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.Looking at the eight-story brick building that housed her office as well as her father’s real estate offices, I took a moment to appreciate how far I’d come.The last time I’d walked through that town, I would have been too intimidated to even walk into that building.Now I could not only buy it, but the whole damn block.I walked into the modern lobby, smiling at the receptionist as I sauntered past.I didn’t have to ask which office was hers.I knew.I heard the sound of raised voices before I tapped on the door.Hers and… Even before she said his name, I sensed it was him.Things were about to get interesting because my days of being her dirty little secret were over.When I opened the door, she looked up from behind her desk.Stunned.That was the only word I could think of to describe her face.I’d blown her mind by reappearing in her life.She’d thought I would be satisfied with a one-night stand.She’d thought wrong.“Hello, beautiful.” I smiled at her, ignoring the man perched on the edge of her desk.I took the velvet box out of the pocket of the overcoat slung over my arm.“You forgot this.”Maura gaped at the box she’d left in the hotel.Her eyes darted to her fiancé before settling on me.“Uh, thank you.” She shoved the box into her desk drawer before her fiancé could reach for it.“But you didn’t have to come all this way to drop it off.” She laughed lightly.“You could have couriered it to me.”“I could have,” I said, raising an eyebrow.“But I wanted to see you again.” I shrugged when she glared at me.“I had some business in town, and I thought we could discuss my proposition while I was here.”“I don’t believe we’ve met,” Jeff said, standing as he offered his hand.“You’re Blaise Walsh, aren’t you?”I looked at his hand, not trusting myself to take it.I had no idea the last time he’d used that hand to pleasure to Maura, but I knew breaking every one of his fingers was one way to ensure he was out of commission for a long while.Maura laughed lightly to ease the tension.“You’ll have to forgive Blaise, honey.He’s a bit of a germaphobe.He doesn’t shake hands.I learned that the hard way.”She was lying, of course.I looked past him and met her eyes, wondering if she’d lied to her fiancé about anything else—like what she did while she was in New York.“Oh,” he said, looking embarrassed as he slid his hand into the pocket of his tailored slacks.“Well, I can understand that.”I hated him even more intensely than I thought I would.He was a pussy, used to cow-towing to anyone with money and power.He probably had his head so far up Mr.Lancaster’s ass, he hadn’t seen daylight in three years.“If you don’t mind, I came to talk to Maura.Would you excuse us?”“Oh, well, uh…” He looked at his fiancée, confusion evident on his face.“We were kind of in the middle of something.”“Would you mind if we finish this discussion later, Jeff?” she asked, smiling sweetly.“Maybe over dinner?”“Actually,” I said before he had a chance to respond, “you did such a great job on the anniversary party, I was hoping you could plan another event for us next month.”Jeff chuckled, slapping me on the back.I scowled as my eyes settled on his arm.He slowly removed his hand, raking it through his cropped dark hair.“I’m sure Maura would love to help you out with that, buddy, but she’ll be too busy planning our wedding to take on any new projects.”Our wedding.Those two little words slammed into me with the force of a wrecking ball, but I couldn’t lose it.Not here.Not now.“I’m not your buddy,” I said, fixing him with a penetrating stare.“And I don’t believe I asked you.I asked Maura.” I knew he could sense my hostility and was probably questioning what he’d done to piss me off.The fact that he was still breathing was reason enough.“I’ll have to check my schedule and get back to you on that, Blaise,” Maura said.“Um, honey,” Jeff said, giving her pointed look, “weren’t we just discussing this? I thought we agreed you would focus all your attention on the wedding now that we’ve finally set a date?”“When is the big day?” I asked, clenching my jaw as my eyes traveled to the ring on her left hand.I’d noticed it when I was making love to her.The frustration that swept through me at the sight of it was just as overpowering now as it had been then, maybe moreso since I’d met the shithead she planned to marry.Maura swallowed.The look on her face as her eyes dropped told me she was seriously considering whether crawling under her desk was a viable means of escape.“Um, New Year’s Eve.”“How nice,” I said, my mouth tilting up on one side.That meant I had months to change her mind.“Congratulations.”Seeming surprised by my reaction, she sat up straighter.“Thank you.”“Well, I guess I should be getting back to work,” Jeff said.“What time will you be home?”Home? I hadn’t considered the possibility that they shared a home or a bed every night.I curled my hand into a fist.“She’ll be home late.Don’t wait up.”Maura glared at me when Jeff wasn’t looking.“Blaise is right, sweetheart.It’s probably going to be a late night.” She walked around the desk to give him a chaste kiss on the cheek before walking him to the door.“I’ll call you later, okay?”“Okay, but don’t forget we have that appointment at the country club in the morning.We really can’t waste any time booking a venue.Your father pulled some strings there to get us—”“I know,” she said, patting his chest.“Don’t worry, I won’t forget [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]