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.Jesus, the guy looked like a nutcracker.“Your deliveries are very timely.Mr.Sachetti will be pleased.” Now he looked from Tank to Tiny, eyes twinkling.“You really didn’t look at the shipment?”Tiny shook his head.“Nah, none of my business.”Now the guy turned back to the deck crew.“Reno! Crack one of those open, show our friends what they brought us.”Tank had the urge to punch the guy in the face.What the fuck was he doing? Inviting the whole dock to take a look at their illegal cargo?The Mexican deck hand was already prying the side open with a crowbar, removing a board and holding up … something purple and fluffy.“What the fuck?” Tank muttered as Tiny shot him a look of panic.Like somehow their load had gotten switched and now they were in deep shit.But Anthony Guidinger was still laughing, now at the expression on their faces.“Gentlemen, in this instance RPG stands for royal purple gorilla.One of Mr.Sachetti’s mistresses designed these fucking toys, and they were all made in a factory in Mexico before it collapsed and killed a bunch of kids that were working there.” He rolled his hand over and over, an indifferent yadda yadda motion.“Anyway, no one’s buying anything from that region and they’re losing cash on this stupid shit.” He looked over his shoulder where Reno was stuffing the ugly stuffed toy back into the crate.“China’s going nuts for them.I can’t believe we’re selling shitty toys to the Chinese.” The back of his hand slapped Tiny’s stomach like they were buddies sharing a laugh.Tiny, for his part, still looked like he couldn’t catch up with what was happening.Tank was following, though, and he was livid.“You hired us to transport fucking toys?” he growled, taking a dangerous step close to this Guidinger clown.Instantly there were safety clicks around him as the Sachetti security detail circled him.Tank likely had five guns pointed at his head, but his eyes were on Guidinger and his smart-ass grin.Yeah, he may have been grinning, but his tone dropped cold and low.“You think we’re going to give military-grade weapons to an untested group of bikers right out of the gate? Give your heads a fucking shake.” Keeping his eyes locked on Tank he reached into his sportcoat and withdrew a fat envelope.“Still getting your bankroll, don’t worry about it.Mr.Sachetti pointed out that he’s still a million bucks richer thanks to the generosity of the club.” The envelope smacked Tank in the gut but he refused to so much as grunt.“You can count it if you want.”He wanted to, just to waste this asshole’s time, but he wanted out of there more.“Nah,” he relented with a grin, taking the cash.“I trust you implicitly.Unless this turns out to be Monopoly money.”Guidinger set off with that boisterous laughter, which Tank realized was likely as fake as a three-dollar coin.Then he turned on one loafered heel and strode away from them.His armed men followed, not so much as looking back.“What the hell?” Tiny muttered, scrubbing a hand down his chin.Tank looked down at the wad in his hand, shrugging.“I guess we passed the test.”Chapter Twelve“The graft took amazingly well,” Doctor Webber was prattling on, removing the gauze wrapped around Rose’s forearm, her smile warm and genuine.“You’re happy with it, right?”Rose eyed up her new skin as it was revealed, swallowing involuntarily and fighting the tears that welled up.With all the movie-star-worship talk the doc had given to this expert, Rose couldn’t see what there was to be excited about.The edges were rough, almost puckered.All she could be happy for was the fact it was the right color.Just, those scars …But Tracey Webber was grinning, clearly pleased, so Rose smiled back.“It’s amazing,” she assured the woman, nodding.“I was scared I’d have gaping craters all over me.” That was true.Sure, this skin sunk in slightly, but she could hope that it would plump up once it had time to adapt.No one had told her otherwise.“It’s healing nicely.And I’m so glad you didn’t have any severe nerve damage.I know it’s hard to believe, but really Rose, this could have been so much worse.” Doctor Webber cupped her hand on Rose’s shoulder.“You’re going to be fine.”Rose smiled her thanks, then the doctor left.Every morning they opened up her bandages for a while to let the scars breathe, heal.That meant she was sitting there, bare to the world from the waist up, just a paper curtain hiding her from prying eyes.Rose focused her eyes upward, head back.That was ideal since the tears couldn’t roll down her face that way.She could hide it better in this position.She was done.Unemployable now.She had no formal education, no savings.What the hell was she going to do to live? And what was her mother going to do? Without the extra money from Rose, she could never afford that home.And it really was the best place for her.It would kill Rose to move her mother to a lesser institution.The panic of all this was a crushing weight on her chest.It was squeezing her heart, making it hard to breathe—“Oh, shit, sorry.”She jolted upright, stitches tearing painfully on her breast, yanking the hospital blanket up to her chin, sputtering out a clumsy “What the hell are you doing here?”The embarrassment was ridiculous.Tank had seen her in absolutely nothing, seeing her now shouldn’t matter one bit.He was even chuckling a bit, the asshole.He moved between the curtains and pulled them tight behind him, coming forward and putting flowers on her side table.Rose softened immediately.They weren’t big ridiculous roses.They were cheerful daisies and Gerberas of all colors, wrapped in cellophane.Beautiful and happy, exactly what she liked [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]