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.Not just commandos, but naked ones who have huge-ass cocks.Can my life possibly get any worse?” Cyra ranted.Cage smiled.The curve of her back was sweet.The water was hot and she had turned a brighter pink at her ass and thighs.Human skin was an oddity.It appeared she had no control over when she would change color.As she turned, Cage squatted down to appear less threatening.When Cyra saw him her face reddened.“Do you mind?” she snapped.Her arm crossed over her rounded breasts.Her hair was dry and curled in waves to caress her ass.She was angry.Cage sensed no fear of him.“When you were searching my home, a thought flickered in your mind, a small fear really.I caught a glimpse and it was gone.I want to see it.”Cyra scowled at him.“You won’t be happy until you scare me to death.”“That is the last thing from my thoughts.You know I’m under the beasts I turn into.In exchange, you can wander free, outside.I swear no harm will come to you.”She pondered his suggestion; Cage could see her thoughts flicker.She was trying to remember what she had seen that would be so interesting to him.Nothing came to mind.Cage held up her wrap and Cyra walked to him while awkwardly sticking each foot into the holes of the washed panty.It looked uncomfortable to Cage and she slipped a few times.Why anyone would wear something so cumbersome is beyond me.Cage followed her to his room.His bed was higher than the few lighter furs he had given her placed near his bed.She didn’t like to sleep close to him and yet the heavy furs of his bed would suffocate her.He settled having her within arm’s reach.The idea was annoying; he’d be dealing with two females who didn’t like him soon.Can I get any closer to being loved less?“The being you thought of came to mind when you were standing over here.” Cage went to stand in front of a small dark corner where a hole went into the rock face.Cyra shuddered and her face paled.The thought crashed into his mind.The black building blocks were a whirlwind.The outer image formed in seconds with the inky black filling the spaces.Cage’s inner thoughts honed in as the animal turned to give him a glimpse of each side in seconds.Cage was too eager.Spider.The word was a whisper in his thoughts, or perhaps Cyra had muttered aloud.The small hideous beast was too perfect and soon Cage supersized the creature.He realized too late he had promised not to scare her to death.Cyra screamed.Then peed.Cage changed back too late.Damn.Chapter 6Cyra wandered the area of the tribe’s perimeter.She had been a captive for two days.She wore her panties and the skin towel she had dried.Cage was slowly coaxing more images from her and turning her worst nightmares into deranged beasts far scarier.Cyra could feel him manipulate her mind at those times of distress.When finished he would smile at her and claim she had done well and he was proud of her.Proud?For an odd reason, she believed he was proud.She was gifted with clean furs and a warm place to sleep—not on his bed, but close enough he could reach over and touch her.She was given plenty of food; to her surprise she wolfed down a steak the night previous with what resembled a baked potato.Little green asparagus adorned a bone plate with something close to a sweet fruity dessert afterwards.Cage went out of his way to assure her he wouldn’t harm her.He reminded Cyra of herself when it came to cotton candy ice cream.He devoured her images, hungry for the pictures.Once he changed into a fierce creature, he would practice different creations from the form.The first few times she wet herself until he learned to expand on his ideas outside of her line of vision.At least he tried most of the time; there were times he was too eager.Cyra didn’t think he was being thoughtful when he left the room to practice.She guessed if he scared her to death it wouldn’t be beneficial—he was after something, or someone.Cyra had her own agenda, ideas of escape.Her hopes had been renewed.During her incarceration, she learned of strange garbage being found in a remote area.A few of the warriors brought back small items to Cage.Cyra’s excitement grew when she spied the precious equipment.When asked and shown the objects, Cyra played dumb, she told Cage she had no idea what the odd items were.Her hopes grew.If it was one of Earth’s dumps she might be able to get her hands on computer equipment, especially if it originated from the destroyed satellite.If she could make contact, the government would come for her.This ET might be able to phone home after all.Cyra’s steps were slow as she moved about; her ankle throbbed but staying inside day and night was boring.Cage hounded her, asking her countless questions about her planet and her life.He was attached at the hip and it made her nervous.He was surprised there were as many males as females on Earth.The concept was confusing to him and it was apparent he thought her lying.Everyone being allowed to breed and give birth was too different [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]