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.’I did not know what he meant by that final remark but the prospect of some action and being back in the Myrex loop made me feel active and less depressed.When we met in that medley of kitchens at the top of Selfridge’s – we decided to eat Thai food – I was not prepared for the commission that Uri gave me.Nevertheless I decided to accept it.What he wanted was for me to contact Roxanne and find out when we could next meet.I had told him about my affair with her and that it was the reason for my closeness to Myrex.He wanted me to ascertain Raoul’s movements.The Agency needed to know.He was to be tracked down and eliminated.Myrex was to be neutralised.Uri used the language of bureaucratic administration; eliminated, neutralised.What he meant was killed and destroyed.My first reaction was that I did not want anything to do with his business.Roxanne and my relationship with her were completely independent of Raoul and his hideous commercial operation.Yet he had murdered Mark and was prepared to murder Mo.Was I to be a pimp in the service of the Agency’s concerns?‘Well, can you do this for us, Pel?’ Rovde looked me straight in the eyes; he had lost for me the bumbling, teddy-bear aspect of his character that he exhibited in the presence of Mo.I looked away towards a franchise section just beyond the boundary of the restaurant, next to the top of the escalator, and watched for a moment steam rising from a humidifier that was on special offer.I paused and shifted in my chair.‘Come on, buddy.He’s condemned anyway.You’ll just make it easier for us.’Suddenly I experienced one of those peculiar situations where you think you see in the distance someone you know, someone extremely familiar.Then when you stop to work out who it is, you realise that the person you think you have seen is actually dead.Thus it was that I thought I saw Mark at the end of a long run of passageway that headed off down the store between two lines of franchise shops.The vision decided me.‘OK, I’ll do it.I’ll find out what he’s doing.Roxanne will tell me.’30Early that evening I rang Roxanne.This time there was no smooth-tongued Spanish secretary who answered the phone.It was Roxanne herself.‘Pelham dear, how nice to hear you.When are we going to meet? I miss you terribly.Raoul’s been away in the Baltic.It seems he’s too busy for me.I need you.’Immediately I felt the old frisson of desire and, at the same time, a stab of guilt.I was about to use her for other ends than the cause of love.Yet she was irresistible.‘Likewise,’ I responded.‘When are you likely to be in London next? What are Raoul’s plans? I can’t wait to see you.’‘I can’t wait to touch you.Just talking to you excites me.Look, I think Raoul plans to fly to the UK at the weekend.He’s meeting some Russians at Claridge’s, so we’ll no doubt be staying there.He’ll want me with him.Just hang on, I’ll ask his secretary.’There was a long silence.I began to think that the line had gone dead and that I should have to ring back.Yet I held on and eventually she returned.‘Yes, Pel, are you there? We’re flying on Saturday morning to Heathrow and we’ll be at Claridge’s by lunchtime.I’ll ring you from there in the early afternoon and let you know what’s happening.’ She added tantalisingly, ‘I hope you’re in the mood for love.’ It was an old cliché but I was and could barely contain my excitement.When we had finished talking after another twenty minutes or so, I phoned Uri.I had a momentary sense of betrayal but it passed quickly.‘That’s just great, Pel.Let me now what he’s doing, where he’s going.It’s essential that we pin him down.’ That seemed to me like another bureaucratic euphemism.It occurred to me that perhaps Willy should know what was happening.‘What about Willy and the British Service, Uri? Shouldn’t they know what is going on?’‘All in good time, my friend.No one is to know at present what goes on between you and me.Willy will get to know.Keep quiet for now.We’ll share our info, but not yet.’The rest of the week passed.I went in and out of the Journal’s offices.At times I felt depressed; at others elated that something was happening that might avenge Mark’s death [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]