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.We have to get going.”There is no response.I yell louder.“Andrew! Get up! We’ve got to go.”There is no movement.Something is not right.I push the door open and yell again, “Andrew!”I step into his room slowly.Something is odd about the way he is sleeping.I walk over to push him awake.As I reach toward him, I look over his shoulder and see Megan staring back at me.I fly backward, startled, and fall against the entertainment center.“I’m sorry.I yelled, but no one responded.I thought you were asleep,” I say.There is no response.I look at her again and feel a fright come over me as I study her eyes.Although her eyes are open, she’s not looking at anything.She’s dead!I walk around to her side and touch her neck slowly, gently.Every horror movie I’ve ever seen fills my mind.Is she going to whip her head around and attack me? But she doesn’t move.I try to find a pulse, but I can’t feel anything.Her neck is cold.I pull the covers back and grab her right arm.She is naked, or at least half naked.I quickly cover her back up, leaving her arm exposed.I can’t find a pulse on her wrist either.I look at her head to see if there is any trauma, but I don’t see any blood.She didn’t die in her sleep, though, or her eyes wouldn’t be open.She was awake when she died.My fixation with her is broken when I suddenly think of Andrew.I look at him.“No, no, no!” I yell.I rush over to his side and push him hard.“Wake up, Andrew.Get up, Andrew!” He doesn’t move, though.Like Megan, he has no pulse.I immediately start CPR, but I know it is of no use.His lips are purple and his body is cold.I pound my fist on his chest and cry out.Exhausted, I stumble backward and sit down on his briefcase on the chair.I grab the briefcase out from underneath me.It is open.I notice that some of his folders are lying on the chair and some are strewn on the floor.I stick some of the papers into a folder, close the folders, and put them in his briefcase.I realize his laptop isn’t in the case.I scan the room but don’t see it.It hits me.Someone else was in this room last night.Somebody other than Andrew and Megan.As crazy and wild as Andrew thought he was, he never would have scattered his folders around the room or misplaced his laptop.My heart begins to race.I am frightened and unsure of what to do.I put my hands on my head, and for a brief second, I think of the Jewish man who talked to me after my lecture.Out of the corner of my eye, I see something slowly moving.I swallow hard and very slowly turn my head toward the bed.The sheets over Andrew are moving.I see his upper body sit up, almost in a stiff, robot-like fashion.His head turns slowly toward me.He looks at me with cold, dead eyes and says, “You will make the right decisions at the right times.Of that, I also have no doubt.”I fall backward in the chair and hit my shoulders and head against the floor.I feel a sharp pain shoot down my arm, but I jump up, ready to run.I look back at the bed, wondering how I’m going to get past Andrew, who I know from so many horror movies will be blocking my exit.He isn’t though.His body is still next to Megan’s.Nothing is disturbed.His arm is exactly where I left it.Have I imagined all this, or did Lucifer or one of his demons speak through him?I have many questions but only one answer.I have to get out of that room and back to Austin.I decide right then to take a commercial flight back to Austin.I need to stay away from Kinsley, Bruce, Bishop, and the rest of the Principal.Of course, they had something to do with Andrew and Megan’s death.I sprint out of the room and slam into somebody.I recoil and start to run.“Whoa, hold on there, Dr.Fields,” I hear a familiar voice say.I gather myself and realize I’ve run into and bounced off of Bruce.He and Bishop are standing in the living room.I hadn’t heard them come in.Strange that they entered without knocking.“How did you get in? Why are you here?” I blurt out.“Relax.Slow down.What’s gotten into you?” Bruce asks.“I’m not accustomed to people sneaking into my room,” I say.“We apologize for that.We knocked, but no one answered.The door was unlocked.When we didn’t hear anyone, we came inside.We called for you, but you must not have heard us.”“I must not have,” I reply.“It’s getting late.I wanted to make sure you were ready to go, and I wondered if you needed any assistance,” Bruce says.“I’m sorry, Bruce,” I respond.“We have a problem.We have a major problem! Andrew and the woman he was with last night are dead in that room!”Bruce darts into the room, but Bishop slowly follows him and glances around the living room, surveying the scene, taking in all the details.I should have gone back into the room with Bruce and Bishop, but I can’t force myself to go in there again.After several minutes, they both come out, first Bruce, then Bishop.Bruce is out the door before I can say anything.He doesn’t even glance at me as he storms out of the suite, shutting the door quickly behind him.Bishop, though, acts the opposite of Bruce.His mannerisms are the essence of coolness.He slowly walks out of Andrew’s room, takes a few steps into the living area, glances around, looks at me, and then sits down on a lounge chair.He is calm, collected, and almost businesslike.He seems to be in his element.“Would you like to sit down?” he asks.“Would I what? There are two dead people in the other room! And you want to sit down? Are we going to have tea and crumpets? What is wrong with you?” I respond.“Panicking is not going to help this situation.You need to stay calm and focused.We can get you out of this mess, but you’re going to have to settle down,” he says.“What? Get me out of this mess? Why is this my mess? I didn’t have anything to do with their deaths.And, yes, there are two dead people in the room next to us.So I think I have a right to be a little freaked out!” I yell.“I’m calling the police.”“You can do that, but I would advise against it.You need to think about how this is going to be interpreted, and you need to think about your career.Before you call the police, I think you need to calm down and think,” he calmly speaks.I hate him, but I sit down.“Look around, Dr.Fields.Look around and see what the police will see.Two dead people in the room next to you.There appears to be some cocaine and other drugs scattered about.No doubt they will find that Andrew and the whore died of an overdose.Bruce and I will have to testify that we saw you run out of the room in a panic.Do you really think your story will hold up? At a minimum, your reputation will be sullied.By the way, what is your story?” he asks.“What do you mean ‘my story’? I was asleep last night.I don’t know what happened.That’s my story.The truth,” I tell him.“Her name, by the way, is Megan.Not whore.”“Megan was a whore.High class, yes.But a whore nonetheless.Speaking of whores, where is that lovely dish you came down with last night? Did you at least get her number? I’m sure she can explain all of this,” Bishop says.My head is spinning.Why can’t I remember what happened last night? Where is she? According to Bishop, I left the party with her.What happened after that? Did I have too much to drink? I don’t think so.I’m getting angry.“I didn’t have anything to do with this!” I say.Bishop, still calm and businesslike, looks me up and down [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]