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.I will tell you that I love you and you mean the world to me.Things with Beth are weird right now.I’m not gonna to get into it in a letter but maybe you’ll talk to me soon and I can explain.I hope that you talk to me soon.I’m gonna take off for a little bit and go visit my grandparents in Florida.I’m not sure if I’ll stay the whole break but maybe when I come home you’ll be ready to talk.I’ve never met anybody that makes me feel the things you do.You know I still get butterflies when you walk towards me.Crazy huh…but I do.I’m gonna give you some time to hate me.But I hope that doesn’t last…because I really need you to love me Riley.Love you BabyI stared at the letter in my hands as a tear escaped and dripped onto the paper.He left, and now I felt the emptiness set in.Chapter Forty-Two~One Week & Six Days Later~~Riley~“This new fashion statement you’re making, it’s hot Ry.It’s really making me consider investing in some sweat suits.” Kate flopped down on the couch next to me.“When was the last time you wore jeans…or maybe a skirt?”“Shut up Kate.”“No sorry…I’m not gonna do that.” She yanked the blanket away from me and backed away when I reached for it.“What do I have to do to force your stubborn ass to get up and take a shower, because I’m gonna be honest you look like a fuckin’ skank.You’re gonna get dressed and we’re gonna get the hell out of this apartment.”“I don’t want to go anywhere.I’m fine.”“No, you’re not fine…actually you are the opposite of fine.Have you called him? Have you made any attempt to talk to him?”“No.”She groaned in frustration, “Why not? Why are you torturing yourself? You miss him but you’re not doing anything about it.” She yanked on my arm and I stood from the couch.“What’s the point of avoiding him if it just makes you miserable?” I let my head fall onto her shoulder and I cried for the next few minutes.“Go get in the shower Ry and we’ll go downtown, get a Starbucks and take a walk.You need to decide what you want.”I took a deep breath and looked her in the eyes.“What if I want him…but what if it’s too late?”She smiled at me and brushed my hair away from my face.“Riley that boy loves you.I think he’s waiting on you.He’s only doing what you asked of him…he’s giving you time.”I looked up at her and had a feeling she was hiding something from me.“Have you talked to him?”She wrinkled her nose and turned toward the kitchen ignoring my question.“Kate, do you know something? Tell me.”She quickly took a drink of her tea and turned her back to me.“Damn it Kate, what’s going on?”Kate lowered her glass to the countertop and looked up.Her eyes met mine and I knew instantly that she had been hiding something.“Spill it Katelyn Rose…now.”“Geesh…okay, Zander has been in town for four days now.” My stomach hurt suddenly.He hadn’t tried to see me or talk to me.I stared at her as she continued.“He’s been staying at Carson’s.”“WHAT?” Why?”Kate walked to the breakfast bar and took a seat.I followed her and sat next to her.“Apparently the night of the festival Beth and him got into it or something.He refuses to stay there.He won’t talk about it though.”“I need to see him.”Kate never tried to stop me in fact she rode along with me.I pulled into the driveway of Carson’s house and quickly walked toward the house.Before I even reached the porch Carson was coming out.“Ry what are you doing here?”“Cut the shit Carson, Mrs.Blabber Mouth over here already told me he was staying here.I wanna talk to him.”Carson ran his hand through his hair.“He’s not here right now.”“Where is he then?” He stared at me without answering.“Damn it Carson…tell me where he is.”“Riley he doesn’t need to hear again how badly he screwed up.The guy has been beating himself up for days over it all.Just let him be.”“No.”I looked at the ground and took a deep breath before looking back at Carson.“I miss him Carson.I miss Zander more than I’ve ever missed anything in my life.I don’t want to wait any longer.I need to see him.I never should have walked away…please.I need to see him.”Carson shook his head and turned his back to me.After a moment he pulled out his phone and dialed it.I waited and listened quietly [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]