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.I braced myself by using the wall at my back.Bree could only laugh at me.The thing with me is that, when I get drunk, I get talkative--heavily talkative, and I have a hard time not saying whatever is on my mind.At times, it can be slightly embarrassing for those around me.“Dude, you okay? You’re staring.” Carson gripped my shoulder and laughed.“Isn’t she fucking hot as hell, man? Look at her; how did I get so lucky? She should have walked away from my ass, but I got her.” My head fell to the side and I looked at Carson.“I’m gonna marry that girl.”“I know, Max.Bree is a great girl,” he replied.“I fucking love her.She is the perfect match for me.And the sex, holy fuck, dude.The sex is amazing.” My vision was blurring and he tried to hide his laughter, but I heard him chuckling.“What are you two whispering about?” Bree asked, as she stepped in front of me.I grinned, or at least I think I was grinning.“You got him?” Carson asked as he stepped past her.She nodded her head and he walked back to his wife.I gripped Bree’s waist and pulled her body flush against mine.She squealed just before I crashed my lips to hers.I wasted no time, trailing my tongue along her lips.The moment her tongue brushed mine, my cock twitched in excitement.I slid my hands around her and grabbed her perfect ass in my palms, pulling her in tighter.I was growing hard between our bodies, and I pressed myself further against her.She moaned, and I bit her lower lip.“Let’s sneak off somewhere and get nasty.I wanna crawl up inside you.” I might have forgotten to mention that drinking also makes me horny as fuck.“Max, we can’t.”“Yes, we can; I wanna fuck you.I need to fuck you.” I was pleading and sounding like a pussy, but I didn’t give a shit.I wanted her so badly.“Let’s go to the bathroom, the small one in the back.”“Max.” She tugged her hand as I pulled her toward the back.“We can’t, someone will walk in.”“We’ll lock the door,” I said, as we reached the back corner.The tiny bathroom was empty and I pushed her inside.I locked the door and pushed her up against the sink.I didn’t give her a chance to argue before I attacked her once again.I worked on unbuttoning her jeans while kissing her breathless.I wiggled them from side to side, working them down her hips and legs.Her jeans and panties pooled around her ankles.Slipping my hand between her thighs, I found that she was wet and slick.Separating her with my fingers, I slid one inside and began stroking her while rubbing her clit with my thumb.It took only a few seconds for her to start rocking her hips against my hand.“You want me to fuck you, baby?”“Yes, please,” she replied.The erection was pressing heavily against my zipper.I slid my finger from inside of her and she whimpered.Spinning her around to face the mirror, I began unbuttoning my jeans.Lowering my zipper, I let my jeans fall down my thighs.Holding my cock in my hand, I nudged her from behind.Bree leaned forward, arching her ass up, and at that moment I almost lost it.She was so damn sexy.Gliding my cock through her wetness, I slipped into her with ease.She pushed back against me as I pushed forward, and we both groaned simultaneously.I grabbed a hold of her hips and began slamming into her.“Look in the mirror; watch what I do to you.Watch me fuck you, baby.” Her eyes locked on mine and her mouth parted slightly.Our bodies slapping together was a sexy fucking sound.I thrust into her over and over as her insides began to tighten around me.“Open your eyes, Angel; don’t look away.”There was a knock on the door, but I continued to pound into her.She was to fucking close and I wasn’t far behind.There was another knock, this time a little longer.“Go the fuck away,” I growled, keeping my eyes locked on hers.Bree’s pussy clenched and I felt the first spurt of come shooting.Her insides twitched and milked me as I slammed inside of her, holding her against me tightly.We both moaned loudly, and I yelled out her name.“Holy fuck, Bree.” I squeezed her hips, slowly pumping as I gave her every last drop [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]