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.”Rich sighed deeply, glancing at the tent.“I have my work cut out for me, don’t I?”Michael simply nodded.Chapter 15“You girls are awfully quiet.Did you have a good time?” Dr.Quimby asked as they drove back to the house.“The best.Thank you both so much.” Jen smiled, rubbing Scott’s right shoulder from behind.“I’m just tired, Daddy.I need a vacation.” Sam yawned, leaning against Rich’s left arm.He pulled her against his chest, kissing the top of her head.“Are you sure that’s all, little girl?” Scott asked, eyeing her in the rear view mirror.She bit her lip.He knew her too well.“Yes, sir,” she said quietly.Scott grunted.“You wouldn’t lie to me now, would you?” he asked.She looked down.“We can talk later if you want, Uncle Scott,” she said quietly.He lifted his eyes to look at her again.“That would be a wise move.After we get home and I finish my shower.”“Yes, sir.”“You’re not going to tell him, are you?” Jen whispered to her.“I’ll take full responsibility.I don’t hide things from them.They know me too well.Don’t worry, you won’t get in trouble again,” Sam whispered back.She was still aching from her session with Rich.It was agonizing to sit still without the room to shift or relieve the pressure.Scott nodded with a small frown.Dr.Quimby glanced back at his daughter with concern.“Is your balance off?”“No sir, but I think I should take a quick plunge before I talk with Scott.”“Uh oh, what did you do?”“I’ll tell you later.”“You don’t have to, you know,” Michael whispered behind Jen.Sam looked at him and he sighed, nodding.He understood.Rich squeezed her.“I’ll go with you.He needs to know you were adequately handled.”“If you want.”After a quick dip in the inlet and rinsing off, Sam met Rich downstairs.“Where is everyone?” she asked.“Michael and Jen are putting the camping stuff away with your dad.Scott’s in the shower.”“How did you get out of helping?”“You and I are making dinner,” Rich smiled, pulling her onto his lap and kissing her cheek gently.“How’s my bottom?”“Yours is adorable.Mine is killing me.”Rich laughed, hugging her.“Yours is mine now, you know.I’ll protect you from the old bear.”“Rich, if he really wants to punish me again, you can’t stop him.I did disobey his direct orders.” Sam sighed, curling against his torso.“Yes, but you received appropriate discipline for it.”“Don’t interfere if he’s insistent.He won’t go for that.He’s still my other dad.”“Don’t worry about me, baby.”“I’m not.I worry about him.He’s already having withdrawals about letting me go.He’s strict, but fair.We both need to trust him,” Sam advised.Rich looked at her, love in his eyes.“If he punishes you again, then I promise to help make you forget it for a little while.”“I would hope you would do that even if he didn’t.” Sam smiled, kissing his chin.“Samantha! Come in here, please.” She heard Scott call from his room.She slowly stood and painfully walked down the hall, followed by Rich.She tapped on the door and opened it.“Come in.Rich? Did you need something?”“No sir, but I did want to be here when you two talked.Would that be all right?”“I suppose.Sit down.What happened?” Scott asked, tucking his shirt into his shorts.Sam sat on his bed, pulling her feet under her to sit cross-legged as she told him what had occurred, including how Rich and Michael dealt with them.Scott listened carefully, occasionally eyeing Rich.The boy’s eyes never once left the girl’s face.Oh, to be in love…“Dad and I were wondering if you had broken your record of trouble.Glad to know you’re consistent still.Let me see.”Sighing, the girl unzipped her shorts and turned her back to show the left over damage inflicted upon her bottom.There were several small dark bruises and a hint of striping left.Scott nodded in satisfaction.“You do have a bit of a sadistic streak in you, Richard,” he said, touching the remnant of a dark welt.Rich shrugged.“No more than you do, Scott.”“That’s what you think.Okay, pull them up.I would say this was sufficient.However, next time you disobey me, you come to me [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]