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.His mate’s emotional, tear streaked face hovered behind him.“There is no connection.” Insisted Morrow.“He’s gone.”Brandon ignored the weretiger’s sad acceptance of Matthew’s demise.Letting go of his mate, he reached in, laying a hand on Matthew’s chest and closed his eyes, listening with internal senses.Opening his eyes, he nodded.“Nathan, let’s get him inside.” Naomi allowed herself to be pushed aside as Nathan shoved his hands under Matthew’s shoulders.“Morrow, help him.” Brandon instructed as he ducked back out of the vehicle.Morrow came out of the car in a fury of pain and aggression.“Who do you think you are? You are the reason he’s dead.”Nathan paused with Matthew half out of the car as the full measure of Brandon’s recovery manifested.Cat, hot and feline, mixed with wolf filled the air.He grabbed the weretiger and shoved him into the side of the car.“Giving up on him already? You idiot.You’ve already buried your Leo.”He pushed the tiger away and limped around the car to help Nathan with the load.Both of them refused Naomi’s attempt to help.He glared at Morrow, challenge clear in his gaze.Only Naomi saw the surprise and confusion in the wolven Pack’s collective stares.Brandon bared his teeth at Morrow, waiting until the tiger backed down.“He wouldn’t have given up on you,” Brandon said.The wolven kept his unrelenting stare.“Matthew would have taken on the gods themselves to keep you safe.And you’re giving him up for dead, you sorry mangy cat.No wonder your goddess has abandoned you for two thousand years.”“Matthew?” Brandon’s mate appeared next to Naomi.When she would have touched him, Naomi laid a possessive hand on him instead.Without anger, the woman turned to the alpha pair, who were already closing the distance.“Mom.It’s Matthew.” Brandon’s mate announced the obvious, wonder and tears in her voice.She kept looking from the unconscious Leo to her mate, as if waiting for him to disappear again.The alpha female studied Matthew with both hope and fear, and only cursory evaluation of Naomi.She kept her hands to herself and her opinions as well.“Let’s get him inside,” instructed the huge blond alpha male.He gestured to the house.“Put him in the room we just finished,” said the alpha female, gesturing for them to come into the house.Naomi felt the stares of the wolven as they parted to allow them entry.Their murmurs ranged from curiosity to outright hostility.“Who’s Matthew?”“Oh, great.The prodigal son returns.Isn’t that just par with the rest of the crap this year—oof!”“I smell more cats.How many more are going to show up? Are they going to stay?”The inside of the house smelled of wood, chemical, and wolf.Just what you’d expect a house under construction and inhabited by shape shifting wolves to smell like.She got a glimpse of sheetrock and mud spotted walls needing paint or paper to be finished and sturdy hardwood or tile floors before following Brandon and Nathan into a barely finished room.There was a queen-sized bed made up in a basic blue comforter and matching sheets.That and an inexpensive dresser were the only furnishings.The floor was bare plywood but at least the walls had been painted white.They laid him on the bed as the door shut loud enough to pull her back to the present.Silence reigned.Feeling the alpha wolven’s attention shift to her, Naomi moved her hand from where she’d sunk her fingers into his hair again.She lifted her chin, and sat on the bed.Let them think what they wanted; she needed to see for herself that he would live.“I am Diana Weis,” The alpha female held out a hand, which Naomi took, though she had to let go of Matthew to do so.This close, she could tell that the woman was no wolven.Rumors that the wolves were taking mates outside their species had been floating around for years.The conformation registered numbly inside Naomi.Shaken, but by no means weak, Diana glanced down at Matthew once more before taking Brandon in across the room.Her words were meant for Naomi, but her attention was more for her newly resurrected wolf.“We’ll talk once you get settled in.” She left her mate’s side to approach Brandon.The big blond male held out a hand, “Adam Weis.”Taking the huge hand, Naomi studied the man.She bowed her head formally.“Naomi Lindi.Daughter of Shiar Lindi, Lia of the Primus Lion family.” Taking her hand back she laid her palm over where the god’s mark was on her chest.With a turn of her head, she included Diana in the greeting.If there was one thing that Naomi’s mother had drilled into her, it was to never come onto a strange female’s territory without establishing clear boundaries of respect.“I am honored to be permitted in your territory.”“You and yours are welcome Naomi.” Adam gave her a small smile the pulled the hard line of his lips up slightly.She had a feeling that if the man ever really smiled, it would be devastating.His cool blue eyes were fixed on Brandon as well.“You have brought my son home safe.For that I am thankful.”Naomi shook her head, retrieving her hand so that she could touch Matthew once more to remind herself that he was really alive.“No.The rescuing was definitely all Brandon and Nathan’s doing.”“And Matthew,” Nathan interrupted to meet Brandon’s eyes.The wolven nodded his agreement.Nathan raised an eyebrow.“Did he really take on the gods?”“What do you think?” Brandon lightly touched Diana on the shoulder and nodded to Adam before coming to kneel in front of Naomi.Her eyes widened at the strange warm touch of wolf and cat that emanated from him.His eyes had lightened from dark brown to hazel.The magic of the wolf and cat inside him smelled and ran wild.The depths of his eyes spoke of the thin veneer of civilization that kept him human.“Lia, don’t leave him alone.Keep Nathan at hand and listen to him.” The tips of his fingers pressed his point home on her knee.“If you need privacy, then call for him or myself.”Naomi wanted to ask about Morrow, but she obeyed the silent warning in his eyes [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]