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.He made a sound low in his throat that might have been a groan of discomfort.Or disapproval.Then the arm impeding her escape tightened, pulling her back against him.Zara swallowed.Yup, he was definitely aroused.Very much so.“I thought you didn’t want me to know about that,” she said.The hand at her waist twitched, but when he spoke, his voice was coated with dry amusement.“I think you pretty much know every inch by now.”What could she say to that? Certainly not the wicked response that leaped into her mind and pooled low in her body.Nope, she better not make any crack about how she could get more intimately acquainted with those inches.“What did you mean by ‘best you don’t do that’?” she asked.“You were squirming.”“I was trying to move away without waking you.Why did you pull me back?”“I like the feel of you against me,” he said frankly.“If you just lay still like you’ve been doing for the last couple of hours, we’ll do fine.”Zara exhaled slowly.Felt the spread of his fingers on her abdomen, the tiniest shift in pressure.He expected her to lie still? Now she knew that he touched her, now she knew that he wanted her?“You’ve been—” she moistened her lips “—lying there…awake…for hours?”“Yeah.Awake.”Again that lick of dry amusement.Oh, yeah, he recognized her slight pause for what it was.He knew she’d been thinking of him lying awake and hard for hours.“Go to sleep, Zara,” he said quietly.Go to sleep? Was he for real? Or had she missed something in the translation?Using her shoulder and elbow for leverage, she managed to push free of his hold and roll onto her back.Then onto her side to face him.“You expect me to just go back to sleep? As if I don’t know that you’re aroused?”“That bothers you?”She blinked, unsure how to respond.Wishing the night weren’t so dark so she could see more than an impression of his strong, dark face.“Shouldn’t it?”“I’m not going to use it for anything.No matter how nicely you ask.”To her credit, Zara’s mouth didn’t fall open.Much.She drew an audible breath and let it go.Replayed that shockingly candid admission in her mind and let its impact settle.She believed him.Even if she made the moves, if she reached out and put her hand on that hot, hard body, he would resist.Reflexively she curled her fingers tight into the palm that tingled with the suggestion of touch.Deep inside she felt a rush of sensation, not wild and hot like so many times during this long night, but steady and strong.A knowledge that this was a man she could trust.“Because of Susannah?”“Until I talk to her, until I hear it from her lips, we’re still engaged.”And then? The words jumped from her mind to her mouth but she bit them off.And then he would be in another city, another state, another lifestyle far removed from hers.Then, no matter how nicely he asked, there would be nothing.Susannah might keep them apart now, but in the end there was nothing to keep them together.Nothing but a cabin-fever attraction he had the willpower to resist.She would do well to take a lesson.FiveAlex went to sleep hard and woke the same way.No surprise there, since he lay wrapped around a woman who’d stirred his juices from the instant he’d clapped eyes on her.He wasn’t sure why he’d insisted on dragging her back into his embrace when she’d woken in the night, except that he did enjoy the feel of her long, strong body matched to his.In his sleep he’d enjoyed the fantasy of unzipping her sleeping bag and running his hands over that amazing body.The fantasy of starting the day with long, slow morning sex.With a low groan, he edged away from that fantasy and the torturous pleasure of her derriere nestled against him.He must be turning into a masochist.And a supreme optimist if he imagined himself capable of long and slow anything right now.Rising on one elbow, he stroked a fall of hair back from her face, then held his breath when she stirred.She slept on but with a frown puckering the skin between her eyebrows.Tension ticked one of the fingers curled around the top of her sleeping bag and her legs shifted restlessly inside its bulky warmth.She’d moved in her sleep too, not only snuggling closer to his body heat but shifting uneasily as if her mind never rested.Perhaps it was his presence or the aftermath of what must have been a harrowing day.Or perhaps she was simply reciting her anatomy lessons, like she’d told him she did at the traffic lights [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]