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.He smiles at Chief.“You finally got one right.”“What?”“For crying out loud,” Tony exaggerates, “you finally got one right.”Chief slaps a Vanguard PD baseball cap over Tony’s hair, pulling it tightly down over his forehead.“You’re beginning to give me a complex here.” Chief puts his thumbs inside the waist of his pants, giving them a swift hoist.“Reminds me of my third grade English teacher.” He shudders with the thought.“Used to whack me on the knuckles with her ruler.English wasn’t my best subject.She was a big ol’ broad.Wore a girdle to iron out her figure.Made me sit in the front row right across from her desk.I just knew someday that girdle would give out and I would go home shy of an eye.”Tony chuckles.“What’s with the cap?”“Ah, got a feeling you might need it.”Tony shrugs, joking vainly, “The M.O.of a local hero.”Chief raises his eyebrows doubtfully, pushing the door open to the outside world.“There he is!” a mob of journalists and television news reporters chime.“Detective,” a reporter approaches, shoving a microphone in Tony’s face.“Is it true you brought down Vigilare?”“Our sources say the Vigilare is female.Is this true, Detective?” a journalist inquires.“One of your own? A Vanguard PD Detective?”Tony pulls his cap down further over his face, shoving the reporters’ hands away, declining to answer.“Viva Vigilare! Viva Vigilare!” a crowd of protestors chant.“You should be ashamed, turning in one of your own,” a woman shouts from the crowd.Splat! the sound resonates off Tony’s back.He turns to see her holding a carton of eggs.Instinctively he takes off in her direction.Chief grabs him, pulling him toward the squad car.“Choose your battles, Gronkowski.Police 101.”“Oh, you want to arrest me too, big bad detective?” She picks another egg from the carton.“Always gunning for the women, huh? She was your partner.You ingrate.” She wings the egg.It goes flying by his shoulder splatting onto the squad car.“You gonna let her get away with that, Chief?” Tony quips.“Sure am,” he says slipping into the driver’s seat.“That’s it.You run away little boy,” the woman jeers, sticking her thumb in her mouth.“Mama’s titty baby!”Tony’s eyes light up, his temper aching for release.Chief imagines the steam blowing out both sides of his ears, if only emotion were visible.“Gronkowski, get in the car.That’s an order.”Tony slaps the top of the roof before ducking in and closing the passenger side door.“Freaking bra burners,” he scoffs.Another egg catapults into the air, landing directly atop the windshield, Splat! Chief pushes the lock button, peeling out from the street, shaking his head as Tony furiously jerks on the door handle.Chapter 10VANGUARD COURTHOUSE.TONY sits in the back of the room, unsettled, leaning forward, his elbows resting on his knees, his hands clasped together tightly.His right knee bounces up and down, a combination of an inability to sit still for long periods of time and his nerves.He hears the chatter around him as the room continues to fill up.Opening statements have been delivered, followed by a short recess, and now witness testimony and cross-examination begin.Vanguard PD guards the door to his right, culling citizens and the media, turning folks away as the room has quickly grown to capacity.Everybody in town wants in on this trial.Tony looks around the room identifying a few familiar faces.Bonnie, Chief’s secretary, sits on the bench directly behind the defendant’s chair.Tony smiles at her protective, nurturing stance.A few rows up from his vantage point, he spots William Truly and his daughter, Emily, sitting shoulder-to-shoulder among the packed house.On the other side of the room, Dr.Godfrey sits, fully contented, the fascination of the case completely vibrant in his facial expression.His bench filled with white coats, inflexible in their form and expression.Hard, swift footsteps, followed by the clicking of high-heels reverberate off the vaulted ceiling.Tony turns his attention toward the sound to find the prosecutor, accompanied by Dr.Patricia Ryan, exchanging pleasantries.Tony pulls his eyes from them, looking down at the floor, for fear he may end up in contempt of court if he acts on his initial instinct.Dr [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]