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.Good to know."Give me one?" Rick asked even though he read that it didn't work that way.When Brew just continued to stare at him expectantly, he sighed."Okay.JoJo."Brew raised an eyebrow at the safe word but didn't comment on Rick's choice."Alright.JoJo it is then.Now, hard limits."Hard limits, Rick thought.How the hell should I know?"Fair enough," Brew said when Rick hadn't realized he'd spoken his thought aloud."Are you claustrophobic?"Rick was caught off guard by the unusual question but answered it just the same."I don't think so.""Okay.Well, let's find out." Brew stood and walked to the cabinet by the other door.He took out his pocket knife and sliced cleanly through the zip tie, between the key and handle, which ensured the contents of the cabinet had not been used.After removing the key, he opened the cabinet doors and searched for specific items.Rick watched from the side of the bed where he was perched.When the cabinet doors opened, he was glad Brew's back was to him so that his new partner did not see the shock that registered on his face.He had done his homework, the binder and online, but neither had prepared him for seeing the array of kinky items only several feet away from him.A sudden attack of nerves flittered through his stomach and he almost regretted verbally poking the bear of his partner upon their arrival in the room.Floggers made of leather and metal that had different width tails hung next to whips of varying lengths on the open cabinet doors.On the shelves within, which Rick could see around Brew, leather restrains could be seen.Several white and blue plastic bags could also be seen but Rick was not sure what they contained.He found out when Brew turned around."Stand in the middle of the room," Brew ordered and Rick did not realize he was already moving before Brew finished speaking."Take off the tank."Something in Brew's commanding tone reassured Rick and irrationally seemed to settle his nerves.Even as Rick's eyes locked onto the white and blue plastic bags that Brew lay out on the bed, his nervousness seemed to morph into a strange sense of excitement.Brew never took his eyes off of Rick as he placed the items he was about to use on the bed and picked up the shopping bag with the harness.He watched his new partner for any trace of panic in the kid's eyes as the tank hit the floor and he approached with the harness.No words were exchanged as he put the decorative leather onto the toned body before him.He forced his movements to be utilitarian as he cinched the buckles into place.Had this been a true play partner, he would have taken his time and enjoyed teasing and feeling the skin beneath his hands.But this wasn't a play partner; this was work.If only he could get his body to understand the difference, this wouldn't be so hard.Literally.Rick felt the cool leather and metal against his heated skin as Brew efficiently put the harness on him and he tried to ignore the uncomfortable tightness in his jeans.He wasn't sure if it was the man or the leather that had him so aroused but regardless of the cause, he kept his stare steadily on the blue eyes that seemed to be looking somewhere deep inside his soul and seeing something Rick did not even know was there."Good." Brew said more than asked."Yeah," Rick replied and didn't realize it wasn't a question about his state of comfort as Brew turned back to the bed.The sound of several plastic bags being ripped open reached Rick’s ears and when Brew t u r n e d a r o u n d , Rick saw that he held three bundles of rope.Two of which, he dropped back down on the bed and the remaining b u n d l e he gripped in one hand.Suddenly, Brew's other hand flung itself out to the side and the rope freely unbundled as it flew through the air.Just the sight of the rope combined with Brew's steady stare almost made Rick cum.Holy shit.Brew saw the pupils of Rick's green eyes dilate as he unfurled the rope.It was a reaction he was used to seeing in his rope subs and he couldn't help but be pleased that his new partner was reacting the same way as he stepped close."Hands behind your back," Brew's voice was low and when Rick followed the order, he continued."Grip your forearms."Rick did as he was told and when Brew suddenly spun him around, brought his strong forearm across Rick’s chest, and pulled Rick back against him; Rick closed his eyes, groaned, and knew he gave up total control to the man that now held him.Chapter 5Brew did not fight the wave of satisfaction that flowed through him as he heard and felt Rick groan in his embrace.Nor did he try to hide his erection as he held Rick against his chest, the kid's hands trapped between them.When Rick leaned his head back to rest on Brew's shoulder, Brew didn't fight his body's natural response to the submissive behavior.He lowered his head to the side of Rick's neck and allowed his breath to caress the skin for several moments before he moved his mouth to his partner's ear."Okay," he whispered and waited until Rick gave a slight nod of his head [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]