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.You know, the hair grows back finer and stuff, but then I realized that the growth stopped.I didn’t even notice my arms until today when the gal commented about my recently waxing them.I’ve never waxed my arms.”“Why not your face and head then,” Mike asked.“The only thing I can guess is when I put on that helmet, the gas was in contact with my head and face.Didn’t you think it was odd I didn’t have optic, audio or sinus damage from the pressure? I’m guessing my nails weren’t affected because they aren’t follicular and have a different growth structure.”“Now that you mention it, the only organs that were crushed were air filled, your lungs, uterus, stomach and intestinal tract,” Michael contemplated.“We never understood how quickly you healed from all the surgery.It took a little over a week for everything to mend and with the tiniest of scarring.”“So anyway, I thought it was important to tell you.”“What else did you have done today?” Michael asked, uncomfortable with the thoughts surrounding her physical changes.Was she going to morph into something inhuman? He mentally slapped himself for his overactive imagination.“The works.Mani-pedi, massage, facial, hot oil treatment, trim, eyebrows.It cost Daddy $300 plus a tip.”“I’ll make sure he knows.Now, let’s discuss you attitude with Jim today.What was that about?” he asked, maintaining control of the situation and bringing the discussion to something he could focus on.“The devil took over, I guess, probably because of our talk earlier.”“He’s one of my oldest friends.He adores you, but he’s still an officer.I understand your need to respect the men you serve under, but Jim has never given you a reason not to respect him.Did you get the response you needed from him, by the way?”She didn’t answer, swinging her bare feet as she looked at the floor.Her toes were cute, little pink flowers painted on the big toes.“Are you listening to me?”“Um, yes, Michael.”“No, you weren’t.Like usual, you were tuning me out.What am I going to do with you, Sam? Come here.This is long overdue,” Michael ordered, pointing to his muscular lap.She looked at him with her doe eyes, but there no pity to be found.He simply frowned and pointed.“If you don’t come over here this minute, I will get the hairbrush.”Sam stood slowly to obey, placing her stomach across the span of his hard thighs.She placed her hands flat on the floor as she tried to brace herself comfortably as she held her breath.He lifted the jersey out of his way and repositioned her bottom in the range of his hand, wrapping his long right leg across the back of her knees.Without a word, he began to spank her with heavy blows that landed precisely over the smooth, soft skin, quickly bringing it to a rosy glow.She was unable to kick or squirm, and could only pound her hands against the floor as she tried so hard not to give in to tears.One hand found its way to attempt blocking the smacks, but was quickly captured.Sam began to cry, beg forgiveness, apologize, and make promises… all which fell upon deaf ears.Michael had heard the same song and dance before and this time he would stop spanking when he was tired and she was taught a lesson about proper submission.She struggled, he spanked.She yelled and he spanked.She cried and he spanked.She finally stopped kicking or twisting, and cried softly as he continued the deluge of hard-handed strikes upon her now dark red backside.His hand stung uncomfortably when he finally stopped.He pulled her up to face him.“You will learn respect.Go stand in the corner and hold that shirt up so I can see that bottom,” he ordered unsympathetically.The girl quickly obeyed, wise enough to keep silent.Michael sat back and watched TV for a while before calling her back over to him.“Tomorrow you will take Jim aside and tell him what happened tonight as a result of your rudeness.You are also to tell him that I want him to let me know exactly what you said.If you water it down, we will have a repeat tomorrow evening.Understand?”“Yes, Michael,” she whimpered dejectedly [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]