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.She desperately needed to explain what was going on with her friend.Even though she doubted she’d know now.She wasn’t entirely sure herself what had happened in the last twelve hours.She was still reeling from the news of her father’s death, and she knew going back to Dublin with Julian now—right this moment—was running away.But she was okay with that.She even knew she deserved it.People did crazy things when they were grieving.And even though Eva wasn’t sure if grief was the horrible, all-consuming emotion eating away at her inside, she knew the only person she wanted to be around was Julian.‘Do you know what time we’re supposed to leave, Anthony? Has Julian given you a rough idea? It’s just that if it’s going to be ages, I could just wait for him and we could fly out together.I don’t mind waiting, in fact, I’d prefer it.And it would give me a chance to swing by my apartment and pick up a few things.I feel really stupid wearing this.’‘He didn’t say how long he’d be, Eva.But I know he’d like you to fly on ahead.I can’t make any changes to that plan.I don’t think Mr.Harte would be very happy if I tried.They’re just refuelling.It won’t be long now.In the meantime, let me get you that coffee, yeah?’Eva nodded reluctantly.She knew Anthony was only doing his job, but it didn’t help her feel any less apprehensive about the whole situation.It was all a bit clandestine, but in spite of her concerns, she had to smile.It had Julian written all over it.She really didn’t want coffee, but Anthony looked like he needed a distraction.She’d never seen him so disorientated or worried or something; it was the oddest thing.She wanted to ask him if he was okay, but she knew she’d get a generic answer.So it was a pointless exercise and she didn’t want to make either of them feel more uncomfortable than they already did.She was relieved when her phone vibrated in her pocket.Shelly’s name appeared on the screen and Eva sighed.Before she had time to answer, she heard Shelly’s voice shouting from behind her.‘There you are.Jesus.What are you doing out here, it’s freezing!’Eva’s jaw twitched and her feet shuffled on the spot.‘Just waiting.’‘Waiting? Out here?’ Shelly squeaked.Eva pointed to a private jet waiting on the runway.Shelly shook her head and rolled her eyes.‘Yeah, I see the plane.You know big, white, metal yokes are kind of hard to miss, but that doesn’t explain why you’re out here freezing your arse off.’‘I’m going back to Dublin for a couple of weeks, Shell.I’m so sorry.It’s all come up so suddenly, and I tried to call you many times, but your phone wasn’t working or something.Please don’t be mad.’‘What? Why would I be mad? I’m delighted you’re coming back for a while.I’m just a bit surprised that’s all.I hope you’re doing this for you and not just because Julian thinks he can tell you what to do.’Eva ignored the dig at her messed-up relationship.She was in no mood for a round of twenty questions.‘You’re going back to Dublin, too? Now like? Like today?’Shelly nodded contently.‘And Nathan is coming back, too?’Shelly rolled her eyes at the mention of his name, and Eva didn’t push it any further.‘Now who’s the one doing what Julian tells them to.’‘Haha.Well, he is my boss, you know.’‘But you’re on vacation.You only just got here.God, I feel awful.Like I’ve ruined your break.’‘Sure, I only came here for you.Going back early is no big deal.’ Shelly was beaming; her genuine excitement was dancing in her eyes.‘It’s much better this way anyway.Especially the way things are with Nathan.’‘You two still not talking, then?’Shelly scrunched her face.‘He’s a total arse.’‘Maybe that’s a good reason for you to stay.Time alone together to work on things?’Shelly shook her head hard.‘Nah.It’s past that, I think.Anyway, I want to spend some time with you, you eejet.’ She knocked her shoulder playfully against Eva’s.‘Especially now, with everything you’ve got going on.’‘Julian told you, then?’‘Yeah.Are you okay? I really thought you’d flip out, to be honest.I think I would have?’‘I think I’m okay, yeah.It’s all just so weird.Not really sure how to feel.Think that’s why I’m just so desperate to get away from here now.Maybe I should never have come back.’‘No.Coming back was a good thing.Maybe Julian wouldn’t have found her if you weren’t here, too.’Eva’s mind was miles away.Her thoughts were already in the air, staring down at the clouds [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]