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.“If she says anything to your face while I’m around, I’m not afraid to fight her,” Bethany joked.“I may be skinny, but I can throw a good punch when I need too.”“It’s alright.Let’s just forget about her and have a good rest of the night.”As we were heading back to the dressing room, Cale caught up to us.“Hey, are you going to the bus?” Cale asked as Gina and Bethany kept walking, laughing about something.His arm was lightly brushing mine as his eyes stared directly into mine.“No, we were going to wait around for you guys.Why? Does this have something to do with whatever Kallie wanted to ‘discuss’ with you?”Cale stiffened up at the mention of her name.“I didn’t want to talk to her, trust me.But we sort of have to since our bands are touring together.” He hesitated.“But I was going to say that she asked me to go onstage with them and sing one of their songs?”“And you’re asking me if you can do this why?” Sure, it was nice of him to at least forewarn me because I’d want to watch him on stage, but the way he was bringing it up made it seem like he was a little kid asking his parents for something he shouldn’t have.“I don’t know,” I he said.“I saw that she was acting like an ass to you, Gina, and Beth.I didn’t want to agree to anything and piss you off.” He shrugged, kissing me on the lips.I waved him off.“It’s not a big deal.Actually I love it.I can watch you on stage for a change instead of playing beside you.” I smiled, our fingers linking together at our sides.Mine were callused and rough from playing the guitar everyday while Cale’s were smooth like silk.Perfect opposites, but it worked for us.“And I get to check you out, knowing that I’m the one you’re sleeping with tonight.”Cale groaned against my mouth.“Now that’s the spirit.” He kissed me again before taking off back towards the side of the stage to practice with Angels from Hell, or whatever he was going to do.“That’s why I love you!” He shouted, turning back to form a heart with his hands before facing the other way again.Angels from Hell were in full swing by the time I got a water and grabbed some of the guys (Tyler stayed behind to relax a bit).I had to give this woman credit: she had a natural talent.Her voice oozed rock n’ roll and you could tell every time she opened her mouth that she meant every word that she sang.Plus the guys in the crowd were screaming her name every chance possible, to which I heard her say ‘Sorry, boys you’ll have to wait in line.’ I thought about shouting out “Tramp!” But I’d get my ass kicked not only by her but half the people in the crowd.“Everybody still rockin’ out there?” Kallie yelled into the microphone, taking a swig of her open bottle of Whiskey and setting it down by the drum set.“Okay, right now I’d like to bring out a special guest.Being the first night on this tour with a couple of amazing groups and some wicked talent, it was a no brainer to bring this guy out to sing with us.Everyone please welcome mister Cale Pelton from Everlasting!”Cale ran out from the other side of the stage, microphone in hand.The crowd erupted into unanimous cheers of excitement as he shook hands with the guitar players and bassist, shutting Kallie down besides a slight wave before speaking into his mic.“Nice to see you guys again!” Cale bellowed, hands flying into the air as the band went straight into “Nice and Easy.” I watched Kallie approach Cale as she sang the sultry words to the song, which made me uneasy.I don’t do nice and easyI want you to go fast and hardShow me how much you love meCould she be any more obvious about what she was thinking? Cale seemed pretty into it as he sung the next chorus, getting up close and personal with the crowd.Towards the end of the song, they were singing directly facing each other as if they were singing the words to one another.When Kallie sang the last note, I knew something would happen.She turned to look past Cale in my direction, winked at me, and then kissed Cale dead on the fucking lips.Are you kidding me?My claws were ready to come out.Maybe Cale would push her away and walk off stage, but did he?Hell no.He kissed her right back, wrapping his arms around her petite waist and going in for the kill.My stomach was queasy, and my mouth dropped to the floor.I couldn’t move.In my head I kept saying ‘Go out there and drag him off the stage!’ but my body was unable to take another step.That whole act was on purpose, some sort of plot to get my boyfriend.I didn’t care anymore.He was stupid enough to kiss her, so he could go to hell too.I managed to move, my feet picking up quickly as I ran past Vince, Raptor, and Luke, who were just as surprised as I was.“Bryn…wait!” Raptor tried to keep me from running farther, but I wasn’t in the mood to hear any of the cheering crowd or their words of pity because I just witnessed my boyfriend make out with another girl on stage.I tried so hard not to cry.I held back tears for as long as I could until I made it to the dressing room.The door was shut, but I didn’t bother to knock, so I slammed it open, only to find Tyler lying on the leather sofa with his headphones in his ears.It looked like he was sleeping, or at least lost in thought or whatever because his eyes were closed with his hands behind his head.Once the door closed loudly again, he sat straight up to see me in my disheveled state and threw the headphones to the side.“The hell, Bryn?” he snapped.Noticing that I was on the verge of waterworks, he changed his tone.“What happened…are you okay?”Not knowing what to do, I slumped onto the couch next to him, face in my hands and rocking back and forth.“I…don’t even know…how to explain…”“What do you mean, B? I thought you guys were out watching Angels?” “That was the problem,” I muttered, looking up at him.“I never realized other girls were such shallow bitch-faces that enjoyed making their enemies miserable.”Tyler let out a laugh, draping an arm around me.“I completely agree.” When I glared at him, he shot me a bright smile.“Kidding, Bryn [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]