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.After determining that there was no electricity in the house Adam decided to check out the breaker box in the morning.His colorblind wolven night vision wouldn’t tell him much.The smell of charred plastic and the faint linger of burned flesh covered up any other suspicious scents.———By six o’clock the next evening Adam was ready to call it quits.He positioned a nail and drove it into the wood with one swing.He would have liked to have gone back to the hospital today to intimidate more information out of the staff on Barry’s condition, instead of the meeting with the Middle School principal for a castigation on how Mark Cargill wasn’t living up to his potential.He pulled another nail from the canvas pouch tied around his waist.Instead of the hospital, he’d made do with a phone call to the electrician’s wife.Candace Miller’s report was good.Barry would be out of the hospital tomorrow afternoon and under doctor’s orders to take it easy for a little while.No one really knew how long a little while was.The doctor was concerned about damage the jolt may have done to Barry’s heart.Adam slammed the nail home.Last night, while doing a little sleepless web surfing, Adam had come across a posting on the wolven website about a couple of unsanctioned stray killings in California.Executions done with a silver knife reminiscent of The Tracker, a self-styled werewolf hunter.The Tracker hadn’t only hunted wolven.The human had claimed various weres, bogies, vampires, and at least one dragon to his kills.The human monster had finally gone down under three hundred pounds of pissed wolven teeth and claws, proud to the end of his holy quest to rid the world of supernaturals.Time.Now that was a joke.For him, time was money.Not to borrow trouble, but besides his frustrations with kids and his raging libido where a certain female psychic was concerned, there were quite a few little on the job screw-ups, besides the murdered female in his dumpster.Two brand new nail guns had to be taken in for repairs.He’d had listen to a lecture on how not to operate on his tools anymore or mess up the inner workings again.As if.That voided the warranty on some stuff.An air hose mysteriously sprang enough small leaks that it had to be replaced.A chewed cord on the air compressor.Then there was Benjamin Gates’ lawsuit protesting Adam’s purchase of the property he was subdividing.A series of building permit issues that cropped up.And now Barry’s accident.Adam didn’t believe for a minute that Barry Miller had been negligent in his work.No.Someone was after Adam, upping the stakes on a personal level.A move that pissed off every territorial issue bred into him.There was too much coincidence for him to ignore.Adam paused to cut and measure a two-by-four for bracing under the stairwell.Working with his hands and the soothing scent of wood always helped him to think better.Benjamin Gates bothered Adam.His instincts made him leery of the guy.He’d done a little checking up on the man, found out he was a major business owner in town.For now, Adam’s brother, Dominick Sheppard was using his lawyerly skills to untangle the legal side of that snarl.Adam wasn’t worried.Dom always came through, and it would give him an excuse to slip over to the Tarrant Pack and see his brother’s new pup when it came.With his wolven constitution, Adam could work steady all night if he called out for pizza to refuel.Wolven metabolism needed, no demanded, a steady high calorie and protein diet, especially if he expended a lot of physical or metaphysical energy.———Adam positioned another nail, driving it flush into wood with one satisfying hit.“Damn it, Adam! Watch out!” Mack snapped.“You’re going to split the studs if you keep hitting those nails so hard.”Adam had been so deep in his problems that he hadn’t heard Mack come back.He shot Mack a glare, aggravated that the human was able to sneak up on him.“I know how to hammer a nail.Why aren’t you at home? Everyone left hours ago.” Mack included.So why was the psychic back, bothering him while he needed to think?“Yeah? Well, I came back.So watch what you’re doing.” Mack shot back with his own grumpy look.“I don’t want to have to buy more lumber because you need to get laid.”Adam snarled at his foreman [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]