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.Stepping carefully, they carry the boat down the hallway to the broken door leading to the basement.He indicates they should rest the boat on the floor for a moment.He takes the orb off his shoulder and carries it over to the door where he looks down the broken stairs.Still looks the same.Wonder if the stuff is still under the stairs?Turning back to the others, he says, “We need to get the boat down to the room below.There’s a flight of stairs, but they’re broken and unlikely to hold everyone’s weight at once.”“Then what are we going to do?” Yern asks.“I’ll go down first and you can lower the boat down to me.” To Fifer he asks, “Which pack has the rope?”“They all do,” he says.“We weren’t sure just how much you would need so we got a lot.”“Good thinking,” he says.“While I make my way down to the bottom, one of you tie a rope to the boat.Then when I say so, slide it down the stairs slowly until I have it settled on the floor below.”Creating a second orb, he leaves it with the boat and then begins to descend the rickety and broken stairs to the room below.He notices the circle on the wall, the first trigger which will open the secret door, as he makes his way down.Once on the floor, he hollers back up for them to send the boat down.While he waits for them to begin lowering the boat, he checks under the stairs and is pleased to find all his equipment still there, looking as if it’s remained undisturbed.Jiron comes to the top of the stairs and then the boat begins making its way through the doorway as he guides it toward the stairs.The stairs groan when the weight of the boat settles upon it and begins to slide down.James moves back to the bottom of the stairs where he can watch and guide the boat coming down.Those in the hallway hold onto the rope while they slowly allow the boat to slide down the stairs to where James is waiting.From his vantage point at the top of the stairs, Jiron is able to direct those in the hallway.“Easy,” he says to them as inch by inch the boat makes its way down.“Almost there.”When the boat draws near, James takes hold of it and guides it the rest of the way to the bottom.When the front end touches the floor, he pulls on the boat until it’s completely off the stairs and resting on the floor.“That’s good!” Jiron hollers to those in the hallway and then begins making his way down to James.The others enter and begin following him down.“Stop!” James cries up at them when he sees they’re about to all come down the stairs at once.“The stairs won’t support you all,” he tells them.“You need to come down one at a time.And Uther?” he asks.Once he has Uther’s attention, he says, “See if you can find a thick piece of wood out in the woods, about three feet long.” He uses his hands to show the size he wants.“What do you want that for?” he asks.“Just do,” he replies.Illan turns to him and says, “Take Jorry with you, and be quick.”Uther and Jorry leave to do as requested.Once Jiron has reached the bottom, Illan begins to descend.The stairs groan badly in one spot and he even hears one of the boards give a little crack.Continuing carefully, he makes it to the bottom.Looking around the room, he says, “There’s nowhere to go.”“Yes there is,” James says as he moves to where the entrance to the secret door in the wall is located.Tapping on it, he says, “Behind here is the old escape route from this keep.It leads through an underground cavern to an underground river that eventually leads to the river at the bottom of the canyon.”“And you plan to hide that,” he asks, indicating the box containing the Fire, “somewhere down there.”“Precisely,” he says.“Why do you need the boat?” he asks.“I don’t plan to hide this in an easily accessible location,” he explains.“But rather somewhere that would make it very hard to get, even if someone should learn of its location.”Illan nods as he glances around the room.From the hallway at the top of the stairs, they hear Jorry and Uther coming back.They’re talking to one another and when they enter the room they both begin to descend the stairs at the same time.Illan notices them and cries out, “One at a time!” but is too late [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]