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.I grabbed the first aid kit and ran downstairs to see him sitting at the island.‘Ok?’ he frowned.‘Yes, sorry.’‘So,’ he flicked his head to the corner of the house behind me and I looked around and screamed, all my woes temporarily forgotten.I ran over to the tree, it had to be seven foot tall and it was so full and bushy, I ran my fingers over the pine needles, breathing in the fresh pungent scent and felt my face light up.‘I love it,’ I exclaimed and just prayed I’d just said “it” and not “you”.I turned around to look at him and my stomach flipped over so many times that I nearly had to sit down.‘Thank you so much.’‘So do I deserve an Ellie special?’ he smiled.‘A what?’ I gasped.‘Your cooking.’‘O right,’ I smiled, slightly disappointed.‘You sure do.’ I walked over and kissed his cheek.‘Thank you.It’s an amazing tree.’‘You’re welcome.It’s nice to see those dimples,’ he smiled.I set about making him a cheese, ham and mushroom omelette with sauté new potatoes and bread and butter, and made him a coffee and left him to eat as I started pulling the decorations out.This would take my mind off my completely inappropriate feelings.‘Have you got a ladder?’ I asked.‘No, but you’ve got me.’‘I wish,’ I muttered under my breath.‘What?’‘Nice dish?’ I called, cringing.‘Hmmm very tasty, but as I say you don’t need ladder.’‘You’d better come and help then when you’ve finished.’We spent over an hour putting up all the lights and I had to sit on his shoulders to put the star on top of the tree and wobbled and screamed a few times, as I refused to hold his injured hand.He was making it so much harder for me by being all relaxed, happy and jovial.I’d been praying for this Dan since I’d met him, and ironically right now I could do with him being distant Dan.When he finally set me down and I turned off the main lights, my smile returned.It had already gone dark and the tree looked stunning against the black backdrop with the roaring fire and the soft twinkling fairy lights around the support struts, and the fibre optic tree in the kitchen just made it magical.‘Wow,’ he nodded.‘You’ve made the place come to life.’‘You’re not just saying that? You really like it?’‘I do,’ he nodded.‘This calls for mulled wine? You want some?’‘Sure, I’ll have a glass.’‘Go and sit down and I’ll sort your hand while the wine warms up.’I tried not to let my hands shake as I held his and removed the ratty old bandage and cleaned his knuckles again gently.They’d scabbed over which was good, but he was still really swollen.I applied a fresh bandage and went and got a load of frozen peas, emptied them into a food bag and made him sit with them on top of his hand.I filled some mugs, handed him his and went to sit in the armchair close to the fire and saw him frown.‘You’re not sitting by me now?’‘I’m cold.’‘I thought that was my title.’‘Not today, you’ve been really nice to be around.’‘I’ve had a really nice day.’‘Me, too,’ I blushed.‘Have I outstayed my welcome?’‘No,’ I responded quickly.While he was like this I wanted as much time with him as possible, even though it hurt like hell.‘You haven’t written today.’‘No, I’ll have to do some in the week, but I do need to do some work tomorrow.’‘Work?’‘Resumes for my replacement to give my opinion before John interviews.’‘Right.’‘You know we never got to go through the list?’‘What list?’‘Of things you need to sort to keep the renters happy,’ I pointed to the printed list still sitting on the coffee table from last night, which he picked up.‘Flat screen television?’‘Most people like TV, kids especially.’‘Why do you need a TV? There’s an amazing view out there.’‘Not when it’s dark, genius,’ I pointed to glass and he shook his head.‘Welcome folder.What’s a welcome folder?’‘Like you’d get in a hotel.Giving emergency numbers for a start.I don’t even know the name of the village we’re a ten minute drive from.You should list all of the emergency services and any good eateries down and a list of all the attractions around here that visitors could get to.’‘Like what?’‘I don’t know, I’ve left this island once in two weeks.Is there skiing, horse riding, good hill or mountain walks, sailing on the loch, fishing, shooting? You’re the local.’‘Ok, that seems reasonable,’ he nodded.I tucked my hair behind my ear as I watched him reading [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]