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.“Who cares? Don’t worry about staying out of his way, either.You want to watch TV in the living room? Go for it.You want to play your guitar? Do it.You can sit in the middle of the hall and holler like Tarzan for all I care.If we have to live here for three months, you can bet we’re not going to do it like captives.He knew what he was signing on for.Let him deal with it.”Seth smiled.“No more Full House?”“Not unless you want to keep having dreams about Uncle Jesse.”“Well, he is a hottie.”Evie laughed.Seth chuckled and sat down on the bed next to her.“What if he gets all bent out of shape and yells at me or something?”She snorted.“He’d better not even try it.” She grabbed her portfolio and started to sift through her sketches, trying to decide which ones she should show the Master of the House later that night.* * * *Her pictures never changed.Pictures never did.They were meant to capture the feelings and sights of a specific event or time.They remained unchanging, locked within their perfection.And, try as he might, he could not help but lapse back into the emotions of old every time he looked at them.He didn’t know why he tortured himself so much.He was a masochist.With a heavy, weary sigh, he set the pictures aside and went to the French doors in his office.He could see the ocean crashing against the nearby cliffs and wanted suddenly, more than anything, to hear the thunderous sound.He pushed open the doors and stepped out onto the terrace, embracing the evening fog as it coiled around him.He closed his eyes and listened to the pounding waves, surging forward like the emotions in his soul and crashing against the cliffs in a violent crescendo.A fleeting moment of peace stole into his heart, and he wrapped his fingers around the cold, black iron of the railing.He relished the brief moment of tranquility and the sound of the sea.It was the only thing that ever brought him solace.Traevyn’s chaotic thoughts briefly touched on the young artist in his guest room and the way she had spoken to him earlier.He had to admit, it had come as a surprise, the way she had lashed out at him.She was so small and looked so studious.He had not expected her to hold a powder keg within her.Especially since she had barely made a peep all week.He sighed, cursing himself yet again for allowing Professor Roth to talk him into this whole foolish apprenticeship idea.He had been a recluse for the past two years, unwilling and not desiring to share the company of others.Now he was thrown a fire-breathing art student and an added teenage boy, and was expected to act as a perfect host? He had to have been out of his mind to agree to this.And it would have been nice if Professor Roth had asked him first before he’d told Evelina that it was all right for her to bring her brother along.It was true that he didn’t want them there.He had grown to not care for people and to hate intrusion.He felt as if they were invading his privacy, his way of life.However, as much as he hated to admit it, she’d had a point.He had been the one to accept the position.It was his own fault they were there.She was not the one to blame.She was a stranger.She didn’t know him at all.She had not expected any of this.He shoved a hand through his hair in agitation.Had he really lost all traces of humanity? What was he turning into? The troll on the bridge? Was he going to start eating goats soon? He sighed again and turned to go back inside.Well, if nothing else, he would get dinner out of the whole deal.That was the only advantage as far as he could see.Chapter FourEvie’s stomach rumbled at the smell of her own supper.She hadn’t had much to work with, but she had found enough ingredients to make spaghetti.It wasn’t gourmet cuisine by any standards, but it was better than pizza and cream cakes.Seth wandered into the kitchen and grinned at his sister.“It smells so good in here.” He groaned.“It’s killing me.”She smiled in return and began to set the table [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]