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.Michael grabbed his arm to prevent him from running toward the pair.“She knows what she is doing.This is how she submits to him and shows her trust.He’ll soften up soon.I don’t want to go in until she gives the okay, though.”“Samantha knows how to submit?” Rich asked, suppressing a twitch from his mouth.“That is an interesting choice of words to use to describe such an independent woman.”“Independent or not, she is the only female in a house full of manly men.She is allowed to exercise her feminine control only so much.”“You better not be talking about me, Michael Scott! Ton can tap into your thoughts and he is sharing some things that I do not like!” Sam remarked, working herself deeper between the whale’s teeth.“I don't know what you are talking about, shrimp.Is he okay? You are freaking out Rich.”“He is imaging tail flukes and bulls, so yes you do.He'll be okay.Rich will get over it, won't you?”“We need to have a little talk about this later, Samantha,” Rich said with a frown.“Oh Lord, you are already starting to sound like my family.Geesh.”After a few minutes, Ton began to wiggle to return to the water, and the girl dislodged herself from his mouth.She and Michael helped push him back in, and she turned to Rich with a smile.“He said you can surf with Michael, but you are not allowed to touch me yet.He’s very protective.Sorry.”“This whole talking to the whale thing.Seriously.It's a joke, right?”“Not at all.In fact, when it comes to this, I could not be even more serious,” Sam said, no humor in her eyes.“To disregard his boundaries, will mean you become his next meal, and there is nothing I could do to stop him.No contact with me at all, not on the beach or in the water.He literally indicated no physical contact, so keep a good three feet from me at all times for now.I’ll keep working on him.If you see us coming later on, try to stay calm, okay? Michael, I’m going in.There’s a pod out there and I need to talk with them about the swirls.Ton said he’d help.”The boys watched as she dove into the waves and disappeared under the surf.Rich stared after her, stunned.“I know; it’s a lot to swallow.Come on, let’s ride,” Michael said.Shaking his head, Rich followed.An hour later, the girl emerged on Ton’s back and surrounded by a large pod of bottlenoses.They swarmed around the boys who were floating on their boards.One dolphin dove on top of Michael’s board, dumping him off.“Hey, Splasher.How you doing?” Michael asked, rubbing the playful dolphin affectionately.Ton swam next to Rich, snorting water and eyeing him.With a gentle flick of a pectoral fin, Rich was dumped into the water and suddenly surrounded by large dolphin bodies.“They are meeting you, Rich.Rub them,” Sam said, stroking Ton’s back and following his rolling body so that she straddle his underside and attend to the sensitive area under his chin and chest.Rich put out his hand, feeling the silky smooth rubbery skin of the animals.A smile lit across his face.The waves were forgotten as he touched the pod.Finally, it was Ton’s turn.“Rich, swim over here.Do not touch me,” Sam ordered, slipping off Ton and into the water.“He’s going to open his mouth.Place your hand on the base of his tongue and do not move.He’s going to close his jaws and you’ll feel his teeth.You can rub his tongue, if you want to, with your fingers.”“He won’t take off my arm, will he?”“Only if you touch me.Go on.”Rich was unnerved, but calmly obeyed, flattening his hand deep inside the mouth of the whale.He felt sharp conical teeth pressing into his upper arm to the point of being uncomfortable.He gently moved his fingers, feeling the bumpy soft flesh of the animal's mouth.Ton finally released him and zoomed away, launching into a high breach.Sam smiled with relief.“You can touch me now.Just no biting my tail flukes.”“What?”Michael joined them, intervening, “Don’t yell at her or be aggressive towards her in any way.How are you doing?”“Wow.That was one experience I never believed I would enjoy.He is magnificent.So he is okay with me?”“For the time being.He tends to get a little cranky towards newcomers.Ton views Sam as his calf and instinctively provides her with the protection of a pod bull.”“Is he that way with your folks?”“He grumbles, but he will not interfere with the primes of her pod.That includes me.Right, little sister?”“Yeah, yeah, if you say so.”“Yep, she sounds real submissive, Mike.Where are they going?” Rich chuckled as the dolphin he was stroking suddenly jerked away and dispersed with the rest of the pod.“School of tuna coming through.They’re feeding.I’m going to work with the lions.Let me know when you guys go in; buzz me.”“Sam, it’s your day off.Relax,” Michael said firmly.“I’ll grab some lobsters…” she tempted him in a sing-songy voice.“Well.okay, if you insist.” Michael wrinkled his nose, trying to hide his smile at her convincing bribe.The boys were resting on the shore, when Sam emerged from the surf with two large lobsters in hand.Riding the waves to the beach were three sea lions, each carrying a large crustacean and dropping them as they waddled towards Michael.Rich wisely followed Sam's gesture to stay put, as his new friend laid flat on the sand, to allow the pinnipeds to approach and greet him affectionately.The presence of the animals attracted onlookers, who were promptly charged by the bull sea lion, and Rich's eyes widened, as the large animal bared vicious teeth.“We really should put up signs or something warning people to stay away from the peds if seen on the beach,” Michael said, finally sitting up and scratching the bull behind his ear flaps.“Damn, you guys really stink, know that?”“People won’t read them, let alone follow directions.These guys stink, but they are so cuddly.Aren't you?” Sam asked, plopping down next to her brother to hug the smaller cow around the neck.“Rich, get on your hands and knees and slowly crawl towards us.”“Nothing I love more than a kinky girl,” Rich commented, obeying.“Just know that this will be the only reason I do this.”“Don't count on it, buddy,” Michael laughed, watching Sam's eyes glitter.“She will find every chance to make us guys into a human pack animal.She likes to be carried and if you hang around for any amount of time, she will be either hanging onto your back like a little monkey or demanding she be schlepped around like a queen.”“And all of you allow this?” Rick clucked with disapproval, slowly petting the velvety soft fur of the sea lion’s body.“It sounds like someone is a little bit spoiled.”“They like spoiling me, Mister Richard.Plus, I'm cute, so they can't resist [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]