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.Directly in front of us, a cloud of sand formed.Sand sprayed out in all directions as a massive light-colored something spewed out.The thing towered over us.It was several feet wide with dangling claws all over its side.The creature leaned down and still we had to look straight up to see it.The creature had two large black eyes and a set of pincers that could easier be bigger than us.Jerak shouted, “Oh, man!”Chapter 11“I thought sandpedes didn’t get this big!” I yelled.This thing was a monster! Clagmir took out his sword which lit on fire.I would have been surprised by that if there wasn’t a giant sandpede looking down at us.It didn’t take long before it decided we would make a tasty snack.The three of us scattered just in time to avoid the massive creature as it dove head first toward the sand.Clagmir jumped to his feet and charged the creature as the rest of the body quickly followed its head.He made a few swipes before the giant sandpedes went back into the sand.“I think we should rush into the temple…” Clagmir advised.We instantly agreed and charged toward the stone temple.Before long the ground started to rumble again.“Scatter!” Clagmir shouted.The sandpede shoot out from the ground in an explosion of sand.I fell back from the force and saw nothing but dust.When I was able to see, I pulled out my swords and jumped to my feet.The sandpede looked at its three separated prey.It picked Jerak.The creature leaned in and grabbed Jerak’s leg.Clagmir and I both charged in and slashed at the creature’s towering body.I stuck both my short swords into the soft body.Grey blood shot out of it when my swords sunk in.It wasn’t enough to do any real damage, but between my two blades and Clagmir’s fire sword the giant sandpede certainly felt our attack.It made a screeching sound and quickly retreated into the sand.Jerak was on the ground stunned.“That was crazy!” Jerak shouted as he took advantage of his freedom and moved away.None too soon, the chaos stopped and it was quiet.“I don’t think it is gone,” Clagmir said quietly.The temple was still a fair distance away.There was no telling when that thing would pop up next.Jerak looked around, “So what do we do?”Clagmir stared back at his horse which was swift and smart enough stay clear of the soft sands, “We can try to walk quietly and softly and hope it doesn’t take no…” The ground started to rumble again.The three of us split up and took off running toward the temple.The giant sandpede shot out of the ground and hit Clagmir straight on.Clagmir flew into the air and spun back down to the ground.The creature stopped and turned its head toward Clagmir.Jerak and I both charged the beast.The sandpede moved down and clamped onto Clagmir.I gritted my teeth and dashed toward the monster’s head.One of my blades pierced one of its eyes.The eyes seemed to be harder than the main body but it really felt that wound.In a fit of rage, the sandpede swung its giant pincers at me.It felt like a tree trunk-sized baseball bat using me as a ball.The wind was knocked out of me when I landed face down on the sand.I coughed out something I hoped wasn’t blood and wished my helmet hadn’t been on when I coughed.My head was spinning and it took me a moment to register what happened.Shortly after my brain caught up, I turned my body just to see up close on how ugly the giant sandpede was!Its pincers held me tightly as it lifted me up high into the air.I could see a large row of sharp teeth behind the pincers.I tried moving around but the creature was obviously stronger than me.I had a free hand but my weapons were down in the sand.The only positive thing was that the creature couldn’t crush me in my armor.“Blake!” Jerak shouted.I could hear his voice but wasn’t in a position to see him.The creature reared back causing me to hang upside down.Jerak attacked the sandpede and caught its attention.“Hey, ugly! You don’t like that, do you!?” Jerak taunted.The giant sandpede held onto me but was annoyed with Jerak.To my surprise, the creature swung its head toward Jerak with me still in its grasp.Jerak shouted something as he got hit.The giant sandpede opened its pincers slightly so it could rotate me and try again to break me apart for a meal.This time it was the right angle and I could really feel the pressure.Not good!I took several breaths and felt frustrated because I couldn’t budge.I can’t die… I thought, we’ve gotten so far.We were almost there and I had finally fallen for someone.Talestria… the thought of her learning of my demise… Something came over me.My chest started to burn and soon my entire body filled with the burning.A current of energy flowed through me.I clenched my teeth and grabbed the inside of the pincers.I took one deep breath and let out a loud war cry as I managed to shove the pincers apart, just enough for my body to break free.My body hit the ground hard, but I only suffered a little pain.I could still feel the heat flowing out of me.In the distance I saw one of my short swords, partially buried in the sand.I dashed toward it, rolled to avoid a strike from the giant sandpede and grabbed my blade.I got up in time to see the giant sandpede ready itself for another strike.This time it was my turn!It charged headfirst toward me.I gritted my teeth and rushed the enormous body.Its massive head barely passed me as I moved closer to it.I held my blade with both hands and shoved it deep into the beast’s torso.Grey blood sprayed me.I took a deep breath and released another war cry.I turned my body and held the blade tightly as I kept cutting around its girth.The creature flailed loudly and tried to retreat but I stayed strong and tilted my blade upward just enough that its attempt to withdraw only aided my strike.Soon the body was nearly cut in two and the top half fell to the sand with a loud thud.I pulled out the blade and sprinted toward the head which was still moving.I jumped on top of it and stabbed between the eyes of the sandpede.After emitting a high-pitched squeal, the creature ceased moving.I removed my sword and stared at the dead sandpede.My body was still burning but I was exhausted and out of breath.I dropped my blade and fell to my knees.Soon I was feeling really faint.“Blake?” a voice called to me.I opened my eyes and saw Clagmir and Jerak looking down at me.“You have been out of it for an hour now.How are you feeling?” Clagmir asked.I smiled, “Is everything okay?”He stared at me, “What?”I took a few deep breaths, “Is everything alright?”Clagmir smiled, “We are fine.You surprised me young man [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]