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.The boy was given the key to the chest by his new father but has now been separated from the chest.He is on his way to reclaim what belongs to him.”“And you believe that we are incapable of handling a simple boy?” A general by the name of Mundo stood tall and began to walk forward through the large door to the room, after watching the series of events unfold before him.He was wearing golden armor that gleamed upon his chest, his armored leggings clanking against his heavy boots.He looked like a shining angel sent from the heavens.His skin was a dark tan, and his eyes were a glistening blue.His hair was black and curled, and he had a shaved goatee that was trimmed at his chin.“If he’s a member of the Hayashi clan, then the gods have already condemned his soul to hell.He is already going to be killed.”“You see, sir,” Junko said, holding up two fingers as he addressed General Mundo.“This young boy is beyond your human capacities.However, I understand that you want to handle this situation by yourself, correct? That is fine! You are free to call me whenever you would like.” Junko turned away toward the closed doors of the throne room.“However,” he said, stopping and glancing back at the king over his shoulder, “the Bount organization will obtain control over Keimaro.And once we do, we will not give the key to you.”“Wait,” the king muttered.“Milord,” General Mundo warned, his head whipping around as shock flashed across his face.“You cannot be considering actually cooperating with these terrorists! It was bad enough that we did it once! We don’t need an entire terrorist organization’s help in order to capture a single boy!”“Silence,” the king said, holding up his hand as he closed his eyes and inhaled deeply.The general gulped, straightening his back as he looked at Junko.“What is it that you want, Junko?”Junko raised an eyebrow with a light smile and turned back to face the king.“What is that it that I want? Power.Allow me to be your advisor, and I will ensure your capture of Keimaro Hayashi.”“That is out of the question!”“Then we don’t have a deal,” Junko said with a loud laughter that echoed off the walls of the throne room.“Just call if you need me, milord! It won’t be long before you understand the danger that you’re in!” He stepped through the door, his body exploding into a burst of black mist that vanished in a mere instant, leaving the throne room completely silent.The king put his head in his hands and groaned, leaning back against the golden throne.“Master Locksmith, continue your work on the chest and attempt to open it.General Mundo, I want you to find this boy.He will most likely be coming for the chest.There is no doubt about that.We will intercept him.I don’t care if he’s alive or dead.You need to—”“Father!” Aika exclaimed, her heart pounding rapidly.All of this talk … Keimaro Hayashi! That was the boy that she had met many years ago, the boy who had saved her life twice.It was because of him that she was still alive.Her hands were tightly wrapped around the ends of the throne arms, gripping them so hard that her knuckles had turned a ghostly white.“There’s no need for more bloodshed! You can—”“He’s a member of the Hayashi clan.Therefore, he is a demon, a monster, nothing to society at all,” the king said with a shake of his head at his daughter.“He will be either executed or killed on sight.It is preferred that he is brought in for a proper execution.However, in the end it doesn’t matter which way he is killed.The gods have made it quite clear that the Hayashi clan is never to be trusted and that they are to be eliminated.Huh, I thought we killed off the last of them years ago.To think that there were some of them walking amongst us … those sneaky bastards.”Aika leaned back against her throne and gulped, shaking her head in disbelief.She remembered when she had first told Keimaro about the Hayashi clan.The memory was a bit blurry after four years, but she still remembered seeing the pain in his eyes [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]