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.I’m a guy, but I think it’s great for women to make men pay for their infidelity.This wife takes the prize for vengeance.He was wearing a pinstripe short-sleeved cuffed blouse over a spaghetti strap cami, earrings, ponytail with pink elastics, I am guessing panty hose, women’s slacks and pink lip gloss and the most gorgeous set of acrylic French nails.The tips were at least an inch long.His nails are so much nicer than my gf’s.He said he got caught cheating again on his wife of 11 years.I told him if he told me what was going on I would give him bus fare, but I lied.Anyways.This sissy’s wife took him and got his ears pierced, waxed his entire body, got electrolysis on his face and eyebrows.Got a full set of acrylic nails.She took him clothes shopping and bought him this outfit and made him wear it from the store.She then dumped him miles from home penniless and told him to walk home.He/she showed me his blackberry with the emails from his wife.She actually called when I was talking to him.And he called a couple of friends to help bail him out.No takers today.I actually heard him say that if the wife didn’t have all the money, he would be long gone.Fishy.Jake, elbows on the black marble counter, wondered about the writer’s fawning attention to clothing and unmanly nail envy.Definitely suspicious and a bit girly.He pictured the sissified vow-breaker on the phone: “Uh, listen Joe, I’m in a bit of a jam.Marge caught me cheating—again, I know, I know, me bad—and so this time for punishment made me wax and cross dress and then she dumped me at a bus stop begging for coin.It’s way humiliating.Would you mind picking me up?” What friend—what brother—would say, “No, sorry man, I really have to side with Marge this time.You gotta be taught a lesson.Becoming a transvestite beggar for the afternoon is a punishment that fits the crime.Good luck, buddy, catch you later.”True situation or fever dream, the pathetic scene made Jake relieved to be free of marital shackles.Jeremy’s second message came with generic paired photos, ass and erection to camera; Jeremy’s subject-line summary looked apt—FW: Subject: Very Very Makulit.Well I look very snobbish at first but I do get along with people easily.I also am very talkative when I get warmed up.Hmm what else? I find it hard to describe myself, I think it would be better if you would just talk to me and get to know me.Since it is true that words are the biggest liars of all.I’m very very makulit! that was always my asset! I’m true to myself, and i like being the first version of myself, not a second version of someone else! I’m not looking for just a hookup so if your just looking for that move on.Love to swim, modern jazz music, watch porn (cmon guy, be real, hahaha!!!) if you wanna be my friend, mack me.Jake loaded the dishwasher and tossed back the sweet, scalding demitasse of coffee in two gulps.He deleted Rambo’s email and glanced at Jeremy’s final selection, a mail-order groom looking for a ticket out of Russia.That one he’d seen before.Amongst a galaxy of come-and-go contacts and IATSE comrades, Jake saw Jeremy as a fellow-traveler.Meeting a decade ago at Serpentine, a WASPy Toronto fetish night “for Discerning Adults,” they’d circled restlessly—both of them novice experimenters in SM and deciding in tandem that the dabbling would be a one-off—and shared a brief and ultimately lame engagement with a kneeling blindfolded submissive named Raven whose clasped prayer position hands held a stubby braided whip.They soon settled on bottled beer and bar stools in stiff, freshly-purchased leather gear, and cast unimpressed glances at the black-clad proceedings—the men as gruff and humourless as Mad Max villains, and the women’s overwrought fantasy costumes transforming them, in Jeremy’s view, into background figures in censored outtakes from Heart and Stevie Nicks videos.Jake had been taken from the moment they’d watched each other listlessly prod Raven’s lipsticked mouth with semi-hards; Jeremy’s smirk and rolled eyes emerged as that forgettable evening’s high mark.Learning they were practically neighbours on the country’s west coast, Jake welcomed the chance to hang out with another with a closely matched taste for adventuring.Jeremy zeroed in on an age demographic considerably younger than Jake’s eye-on-his-own-generation preference, a convenient fact that suspended the ritual tussle over alpha and sidekick roles.They’d kept in touch, occasional nights on the town gradually becoming regular calls supplemented by forwarded boasting pictures or videos of successful conquests; and once familiarity allowed for it, admissions of limp performances, outright rejections, and embarrassing, thudding steps into human cow pats cropped up.The look-at-this and it-would-never-happen emails of today? Comic relief [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]