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.I’m just too tired to keep it up for long.”“Shouldn’t be more than an hour.Just relax, and everything will be fine.”He took a ragged breath.Memories of the hospital haunted him, and he fought back the shudder trying to work its way down his spine.“If he finds me—”“He won’t,” Cameron insisted.Sai winced.Fear and grief warred inside him.He wanted to feel something besides the all-too-familiar sensations.He paced the small room, trying to calm and work off nervous energy.It was so much better not to feel and not to care.“I can’t do that again.It’ll drive me insane.”Cameron closed the space between them and pulled him close.“It’s okay.Take a deep breath, and we’ll be fine.Damon will help, and everything will be fine.”He took a cleansing breath and let it out slowly.“Ready?”Sai nodded.“Yes.”30Pink HeartsCAMERON WAS worried.Qusay had been withdrawn and quiet the entire trip up to the station, though he kept his nerves behind a blank mask.He had grown to hate that expression on Qusay’s face.He wanted his lover back, the sweet and gentle one.He wanted the young man with the seductive smile and quick wit returned to him.It seemed as though every time he saw Qusay, the more he drifted into becoming someone much harder and reserved.All the good and special things about him were being crushed and trampled away by his father.Cameron would be so glad when they were finally away from this planet.They made it through the second checkpoint and climbed into the lift that would take them to the cruise ship.Cameron leaned in close and pulled Qusay to him.The trip had drained the color from his cheeks, and the rest of the patrons were starting to look at them with more than a little curiosity.Cameron nibbled on Qusay’s ear and kept his voice low but not so low they wouldn’t be overheard.“I can’t wait to get you to the room and have my way with you.”Qusay smirked, some of the life returning to his face as he looked at Cameron.“Is that right? And which way would that be?”“Begging for more.”A fabulous glow spread across Qusay’s face, the one Cameron had been missing since they reunited.“On my knees?”The group on the other side of the lift shot them uneasy looks.Cameron looked at Qusay, and they both broke out into soft laughter.Cameron flashed the ring he was wearing and pulled Qusay closer.“Newlyweds.”A woman’s face brightened.“Congratulations.You two make a cute couple.”Qusay grinned at her.“Thank you.I think so too.”Cameron smiled down at him and kissed the top of his head.The door of the lift opened, releasing him from having to respond, and he led the way to their waiting room.Qusay stepped into the room just ahead of him.“Whoa,” he whispered.Cameron stepped in right after him and looked around the garish honeymoon suite.Red-and-white curtains hung on the far wall, and a fluffy shag area rug sat in the small sitting area.Heart-shaped chairs framed a small coffee table, and a vase of roses sat in the center.“Oh my god, there’s even hearts on the curtains,” Qusay said as Cameron shut the door behind them.“I must admit, I like a little flair, but this is too much even for me.”“Don’t complain, it was free.”“Yes, I can see why.”Cameron chuckled and planted a kiss on his cheek.“Let’s get you to bed.You’re exhausted.”Qusay paused in front of the bedroom door.“Okay, if the bed is in the shape of a heart, you might have to give me one of those nausea tabs.”Cameron reached for the door and pushed it open.The bed wasn’t heart shaped, it was round.Round with a giant pink heart emblazed on the middle of the comforter.Pink and red heart-shaped pillows lined the head of the bed, and even the white carpet had the carved impressions of hearts.More red-and-white curtains lined one wall in front of the viewport, and white heart-shaped end tables framed the bed.“Okay, I take that back.I think I would have preferred a heart-shaped bed,” Qusay said and sat down on the edge of the bed.The color in Qusay’s cheeks was draining away, and circles were forming under his eyes.Cameron was starting to worry about him.Hopefully some good sleep would bring some life back to Qusay’s face.They stripped down for the night and curled up in the soft bed together [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]