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.They turn black when their blades are used to kill.”My eyes narrowed as I stared up at the darker blade.Sure, it wasn’t white, but it didn’t really look black.I pushed the thought from my mind.I was a person who called a tomato a ‘tom-ah-to’ in the land of the ‘tom-ay-to.’My bow took its place next to Cupid’s and I set the quiver down under it.We left the armory and I made to return to the gym, bracing myself for Michael’s relentless onslaught, but Cupid stopped me.“He’s in Rome meeting with Gabriel.”I couldn’t help but feel some joy at the prospect of not attempting to kill myself on the treadmill.“In that case, I think I’m going to go shopping,” I told Cupid.“Want to come?”Cupid shook his head.“I’m on the front desk this afternoon.Thanks though.”We parted ways and I returned to my room to shower and change.It was a nice feeling to be able to look through my wardrobe and have a choice in outfits.I pulled on a long length white tank top over the top of a short denim skirt.I’d had every intention of walking into the French Quarter.Instead, as I walked past the front desk, something told me it would be a good idea to drive.I collected the keys and drove out of the convent.Somehow, the driving took me out of the city and into the residential area of Jefferson.I didn’t really know where I was going, so I was surprised when I pulled up behind an out of place, brand new Dodge Charger, in an area which had been restored to its pre-Katrina glory.I’d reached my destination – that much I did know – but I didn’t know where I was, or why I was there.That was until I examined the house the Charger was parked in front of.The roof, unlike the other houses around it, was covered in bright blue tarpaulin, midway through a repair, with large sheets of new plywood covering the lower half.Climbing up a ladder, wearing only a pair of jeans and well-worn Caterpillar boots was Joshua – a long plank of wood resting on his shoulders.I killed the engine and stared up at him, unable to look away from his lean muscles and lightly tanned skin, which was gleaming in the sunlight that filtered through the surrounding trees.I’ll put my hand up and admit I was close to drooling as I watched him hammer the wood in place.However, much to my embarrassment, he looked up, held his hand over his eyes to block out the glare of the sun, and caught me staring.Again.While he hooked his hammer through his belt loop and climbed down from the roof, I got out of the car and sheepishly made my way over to meet him at the bottom of the ladder.“Hi,” I offered, giving him a weak finger wave as he stepped to the ground.“Are you stalking me?” he asked me, warily.“I wouldn’t call it stalking,” I frowned, although it probably wasn’t far from being.“You just happen to know where I am on my day off?” he asked, reaching for a rag that lay over his tool box.He used the rag to wipe his forehead and I quickly had to shake my head to stop from staring again.“I didn’t set out to find you intentionally.I actually set out to go shopping.”“Shopping?” he repeated, arching that eyebrow of his.“I think you need to replace your GPS because there isn’t a store near here.”“I don’t know what led me here, but something did,” I frowned, regretting it as I said it.Joshua rolled his eyes at me.“Is this where you tell me you turned up to save me from falling to my death from the roof?”I glanced up at the roof of the one storey building then down to the grass below us, before my attention returned to Joshua.This time it was my turn to arch the eyebrow.“Somehow, I don’t think the fall will kill you – your thick head would save you.”“So you’ve come here to insult me then?”“No!” I objected.“I told you – I don’t’ know why I’m here.Something just led me here.”“You do realize I think that, and all the angel stuff you keep spouting is a complete and utter load of bull-”“Joshua!” A stern voice interrupted us.We both turned to face the owner of the voice, though, while my expression was curious, Joshua’s was sheepish.“Sorry, ma’am,” he muttered.“It’s not me you should be apologizing to,” the woman reprimanded him.She was tiny – I bet she hardly hit five feet – but she still had Joshua shifting awkwardly on the spot.My aunt, Sarah, was in her mid-fifties, but the chestnut hair dye, the bob cut and her makeup meant she could usually pass for someone in her forties.This woman, on the other hand, had hair like the clouds after a light rainfall and her bright blue eyes were almost hidden beneath a sea of wrinkles.If I had to guess, I would have said she was in her seventies at least.Although he didn’t look impressed, Joshua turned back to me.“I’m sorry if I was being rude,” he muttered.Somehow, with his hands jammed in his pockets, he seemed more like a fourteen year old.“That’s better,” the woman nodded.“Now, what about the rest of your manners?”“Maggie, this is Angel.Angel, this is Maggie – an old family friend.”“Enough of the old,” Maggie chided, good naturedly.“Nice to meet you,” I smiled, offering my hand.Instead of shaking it, she used it to pull me into a hug.“It’s lovely to meet you, dear.It’s about time I met Joshua’s girlfriend.”“I’m not his girlfriend,” I quickly corrected her, as Joshua began choking.“Of course not dear,” Maggie agreed, although she patted my arm as though she didn’t really believe me.“No, really, she’s not,” Joshua chimed in.“I keep telling you, I don’t have a girlfriend.”“Of course not, dear,” Maggie told him, mimicking her actions with me on him.“Now, are you here to help?” she asked, addressing me.“Um, sure?” I replied, wondering as I did what I was getting myself into.“Wonderful,” Maggie beamed.“I’ll go find you one of Joshua’s shirts, and then you won’t get paint all over that lovely white top.”She was already heading back into the house as I turned to Joshua.“What have I just agreed to?” I asked him, dubiously.“Manual labor, darlin’,” he drawled, leaning back against the ladder.That smirk of his was back.“You think you can handle that?”I’d had no intention of leaving anyway, but as soon as those eyes challenged me – I definitely wasn’t going anywhere.I pulled my hair back into a high ponytail and crossed my arms over my chest.“Where do you want me?”The smirk was back.Again.Before he could comment, however, so was Maggie, handing over a blue plaid-shirt.“Here, dear [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]