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.“Oh, to be young and in love!” Celeste cheers in her delicate body, but with a much stronger spirit.“I can almost hear wedding bells.”We all freeze and stare at Celeste, but Josh breaks the silence.“You probably need to fix your hearing aid, mom because there are no bells ringing.”“Son, please bite your tongue.My hearing is perfectly fine.Will everyone please stop looking at me as if I’m being delusional? So help me…I will announce the names I have picked out for my grandkids.”Everyone instantly looks away.Celeste grins triumphantly.Moments later, my mom asks, “Do you really want to be a grandmother that bad?”“As if you don’t.You’re ready to load babies into that honker bus you bought! You want them just as bad as I do, there’s no denying that.” Celeste slyly winks at my mom.My mom laughs guiltily.That traitor.Changing the subject seems best.I inform everyone I’ll be meeting with Diego later this week.Celeste surprises me by asking if she can attend the visit with me.I tell her I’ll have to double check with Michael first.My mom isn’t ready to meet with Diego just yet.She doesn’t speak ill of him, but she also doesn’t feel comfortable with the mention of his name.Once our moms leave after dinner and Muscles is put to bed, I decide to bring up the issues discussed earlier with Michael.Josh is in bed anxiously waiting for me to join him.With no hesitation, I wrap myself on top of him.“Babe, did you know that our lives are still in danger?” I try to sound nonchalant.“Your half-brother may be after me, you, and everyone else from that horrid night.” Just the thought of the madness, confusion, and gun battle from that evening brings a chill down my spine.“My what? Baby, please don’t refer to him as anything of mine.He’s Mateo Blanco’s son…that’s it.Just because we have the same sperm donor in common doesn’t make us family.I’ve been doing my research on him, he’s evil as shit.Fuck him and fuck Blanco.Anyone who tries to hurt my loved ones is an enemy.To me…there is no such thing as a blood bond.”I know, babe.I will never forget you tainting your hands with your father’s bloodshed…and feeling no remorse.“So did you know this nightmare still isn’t over?”“Yes.” He states simply.“Why didn’t you tell me? You know I don’t like being kept in the dark about these things.Is that why we rarely go out anymore? Are you doing it to protect me and keep me safe?” I need answers.Josh gives me a brief peck on the lips.“Of course not.We haven’t gone out because I’m cheap and you come at a hefty price.”I catch him off guard and punch him in the stomach.He drags out his groan dramatically.“You’re not funny.Tell me the truth.” I insist.“I don’t take you out because I’m cheating on you and don’t want my hoes to find out.” Josh replies sarcastically.I don’t bother to entertain his comment.“Babe, I’m being serious.Please tell me what’s going on.”Josh gives me a long sigh.“Knowing that your life is in danger has me stressed with a tremendous amount of pressure to keep you safe.When we’re home and I’m with you, I don’t want to consider any threats or negativity, I just want to enjoy you.Let your father and I handle this situation.We’ve been in contact.You’re being watched over, you’ll be safe.”“Are you communicating with my father through Michael? How’s that working out?”“Michael and I have moved on from our altercation.That’s a thing of the past.We have too much on our plates to worry about insignificant things.”“Glad to hear you’re not jealous anymore and acting like a crazed lunatic.” I tease.Josh tilts my chin upward to ensure we’re making eye contact.“I was never jealous of HIM.What enraged me was seeing another man touching you…and you returning the gesture.If you’re mine…then you’re MINE, for my touch only.I have you on a pedestal in a flawless condition.If someone else comes along with their filthy hands and thoughts, they’re ruining what belongs to me, my most prized possession.”His words catch me off guard.I swallow hard.“You know I’m not perfect.You know I’m tainted.”He keeps his entrancing hazel eyes fixated on mine.“To me…you’re perfect.Your past experiences have molded you to be a strong, intellectual woman with a heart of gold; your present shows a sense of humor like no other with an empathetic virtue that is so rare, it’s priceless; and your future’s perspective on life is aspiring…always wanting to give and make society a better place.I know I don’t deserve you, but every day you make me want to be a better man and for whatever profound intention…you chose me.I won’t let anyone threaten our bond.I’ll fight for what belongs to me.No one touches you…absolutely no one.Understand?”I stare at my possessive, unreasonable man lovingly.“I understand.”“Good.Now give me some sugar.” He exaggeratedly puckers up his lips waiting for a kiss.“How about some crazy kisses instead?” I don’t wait for his response.Instead, I contort my face, cross my eyes, and smother his entire face with smooches.He closes his eyes with a smile and enjoys the attack on his face.Despite being here several times with Michael, I’m still not used to entering this dark, grey building surrounded by barb wire.Today, my meeting with Diego is different.Celeste was granted permission by both the federal detention facility and Diego to visit [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]