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.And usually in true crime books the perpetrator has been caught, so the murder had a flaw.My heroine must get away with it.”“The simplest ideas usually work best in real life,” Rex suggested from his experience as a prosecutor.Diane prepared to make notes in her pad.“The means of death,” he continued, “is probably less important than the execution.Problem is, in the case of a murdered ex, the first person the police look at is the partner, unless the victim was killed during a bank hold-up or in a car accident, or some such random circumstance.Otherwise the spouse has to have a watertight alibi.”“That’s why a lot of spouses resort to contract killers.” Diane speculatively tapped her pencil against her teeth.“But my heroine wouldn’t derive the same satisfaction from that.She’d much prefer to see him squirm firsthand.”“Well, I hope I’ve given you something to think aboot,” Rex said with certain misgivings.“I hope it becomes a bestseller, and then you can name one of the suites at the Dolphin Inn after yourself!” If you don’t go to prison first.“And be careful of libel,” he cautioned, the lawyerly side of him coming to the fore.“If your ex recognizes himself in your book and doesn’t like what he reads, he could sue.”“I’ll disguise him so no one will know it’s him.”Rex regarded Diane with curiosity.Was she over her ex? She certainly held a grudge.“I hope you have better luck with a man next time,” he said.Diane gave a snort of derision.“Fat chance.I’m saddled with two kids.When do I get the chance to go out?”“Working at a bed-and-breakfast must give you an opportunity to meet people.”She gave this some thought.“It’s mainly couples staying here.Quite a few Germans, some Brits.You’re the sort of guy I’d like to meet if you were single.Steady and dependable.Helen is very lucky to have you.And she knows it.”“I hope so, and thank you.”“You said you had something I might be able to help you with?” Diane resumed munching on her sandwich while Rex refilled their iced tea.It was another long shot.“Black-beard,” he said.“Black beard or Blackbeard, as in the pirate, Edward Teach?”“Either.”“Hm.” Diane wiped a crumb from the corner of her mouth with a folded napkin off the table.“Are you referring to Taffy’s little joke?”“What joke would that be?”“It’s dumb.She told me she had a fancy man on the side.This was after I found her with an expensive bottle of gin, the blue one with the portrait of Queen Victoria on the label.My father would never have gotten Bombay Sapphire for her, and she couldn’t have bought it herself since he held the purse strings.He made a note of every purchase in a ledger.But she was getting it from somewhere and hiding it from him.Taffy was very cunning.”Apparently so, Rex thought, remembering the stash found in the nooks and crannies of the Dyers’ private suite.“I know I shouldn’t talk about her like that, but she made our lives miserable, Walt’s and mine.At least I got away for a while.”Out of the frying pan into the fire, Rex thought, reflecting on how Diane’s marriage must have been, toward the end anyway.He pushed his empty plate away and leaned in toward her, elbows on the table, receptive to hearing what else she had to say.“She said this Blackbeard guy bought her the booze.He was probably named for Captain Morgan.Though I don’t know why she didn’t call him Gordon or Stoli after her favorite tipples.Rum gave her migraines.But then again, she wasn’t the most rational person on the planet.She acquired a new clown figurine from somewhere, which broke in a fight with Chuck Shumaker.” Diane shook her head slowly.“I know for a fact my father didn’t buy that horror for her.They didn’t have any spare cash.Either she drank it all or she was in rehab, which was even more expensive.”“If Lover Boy didn’t exist, how did she get hold of the items herself?”“Good question.I gave up asking because she always gave me the same answer, along with her knowing little smirk.She could have shoplifted the stuff, for all I know.”Rex sat back in his chair, headachy from the refrain of black beards that kept playing like a catchy and annoying tune in his brain.When shortly afterward he went upstairs, he found Helen back from her shopping date with Rosa.She kicked off her sandals, complaining of tired feet from all the walking.The hum of a vacuum cleaner started up on the landing, forming a tightening in front of his strained eyes.“We had fun,” Helen told him.“I’m no longer miffed about not going to Mexico.I’m having a fabulous time, and I hope you are, too, in your own peculiar way.” She stepped up on her tiptoes and kissed him.“It’s a very peculiar case [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]