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.“Hello Tristan, I have heard a lot about you.” She paused.“I can see where Tristain gets her eyes from.” Tristan took her hand for a moment and remained silent.Aesia shifted uncomfortably in her chair.“Mother, as you know, Father and I went as part of a peace delegation to open negotiations with the leader of the League.”Ewain frowned.“Yes, I know that.”Aesia’s voice cracked as she rose and went to kneel by her mother, taking her hands.Tears formed in her eyes.“Mother, none of us knew about a plot to kill the League leader.One of the aides had been a hurried replacement for Teresian who suddenly took ill.Unfortunately, he had a bomb surgically implanted.We believe he planned to detonate it once the negotiations had started.League security discovered the bomb so he tried to kill the members of our peace delegation.” She took a deep breath and tightened her grip on her mother’s hands.“All three senior delegates, including Father, were killed in the blast.I’m sorry.” Ewain gasped.Aesia leaned forward, put her arms round her mother’s shoulders, and held her.After a short while Ewain asked, “What about the League leader? Did you still meet him, Aesia, and explain, or will this war go on forever?” She shook her head.“I had hoped this meeting was the beginning of the end and that your father would bring home the chance of peace.”Aesia dropped her arms and rocked back on her heels.“Yes Mother, I met the League’s leader, Admiral Clayandrian.He is extraordinary.He has telepathic abilities as we do, only far more powerful than any of our species has ever been.” She threw Tristan a quick glance.“So where is he now? Is he going to continue with the war because of this and destroy us?” Ewain shuddered.“No, Mother, he’s here.You have just met him.It’s Tristan.”Ewain’s jaw dropped.“You’re not serious! Tristain’s father is Admiral Clayandrian?”“Yes, I am serious.”Ewain shook her head.“I don’t believe it, I can’t believe it - Aesia what have you done? You have taken probably the most powerful being in the known galaxy for a mate!”“I hadn’t thought of it like that, but yes, Mother.” She turned and smiled at Tristan.“Yes.”With eyebrows raised, Ewain took Aeisa’s face in her hands and stared intently at her.“I can see the bond is strong and fruitful.”Aesia flushed, a shy smile on her lips.“Mother!”“Your Father will be…” A shudder shook Ewain’s body; she fumbled with her hair for a moment.“Would have been fascinated and proud.”“Oh Mother.”“I’m all right, Aesia.I will mourn later.”With a sigh, Aesia rose and returned to her chair.Shifting in her chair, Ewain turned to Tristan.“So what are you doing here, and what is someone like you doing with my daughter?”“Madam,” Tristan replied.“I have come to try and end this war and stop the needless killing and destruction.”Ewain shook her head.“How can Aesia be involved?”Aesia interrupted, “Mother, it is a long story, and we do not have time now.Tristan has blocked all news of the bombing from getting out.So far, the plotters know nothing.They will be reluctant make a move until they are sure the League leader is dead.As far as they are concerned, the only person who knows anything is me.The plan is I will lead them to Tristan, who will take the necessary action.”“What, on his own?”“Yes, Mother, on his own.”“Then why is he posing as a slave?”“So he can move freely about with me, and no one will take any notice of him as a slave.”Ewain shook her head again and run her fingers through her hair.“So how do I come into all of this?”“The first and most important thing is Tristain; you have to protect her at all costs.If anyone were to get the slightest suspicion that she has anything to do with Admiral Clayandrian, she will be in grave danger.No one is to take her.Whoever comes and whatever they say, they will not be from Tristan or me.Next, Mother, I need as many names as you can think of.I know some, but there are many I don’t.Father must have mentioned those who were against him.Also, did he mention anyone he could rely on?”“You can rely on me, Aesia.You know I will guard Tristain with my life.”At that moment they heard a soft knock on the door.Tristan pulled back his hood and returned to the corner.The two women composed themselves and turned to the door.“Come in.”It was Tristain.The little girl walked into the room a serious expression on her face.“I’m sorry, but I was bored, and I want to see my Mummy.”“Of course dear,” said Ewain.Tristain clapped her chubby hands together, ran to Aesia and climbed into her lap.Once she had settled, she looked at Tristan.“Who’s that man?” Tristan felt the power of the child’s mind against his shield.His mind block slipped for a second as his daughter looked straight at him.Guardian? A voice filled his head.The power of it was almost overwhelming.His shield collapsed.I knew you would come; the voice continued.Tristan gasped and fell to his knees.Aesia, holding Tristain close to her rose from her chair [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]