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.Still, the thought couldn’t help but make her blush.She took another sip of her coffee as she moved her gaze from the window to the man standing at the stove preparing pancakes.He hadn’t bothered to snap up his jeans that hung low on lean hips, and they looked so darn good on his hard masculine thighs and fine-asa-dime backside.Her gaze traveled upward and did a wide sweep of his hairy chest, tight abs, well-defined arm muscles and wide shoulders.She moved her gaze upward, past his broad shoulders to his face.He had long lashes, the kind most women would kill for.And the shadow darkening his jaw indicated he hadn’t bothered to shave.Then there were his lips, full and inviting.She felt heat flood her stomach when she remembered all the things those lips and his mouth had done to her.She released a deep breath, suddenly feeling the effect of the caffeine.The effect of Xavier Kane.The man had a gorgeous body, and he most certainly knew how to use it.“You like what you see, Farrah?”She blinked, wondering how he’d known she was staring at him when he was supposed to be concentrating on fixing breakfast.He looked up and smiled before turning around to face her while leaning his hip against the kitchen counter.“How could I not like what I see? You’re a straight guy, pretty well-off and you look pretty darn good in a pair of jeans.And you can make me purr in the bedroom.According to some women, a man with those qualities is a rarity these days.”He lifted a brow.“Some women?”“Yes, those looking for a mate.”“Oh, I see.” He didn’t say anything for a minute and then asked, “What are you doing next Saturday night?”She blinked.His question had caught her off guard.She hesitated for a second and then said, “I don’t recall having any plans.Why?”“I’d like you to go to a party with me.”She placed her coffee cup down, feeling anxiety set in.“A party?”“Yes.”Her anxiety increased.Although he had mentioned attending parties with him, she wasn’t prepared to do so this soon.“It’s being given by Donovan’s brother Morgan and his wife, Lena.A holiday fundraiser to benefit under-privileged kids.”Instead of saying anything, Farrah picked up her cup to take a sip of her coffee.She needed to think about that.She didn’t know Morgan Steele that well, but she had known Lena for years.As a real estate agent, Lena had been the one to sell her and Dustin their first home, and four years later she had sought out Lena’s services to find her another place after their divorce.“Farrah?”She glanced up and met Xavier’s gaze.His expression didn’t give anything away, but she had a feeling he fully expected her to turn him down, although she had agreed to the affair without limitations.In a way, she felt foolish for letting past pain dictate how she lived her life.She forced her eyes away from his to glance out the window, knowing she couldn’t hide behind her pain forever.Maybe it was time to take a stand and finally move on.Something she hadn’t done and something it seemed Xavier was hell-bent on forcing her to do.She glanced back at him and swallowed deeply before saying, “Yes.I’ll go to the party with you.”Chapter 15Farrah stared at herself in the full-length mirror.When was the last time she had dressed to please a man? And as much as she’d tried convincing herself she’d purchased this dress because she’d liked it, deep down she’d bought it because she figured Xavier would like it.It was blue, his favorite color, and the style of the dress showed off her figure.Even Natalie had said so when the two had gone shopping.At least there would be people at the party she would know besides the host and hostess.Donovan and Natalie would be there, as well as other members of the Steele family.And Xavier had mentioned a couple of his godbrothers would be in attendance as well.Last weekend, she had ended up spending the entire time at Xavier’s home.On Saturday night he had brought her back home to get more clothes and to dress for a movie.She laughed softly to herself when she thought how Xavier had threatened never to take her to a movie again if she had to cry through the entire feature.She hadn’t been able to help it, convinced during most of the film the hero was going to lose his life and never return to the heroine.When she heard the doorbell sound, she slowly inhaled a breath of air and gave herself time to release it.Xavier had returned to New York on Tuesday to finalize a few things and had called every night to see how she was doing.He’d returned to Charlotte late last night and had called her this morning to invite her to his place for breakfast.Unfortunately, she had been on her way out the door for her hair and nail appointment.As she headed for the door, a part of her wondered what on earth she was doing by letting another man get under her skin.But in reality, he’d done more than get under her skin.He had licked every part of it at one time or another.She would be the first to admit that although she was still trying with all her might to keep her guard in place, the time she was beginning to spend with him outside of the bedroom was awakening something within her that she thought had long ago died a brutal death.She could actually say she enjoyed spending time with a man in something other than a sexual affair.She stopped walking and squeezed her eyes shut for a second, remembering why she had broken things off between them six months ago.Why wasn’t the thought of becoming too close not scaring her out of her wits now?A shiver ran down her spine as she opened her eyes and resumed walking.It was hard to describe what she was feeling these days.It was as if each and every time Xavier touched her he was branding her for life.She knew the idea of such a thing sounded absolutely crazy and probably was, but she couldn’t let go of the question running through her head.Why was she comfortable with how things were between them now?She opened the door, and he stood there, leaning in her doorway, and as usual, looking as sexy as ever.For some reason, he seemed even more so today, dressed in a pair of jeans, a white shirt and a chocolate brown >suede jacket.He smiled at her in a way that deepened the lines around his lips and brought out a dimple she rarely saw.And then she saw something flame to life in his gaze, and her heart began pounding in her chest.She felt sensual stirrings in the pit of her stomach.“Xavier,” she said in a raspy voice that she couldn’t hide.“Welcome back to Charlotte.” She took a step back to let him inside.“It’s good to be back.I missed you.” And then he reached out for her, pulled her into his arms and captured her mouth in his.A part of her understood his craving since it mirrored her own hunger.He said he’d missed her.She honestly didn’t know what to make of that.They had been together nearly a year before and had gone weeks without seeing each other, and not once had he ever admitted to missing her.But tonight he had.He finally pulled his mouth away but rested his forehead against hers, drawing in a deep breath while she did likewise.He then whispered against her moist lips, “It wouldn’t take much to strip you naked right now.”“What’s stopping you?” she murmured, taking a quick lick of his lips and causing his erection to jump.She felt it and couldn’t help but smile at his body’s response to her words.His gaze roamed over her before returning to her eyes.“It’s tempting, sweetheart, but we have a party to attend.”She leaned forward and wrapped her arms around his neck.“You mean you’d rather go to a party tonight than stay here and spend some productive time with me?”A smile spread across his lips.“No, but I plan for us to go to that damn party and when it’s over I’ll bring you back here and get a lot of productive time in [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]