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.“Mark’s been run over? Is he dead?”“No, but he’s not far from it.”“Where is he? I have to see him.” Trish’s chair skittered across the room as she stood.Pam was on her feet a second later, reaching for a weapon she didn’t have.Buckleywhirled around, doing the same.“Sit down,” Pam demanded.Sobbing, Trish retrieved her chair and sat.“You don’t understand.I have to see him.I-Ilove him.”Declan watched Pam’s and Buckley’s shoulders relax as they resumed their seats.“We can make arrangements for a visit later.If he’s able, and if you cooperate,” thecaptain told her.Buddy System129Trish smeared tears from her cheeks.More flowed down to replace them.“When was the last time you saw Mark?” Pam asked.“Last night.” She sniffled.“I went home after the thing at the party and waited for himto come by and beg my forgiveness.That’s what he was supposed to do.Only this time hedidn’t.So I went to his house and found him in bed --the bed where we had made love thatafternoon!”“And what did you do then?”She jerked forward, hands splayed on the table.“What the hell do you think? I pickedup a rock and busted the window.I told him exactly what I thought and took off.Last time Isaw him was from my rearview mirror, chasing me down the street in his jeans and bare feet.I hope he.” She clamped her mouth shut.Her shoulders drooped.“I hope he’s all right.”“Did you see any other vehicles? Did you see the woman leave?” Buckley asked.Trish shook her head.“I was too hurt and mad.”“And where did you go from there?”“To my mom’s in San Diego.”Buckley shoved to his feet.“We’re going to need to take a look at your car, MissWallace.”“Help yourself.It’s in the parking lot.When do I get to see Mark?”“Soon.” He strode to the door, motioning Pam to follow.Hank was out the door like a shot.“Now what?”They steered him back into the room and shut the door.“We’re going to check her car for damage,” Buckley told him.“But I don’t think we’llfind any.”“In the meantime, we’ll send a team over to Mark’s to collect evidence.Kane wasobviously at his house.Did she leave or was she taken?”Hank jerked his arm toward the glass.“She could have taken her.”Pam shook her head.“No.As mad and out of control she is, Trish would have attackedher on the spot.I suspect she left and was followed home.”“By Trish.”“No.” Her voice was firmer this time, as if she held tight to her temper.“There was ragein Kane’s attack, but I really don’t feel she did these murders.What reason would she havehad to kill Murray and Phillips?”Hank sliced a glare Declan’s way.“Her attraction to him would be motive.I understandhis patients are extra friendly toward him.”Extra friendly.Connie’s words.Declan didn’t like the weight that settled in the pit ofhis stomach.The stripper had been extra friendly last night.Connie hovered nearby,watching everything.Stalking, plotting.130Caitlyn Willows“I might buy that if Trish didn’t have this relationship with Mark, but not now,” Pamtold him.“And I’d bet we’ll find her alibi fits the timeline.” Buckley reached for the door handle.“So that’s it? Back to nothing?” Hank’s voice was just below a shout.“We’ll hold her while we check things out.But it’s starting to look like she’s not theone.”“Fine.I’m going for coffee while you have your little scavenger hunt.” He shoved byand out the door.Buckley sighed.“I really miss Remy Sanchez.”“I know.” Pam clapped him on the back.“Let’s go.The sooner we get Hank out of ourhair, the better.I honestly don’t know where to go from here.”“I think I do,” Declan quietly replied.They cocked their heads his way, looking at him as if he’d grown a second nose.“You might want to go back to your first suspect.Connie.Connie came at me with aknife once in a jealous rage [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]