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.Then we have the first wife, Pauline, who still goes by the name Underwood, and the new wife, Laurel.She has a six-year-old daughter, Charlotte, with Tom.“I rule out the six-year-old,” said Malik.“I knew there was a reason I brought you on the dream team,” said Rouleau, toasting him with the marker.“Have another doughnut.”Malik grinned and selected a chocolate one from the box.“Don’t mind if I do.”Rouleau finished writing the names on the board with their connection to the deceased.“That brings us to his work colleagues.J.P.Belliveau is his partner.Of course, we intersect again with Max Oliver, who has an assistant named Benny.We’ve yet to track down Underwood’s clients, although we got a list from Underwood’s wife Laurel at our first visit.She said most of them were more social acquaintances than friends, but worth checking out.” Rouleau copied the names to the master list and then straightened.“Anybody else you can think of?”Stonechild looked back through her notepad.“We met Pauline’s friend Susan Halliday outside her house.They were going for a walk.”He added Susan’s name to the board.“She might have some information about Tom, depending how long she’s been friends with Pauline.Worth checking out.We can’t rule out that this is a random killing, but I’d say the fact he was drugged means either he knew his killer or some person followed him and drugged his coffee in a restaurant or coffee shop.The bad news is we have no viable motive and no suspects.”“We might need to spin that,” said Grayson.“Otherwise, Vermette won’t be enjoying his Christmas turkey.”“Why should we be the only ones suffering?” asked Malik.“Let me worry about Vermette,” said Rouleau.“I’m going to send a few officers to check coffee shops in the area.Stonechild, could you take Gage and Bennett and begin the door to door in Underwood’s neighbourhood? Start with his home and see if Laurel has turned up yet.Malik and Grayson, head back to his office and have a read through his files.Belliveau is going to be there at ten and you can interview him again.I’m going to be doing some media interviews to keep the press from coming up with gossip to fill in the blanks.Any questions?”“Should I interview Susan Halliday if I have time?” asked Kala.“Sure.” Rouleau spoke to the team.“But it’s Christmas Eve so I want each of you to quit by five and take tomorrow off.If I have to call you in, I’ll need you to be in the vicinity, but likely that won’t be necessary.Plan a full work day on Boxing Day.”They all stood.He motioned to Stonechild.“Can I see you a minute?”She waited while the others spoke to Rouleau on their way back to their desks.He finished talking to Grayson and finally turned to her.“I know this is a tough time of year to move towns, and now this case.I was thinking if you want a place to stay until you find an apartment, I have a big house with a spare room.It’ll save you some money and give you a chance to find somewhere permanent.”He saw surprise on her face and then hesitation as if she wasn’t used to offers so freely given.She looked at him for a moment, weighing his offer.She appeared on the brink of accepting when the openness in her eyes disappeared.“I’m okay where I am.” She softened her words with a quick smile.“Well, if you change your mind, here’s my address and phone number.I’m in Kingston tomorrow for lunch but back by suppertime.You’re welcome to come by any time if you change your mind.”She took the card and shoved it into her pocket.“Thank you, Sir.”“It’s the least I can do.We’ve given you no time to get settled.” He sensed that any more discussion on his offer would make her withdraw even further.“That was all,” he said.“Check in later.”She made no move to leave.“Any word yet on Whelan’s baby?” she asked.“Nothing yet.The next few days are critical though.”“I hope it works out for them.”“I’ll pass along your best wishes when I speak to him later this morning.”“Thanks.”He watched her join the others and then walked to his office.He’d done what he could to ease the guilt he felt for bringing her into this unit at Christmas time.It would be no big surprise if she headed home early in the new year.He could tell by the expression in her eyes that she’d already figured out the state of things.If he were in her position, he wouldn’t be long leaving Ottawa either.Kala shivered inside her leather jacket and leaned on the bell for a second time.She’d seen a curtain move inside the living-room window and wasn’t going to leave until somebody answered the door.It took another three minutes but patience won out.The bald man in a tweed jacket and red ascot who slowly opened the door had rheumy eyes and no memory of who lived next door.She thanked him for his time and snapped her notebook shut as she strode over to Gage and Bennett on the sidewalk.Two hours of door-to-door and she’d come up with exactly nothing.It made her want to throw something.The tips of Bennett’s ears were cherry red and his moustache sparkled with white frost.“These people haven’t got a clue who their neighbours are.God save us from people with money.”Kala shook her head.“One guy said if he wanted to know who lived next door, he’d move into a slum where they share diseases.”“The Christmas spirit kinda touches you right here, don’t it?” said Gage, tapping his chest.“Wonder what it feels like to be this rich and able to tell everyone to take a piss.”“Damn satisfying, I imagine.There was one bit of information,” said Bennet.He lowered his head to read from his notes [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]