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.They had his hands tied behind his back."She thrust the pipe at him and yanked open her purse.She snatched out the cell phone."I'm calling Ga— Val's boss." She pushed the power button.Nothing happened.Cold dread congealed in her throat.She pushed it again."The battery is dead.Val got upset and was gone all night.He must not have realized the phone needed to be charged." Gabe's state of mind last night was her fault.Tears stung her eyes, and she started to shake.Peter's fingers whitened on the pipe."Now what?"She stared at the pipe.Resolve stiffened her spine.Her shaking stopped."Now we rescue him.""Tessa, I don't think it's wise to—""We're his only hope.If you aren't going to help, shut up." She searched the garbage until she found a second length of iron pipe.She tested the heft against her palm.A crude, but effective weapon."I'm going to get him out.""I can't let you go alone.Let's split up.You find Val, and I'll create a diversion."He hurried outside.She paused to rifle through her purse for anything useful and found a nail file, which she stowed in her sock.Scant help, but perhaps she could jab the point into an unsuspecting eye.She hid her purse in a corner.Gripping the pipe, she navigated the debris to join Peter.Hidden in the shadows, they scuttled to the dock.She stared up at the tall black ship.Lady Liberty rolled as waves slapped against her side.Tessa's stomach pitched.She clenched her teeth and reached for the ladder.Gabe needs you.Clinging tightly to the rusty metal, she climbed, stopping once to wipe sweaty palms on her slacks.She reached the top and peered over the rail.Not a soul in sight.She clambered aboard, and darted behind a huge pile of coiled rope.Within seconds, Peter joined her.He glanced at his watch."In five minutes I'll create a disturbance.If all goes well, I'll meet you back at the warehouse.If not, leave without me."The deck swayed under her feet as she tiptoed to the doorway that led below.Her chest tightened."Focus on Gabe," she whispered.She eased open the door.The rusty hinges squeaked, shattering the eerie silence.She froze, her hand on the knob.Only her own ragged breathing and racing pulse thundered in her ears.She crept on.A twisted stairway opened into a cavernous room with a thick web of pipes snaking overhead.The dank, echoing enclosure reeked of fish.Her stomach roiled.Gagging, she breathed through her mouth in short bursts.Pipe at the ready, she edged along the wall, peering into the blackness."Gabe?" she whispered."Hi there, songbird."A gasp burst from her, and she whirled.Leo loomed behind her, an ugly smirk twisting his mouth.She charged him, lifting the pipe.He barked out a laugh as he wrenched the weapon away as easily as if she were a child and slammed her up against the wall.The breath exploded out of her lungs and stars blinded her vision."You've been trouble since day one." He lowered his blunt face to hers.Out of the corner of her eye, she saw movement.Peter was sneaking up on Leo, pipe raised.If she could keep Leo's attention… She fixed her gaze on his."I have a lot of financial contacts.I can be an asset to you."Peter crept closer.Drumm snorted in disbelief.She held her gaze steady, afraid she might give Peter away."I could double your profits."Greed sliced across Leo's expression.Then he laughed again, the evil tone raising the hairs on the back of her neck."You don't know it, but you've already earned your keep."Peter was almost there.Three more steps.Silently willing Drumm's cold gray eyes not to sever the connection, she strove to stay calm."What do you mean?"Peter swung the pipe.Vic stepped out of the shadows behind Peter.Before Tessa could shout a warning, Vic slammed his fist down on the back of Peter's head.Peter crumpled to the ground.A scream burst from her throat, a second too late.Leo grabbed her arm."C'mon, songbird.I've got a job for you."Fear made her feet clumsy as he dragged her into the bowls of the ship.Her heart galloped painfully.Was Peter badly hurt? And where was Gabe?Leo shoved her into a chair.He wrenched her arms behind her and wrapped a length of bristly rope tightly around her wrists, cutting off her circulation.She gritted her teeth to keep from moaning.She wouldn't give him the satisfaction.Leo roughly tied her ankles together, bound her to the chair, then slapped tape over her mouth.She blinked back tears of pain and terror [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]