Tabby and I am surprised to see a faint red glow on his face.“What’s there not to like.Damn it Tabby, I love it.”On a deep breath, I step out of Tabby’s arms and give the room another twirl.It is absolutely perfect.“If you need anything doing let me know.”“It’ll not need much, just a mirror for that wall and a couple of barres and maybe a new floor?”Another spin of the room and again I am looking on to the walkway.“Oh, and blinds for the window.”“Do me a list Little Bird.For now Sundance and Fraggle will make a start on the floor.”“And the walls.They need painting.”“List.Now say thank you.”Elated with my gift, I fling my arms round Tabby and take his mouth in a kiss which curls my toes.“I hope you don’t mind me dropping in.” Lost in Tabby’s arms, I had not heard the door open until Cassie spoke.“No, not at all.” In almost a run, I went over to Cassie and dragged her into the room.“What do you think? Looks like I’m your new neighbor.”“Does that mean you’ll no longer be working at Tie Me Down?”Cassie’s throwaway remark as me spinning back to Tabby, as I gaze at him, expectantly.“Not all together, Little Bird will still be doing a couple of nights.”Disappointed with Tabby’s response, all I can do, was pray that my feelings did not show on my face.“After all, who else is going to sit outside and look at the stars with me?” Tabby’s retort has my face turning bright red.“Ha, Rayven do you want to join me for a coffee?”Torn between wanting to go with Cassie and staying with Tabby, I look across the room and before I can say no, Tabby’s “Go for coffee Little Bird.You can thank me again in private.”With one last look round the studio and throwing Tabby a kiss across the room, I readily follow Cassie over to Sammie’s café.“I thought you’d have Kavan with you?”“No Ivy took him over to Momma’s.Tabby must have arranged it [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]