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.After all, she cannot kill me.Can she? She knows that I cannot die.Only the guardian would know if that were even possible.Kana stuck out both of her hands dramatically and said, “Eromé!” Lord Keb turned into a pile of dirt.The wicked mistress laughed raucously at her captive as he obeyed her command.She had truly mastered the command of elements outside her stewardship.Keb could not believe that she was able to make him transform.What was even more disconcerting was the fact he could not change back.What evil magic is this?“Woorgal!” bellowed Kana wickedly.Keb turned into a piece of wood and found that he could still not change to any other form.He was at her command now, and there appeared to be nothing he could do to fight it.He knew that he must now focus his efforts on protecting the secrets he kept for the guardian.If Kana found out some of them, the entire world would be in danger.He turned his entire attention inward while trying to mask his internal action from his vile captor.“Flymaré!” screamed Kana.Fire engulfed the beleaguered Lord Keb.It took everything he had to protect his thoughts from his captor.He knew that if he did not, thousands would suffer and die.The council would be irreparably broken if he was not successful.“I am going to leave you now so that you can think about whether you help me willingly or if I have to become real nasty,” Kana said maniacally.“I will not be gone long.I leave you in the care of some of my new friends.”Immediately the wraiths dove in and out of the burning wood that was Keb.He shrieked because of the pain and the horror that was building in him.He did not know how much longer he could take this form of torture.He again focused his energy on protecting the secrets that the guardian had given to him.He would not fail his leader by giving in to this vile apparition that was once a fair goddess.Kana began to rise slowly from the orgy of wraiths and turned her head toward the exit.She knew that she had probably wasted her time with Keb, but now she knew that he did not know anything.He would also be unable to interfere with her plans, so now she was free to go and help her armies.She would lead them to decisive victories over men, dwarves, and elves.After she had eliminated the unworthy creatures, she would deal with the stupid giants.She did not know yet why they had joined the fray, and she would regret underestimating their importance.She was also gravely mistaken to not realize that the other guardians were about once again in the land of Tuwa.They would get involved at some point, and this would force her to stand and fight or she would have to leave those she had rallied to her cause.She would have to go into hiding for a long time if her plans failed.The RefusalKing Edric Nognili sat quietly upon his gem-encrusted throne pondering the messages he had received from his scouts.He did not know if it was a wise decision to side with General Yukio and the people of Nairi so quickly.He had also received information that an innumerable goblin army had combined with rock trolls and were laying siege to Mount Carrick in the south.There seemed to be war all around him, but he did not know if it would be prudent to get involved.His first obligation was to his people, and they had become very prosperous over the years under his rule because he did not involve them in other nations’ affairs.His beautiful crown glinted from the sunlight that was allowed in through a class dome at the top of the throne room.There were gems of all colors encased in silver and gold in the king’s circlet.At the very front of it was a depiction of his mountain fortress situated on the north slope of Mount Ennis.The mountain itself was an island in the middle of a vast lake that had unknown depths and dangers in it.The king felt safe behind this watery deterrent and did not think it was beneficial to venture out of his stronghold to help others.Many would die in the effort, and his kingdom’s defenses would be weakened.“Fetch General Chad,” ordered the king to one of his hidden guard.He knew that he needed the advice of his faithful leader of his massive army.As the guard left, he continued to ponder the options before him.After a few moments, a stout dwarf entered the throne room with a gruff look on his face.He had long red hair along with an even longer red beard.As he approached the king, he bowed to one knee and waited for the command to rise.“You may stand, my old friend,” ordered the king warmly.“What may I do for you, my lord?” asked General Chad.He did not like to waste time and knew that the king admired him for his direct approach.What he did not understand was why the king needed to counsel with him when he was busy shoring up the defenses against a possible attack.“I find myself in a difficult situation, my good friend.I have learned that King Jarvis is under attack and that the battle for Nairi is growing in intensity.I have made a pack with Queen Daria’s general to send aid to them when the need arose; however, I do not want to weaken our defenses by sending valuable troops to their deaths in a cause that is not ours.”“I can understand your hesitation with regards to the people of Nairi, but what about dwarves at Mount Carrick? Shouldn’t we at least dispatch some help for our brethren?”“I sympathize with your sentiment about the plight of King Jarvis, but that is exactly where my dilemma lies.If we send a detachment down there, we will be left vulnerable.What if the high elves succeed in taking Nairi? What would stop them from attacking us next? I cannot afford to lessen our ranks needlessly when there is a very real threat to our island kingdom.”“My lord!” interjected a voice directly behind where the general was standing.“What is it?” bellowed King Edric.He did not like to be interrupted, especially with the subject matter they were discussing.“I apologize for the interruption, my lord, but I have news from several of the scouts,” replied the messenger bashfully [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]