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.She fought to keep her mind distant from his touch as his hands stroked the clenching muscles of her abdomen, easing the ripples in her womb.She needed to keep as much information as possible in the forefront of her mind.The changes overwhelming her once again were varied and intense.The pain was gone, but she didn’t like the sensations that had moved in instead.She closed her eyes as she fought her response to him.His cock was swelling along her buttocks now, thick and hard.The thickness of the Breed cock was overwhelming anyway.Talk about being packed.It had taken both hands to wrap around it in the Lab, and hiding the fist-sized knot that had risen halfway in the shaft had nearly been impossible.What it had done to her cunt amazed her, even now.She should have ruptured.Should have been so filled with him that she was damaged forever.Instead, the overly sensitive tissue of her cunt had relaxed, eased,accepted the possession rather than tearing in protest.“You’re thinking too hard,” he whispered at her ear.“I remember that look on your face, Charity.As thoughyour are deciphering a particularly difficult puzzle.”Her eyes opened, her head tilting to glance at him as he watched her from behind her shoulder.“You used to watch me?” It had been so long ago, but she thought she remembered every detail of their time in those damned Labs.“I never saw you watching me.”“I didn’t want you to see.” He lowered his head, his tongue swiping over the wound at her shoulder.Charity couldn’t control the shudder that worked over her body.Oh, that felt good.Better than good.It was almost climactic, almost a sexual actitself.She bit her lower lip, fighting the moan that would have escaped her throat.“Why?” she asked breathlessly.“Why didn’t you want me to see?”“If you had thought I was watching you, you would have changed,” he breathed at her ear, his voice smoky, rough with arousal as his cock heated her backside.“I wanted you to react naturally.I wanted to see your expressions, see the myriad emotions that would chase across your face when you thought no one was looking.”Charity whimpered in longing as he turned her more fully to her back.He leaned over her, his silvery eyes gleaming with sexual intent as his hand stroked her tight abdomen almost absently.“Every time I looked at you, all I could think about was fucking you,” he said ruefully.“Do you have any idea how hard it was to control my body?My need for you? Each drug injected in my body made me weaker, took more strength to fight.I cannot tell you the times I nearly lost all control.”Her eyes widened in surprise, then in shock as his palm slid between her thighs.Charity couldn’t halt her whimper of desire.She lifted to his touch, her thighs falling open of their own accord, giving him easier access to the flesh he now cupped in his hand.There was so much to do.So many things she needed to make sense of, to find the answers to, yet her mind was fragmented, her body’s demands so intense, so desperate, she couldn’t hold onto the sensibility needed to probe into the puzzle before her.“So lose control now,” she whispered heatedly.The feel of his hand between her thighs, his fingers probing into her creamed slit, was driving her insane.Practical thought was merely a whisper of a memory of what she should do.The heavy ache in her body was a demanding scream for what she better do.She needed him, every hard inch burrowing inside her clenching cunt.His lips quirked slowly, his eyes darkening as he watched her closely.“I can still see your mind working,” he whispered, his voice thick with amused patience.“As though you are cataloging and filing away each response, each sensory reaction.I don’t like this clinical side you possess, Charity.”“Who can think like this?” She licked her lips, desperate for his kiss.“Trust me,Aiden, my mind is completely on you.”“Oh, I have no doubts there,” he said gently, his fingers strumming against her wet, inner lips.He was teasing her, deliberately, knowingly.“Yet a part of you is watching all this, clinically dissecting each touch, each sensation, as though it were no more than an experiment.”His eyes flashed for a second with anger before it was carefully hidden, as though his knowledge of her attempts to reason out why and what caused such reactions angered him.“What more can itbe ?” she asked him, watching him, not bothering to hide the conflicts within herself.“We aren’t mates, Aiden.Not as you think we are.It’s the drugs…”“Like hell it is,” he snarled.“Do you think when the drugs are out of your system, that you will be free of me? That before the drugs you weren’t destined to react to me this way? You are fooling yourself, Charity.You know this.”She breathed in roughly as his fingers moved suddenly, parting her, pressing deep inside her.She shuddered in reaction, her pussy rippling in response.“You grew wet for me before the drugs,” he charged, staring down at her, daring her to deny it.“It was only lust,” she cried out.“Lust and some measure of caring, of hope that you would survive.”“You lie.” She watched him warily as he bit the words out with enough force to cause the primal, instinctive growl to echo through the room.“Do you think, Charity, had I marked you before the drugs, that you would have escaped this need for me?”“All we have to do is find a cure.” She arched uncontrollably, her thighs clenching on his hand as his fingers moved gently inside her.That gentleness was so at odds with his expression that she felt held on an edge of fear and excruciating pleasure.“A cure?” he asked her carefully.“Do you believe there is a cure for this, Charity?” His fingers moved, pulling back,then plunging forcibly inside her once again.Charity couldn’t halt the scream that escaped her throat, or the pleasure that ripped through her body.Tiny fingers of electric energy stroked through every nerve ending.Her cunt spasmed around the two broad fingers as the hard caress drove her ever closer to the brink of climax.“Aiden, don’t torture me this way.” She shivered, feeling his fingers inside her, stretching her, preparing her.He leaned closer as she watched him, his expression tight, angry and aroused.He bent to her until his lips were almost touching hers, tempting her until she licked her lips in anticipation.“Take my tongue as you did the last time, Charity,” he whispered.“Show me how desperately you want me.”As she had last time, sucking it, glorying in the unusual taste that filled her senses.In a distant part of her brain, she knew she should be wary of doing such a thing.The sensations had increased, had inflamed her senses in such ways…His tongue slipped between her lips, and before she could help it, her lips closed over it, her tongue stroking it back as she suckled it into her mouth.She tasted a burst of sweet spice in her mouth, a summer rainstorm, a fiery shock of need that completely overwhelmed her.Her arms went to his shoulders, her nails gripping at his flesh as he kissed her.Carnal, greedy, his lips moved over her, his tongue stroking hers even as she fought to draw more of the incredible taste into her mouth, her senses.The arm beneath her shoulder dragged her closer as his head tilted to deepen the possession of her mouth.The hand between her thighs worked her pussy into a furious flame of need.The sounds of moist thrusts and her strangled moans mixed with his hard groans, echoing around her in a heady symphony of hunger.When he tore his mouth free of her, she cried out in longing, reaching for him, desperate to experiencethe mix of fiery temptation and sweet longing she could literally taste against her own tongue [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]