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.And when she had touched her tongue to his, not sure if it was the proper thing to do, exposing her lack of experience, he’d been fascinated beyond belief in knowing that had been her first kiss.And when he’d angled his head and deepened the kiss, every bone in his body shared in the pleasurable experience.And not once did she resist.She had returned the kiss, as best she knew how, and instead of boring him, her inexperience plunged him into a world filled with so much passion and pleasure, the concept of her being able to accomplish such a feat was still wearing on his brain.He drew in a calming breath when he thought of the phone call he’d received moments ago to say that Johari and Cel had arrived at their destination safely.Turning, he walked back inside the condo.It was late and time for him to take a shower and go to bed.Things had been rather interesting tonight and he looked forward to seeing Johari for breakfast in the morning.Johari eased out of bed, hoping the noise would not awaken Celine.In bare feet she slid open the glass door to walk out onto the balcony.After she had slid the door shut behind her, she looked around, thinking this balcony was nothing compared to the one she had been on earlier.The one she had danced on for Monty.Monty.She still didn’t know his age, since he’d been evasive about it, and then there was the question of his nationality.If he was American, and she leaned toward believing that he was because of his mastery of the English language, then he was of mixed ancestry, which was obvious with the shade of his skin.But then he could very well be of Greek, Italian or Turkish descent.She pulled in a deep breath.There was so much about him that she didn’t know.Likewise, there was a lot he didn’t know about her.She did, however, know that his last name was Madaris, thanks to the man at the club.And on the cab ride home Cel did tell her the little bit of information she was able to get out of Roderick Long.Monty was a wealthy businessman with a strong connection to the Madaris family from Texas.And according to Cel, the Madaris family name was incredibly popular in Texas, especially Jacob Madaris, who was married to a movie star named Diamond Swain.Also, she and Cel had compared notes in regard to what Monty did for a living and Rod had verified the information about his occupation that Monty had shared with her.He owned a very successful company representing wealthy businessmen in the global market.Her thoughts then shifted to the kiss she and Monty had shared that night.At first, the intrusion of his tongue into her mouth had shocked her, but when he had basically locked their mouths, she got carried away by his sensuous skills, and had no choice but to become a willing participant.Sensations she had never experienced before took over her mind and parts of her body and she had no regrets of her involvement.Even now while reliving the memories, the nipples of her breasts, which were pressing against her nightgown, felt hard, sensitive.And although maybe she shouldn’t, she felt excited about meeting Monty for breakfast in the morning.She yawned, at once feeling sleepy, and hoped that when she returned to bed she would immediately drift off and not be tortured with dreams of her and Monty doing things they had no business doing.Covering her mouth when a second yawn escaped, she returned inside and then moved slowly toward her bed, hoping morning would arrive quickly so she could gaze into Monty’s eyes once again.The next morning Rasheed sat in the plush café keeping a watchful eye on the door, wanting to make sure he saw Johari when she arrived.He had gotten a call from his man a few moments ago to say she had left the hotel and was en route to the café in a cab and would be arriving any second.He leaned back in his seat and smiled when he thought about the call he had placed earlier to Christy Madaris Maxwell.Since Christy was only a couple of years older than Johari, and since he figured his idea of fun would be vastly different than what Johari’s would be, he had asked Christy for suggestions on what activities Johari might find to her liking.Christy thought spending a day at Coney Island would be enjoyable.He could make no excuses that his definition of exciting activities leaned more toward the sexual side and could think of a number of spine-tingling things he would love doing with Johari [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]