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.See Cost of coffee customer education on, 29, 32, 40, 43, 56from Dunkin’ Donuts, 55, 214employee training on, 39–40, 55expansion affecting quality of, 44–45fair-trade.See Fair-trade coffee health effects of, 146–147from McDonald’s, 54, 55, 63, 68, 70from original Starbucks store, 28–29from Peet’s, 27–28, 33trends in consumption of, 179weather affecting, 50, 52–53Coffee and Farmer Equity Practices (CAFE Practices), 211–212, 237cost to farmer for compliance with, 227, 229in Nicaragua, 226–229Coffee beans in CAFE Practices, 211–212, 226–229, 237in early years of Starbucks, 15, 28, 29, 39from Ethiopia, 230–236expansion affecting quality of, 15–16, 44–45fair-trade.See Fair-trade coffee large scale roasting of, 45, 47from Nicaragua, 223–229at Peet’s, 27–28preground, 45price paid for, 207in fair-trade products, 208from Rwanda, 215–216, 217–218as store decoration, 53–54Coffee consumption, 24-25, 179, 241, 249Coffee cupsas advertising, 192annual number used by Starbucks, 187biodegradable and compostable, 187, 273n18environmental impact of, 179–181, 183–200plastic content of, as unrecyclable, 197quotes on, 111–112recycled materials in, 186–187reusable, 189–196company policy on, compared to in-store experience, 189–192discount for use of, 194–195sleeves for, 184–185with splash stick, 199two used per serving, 184Coffee farms and farmers, 205–212in CAFE Practices, 211–212, 226–229in Costa Rica, 220–221in Ethiopia, 230–236fair-trade coffee of, 208–211, 214, 224–225, 275n11income of, 207in Nicaragua, 223–229in Rwanda, 215–216, 217–218, 222–223, 243Starbucks films on, 205–207, 209, 220–221virtual travel to, 204–207water supply of, 212Coffee grounds, composting of, 185Coffee House Man, 103Coffeehouses and coffee shops community notices posted in, 109European tradition of, 102–104active participation and connections in, 118–119and cup quotes promotion, 111–112dangers associated with, 113freedom of speech in, 117modified by Starbucks, 112–120as penny universities, 102–103, 108, 111, 116, 118in Starbucks marketing material, 108, 111independent, 17, 77in competition with Starbucks, 56–57, 242in recent economic downturn, 240in Seattle, 81near military bases, 104Coffee Klatch, 57Coffee machinesfor sale in store, as store decoration, 53–54used in stores, 32fully automated, 46–47, 57, 65semiautomatic, 39Coffee passports, 151Color scheme in Starbucks stores, 11, 18, 41–42, 135–136, 137–138Comfort, in predictability, 59–60Community, sense of, 11–13, 16, 19in active engagement, 101brands providing, 12–13, 82, 84cocooning trend affecting, 104–106limited conversations between customers affecting, 94–104, 106–108, 114–121in third place, 83, 84, 86in virtual communities, 84, 263n7Community boards, 109–110Compostingof coffee cups, 187, 273n18of coffee grounds, 185Compulsive shopping disorders, 125Cone,173, 174, 178, 202, 203Conformity in predictability, 80–81Conley, Lucas, 3–4Connectionsas basic need, 96between customers, 16and boundaries of personal space, 119and limited conversations, 94–104, 106–108, 114–121in traditional coffeehouses, 102–104, 118–119of employees with customers, 107employee training on, 73–74, 95–96The Conquest of Cool (Frank), 248Conservation International, 209, 211Conspicuous consumption, 11, 34, 38, 123, 202Consumer persuasion industry, 6, 133Consumer society, 3Consumptionconspicuous, 11, 34, 38, 123, 202as entertainment, 6ethical, 201-204, 237limitations of, 246in retail therapy, 124Conversationsbetween customers, limited connections in, 94–104, 106–108, 114–121table design affecting, 114in traditional coffeehouses, 102–104, 118–119Cooper, Alice, 1Cosmopolitan canopy, 97–98, 101, 116Costa Rica, 220–221Cost of coffee, 71, 256n26as affordable luxury in self-gifting, 122–148competitive pricing introduced in, 18in creation of status and identity, 7–8, 16–17, 37–38, 70from Dunkin’ Donuts, 214in ethical consumption, 204as factor in personal debt, 138–141in fair-trade, 208, 214and income of coffee farmers, 207, 214from McDonald’s, 70and paper coffee cups, 194–195as rent for office space, 88, 94from Rwanda, 216, 217–218Cox-Golovich, Jan, 79Crash (film), 12Credit card purchases of coffee, 141Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, 167, 168Crow, Sheryl, 80, 157Culture associated with Starbucks, 9, 17book selections in, 169–171music selections in, 154–169status and sophistication in, 38The Culture of Fear (Glassner), 248Cups for coffee.See Coffee cupsCustomersboundaries of personal space, 119connections betweenlimited conversations in, 94–104, 106–108, 114–121in traditional coffeehouses, 102–104, 118–119daily routines of, 84–86desire for predictability, 61–65education level of, 8, 10education on coffee, 29, 32, 40, 43, 56employee interactions with, 73–74, 95–96, 107general characteristics of, 8income of [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]