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.I mean really, I’m watched twenty four seven at the moment, Dan wouldn’t stand a bloody chance.He should have spoken to me, I knew Dan had previously tried to threaten Diane, but to go to these lengths and not have anyone tell me is a piss take.He should haveexplained the situation.He had no right keeping this to himself.I love him, I really do, but if he is going to keep hiding big things from me, even if he is doing it to look out for me, then I’m not so sure I can be with him.It will kill me to walk away, but what choice do I have?God I could do with a drink, but of course I drove here, and me being the biggest lightweight ever means a single glass of wine and I will more than likely be legless and unable to operate my car.“Don’t be too hard on him, he is scared something will happen to you, it’s just his way of keeping you safe.” My eyes find Diane’s as she tells me this.“I get that, but it’s not his decision to make.I have a right to know these things.”Diane pushes her chair back,“Yep, you do have a right to know, and you obviously need to discuss this with him… rationally though… and I also need a wee, so can you order me the lasagne with a side salad and I will be right back.”Without waiting for me to answer, Diane makes her way to the restrooms.I’m sat contemplating how to discuss the issue at hand with Hunter, when the one female voice that could make my blood run cold interrupts my musings.“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the little slapper my husband has himself shacked up with?” I roll my eyes, and attempt to act nonchalant.Inwardly, my heart feels as though it is about to burst from my chest.“I couldn’t help but overhear that Hunter has been keeping secrets from you.You do realise that will never end don’t you? Why do you think our marriage fell apart?” No way, she cannot be implying that their marriage broke up from his lies, she can’t, surely.Spinning to the side on my chair, I take in her vivid red hair, porcelain skin and bright green eyes.I can’t help but look at her feet, diamanté stilettos, that are really quite tacky for someone so‘classy’ as she sees herself.I know they are the‘in thing’ at the moment, but to me they look cheap and nasty.Don’t get me wrong, I love pink diamantes, I just think they lose their cuteness when you cover your whole feet in them.Pair them with the pink and white maxi dress she has thrown on, and the woman looks like a giant bit of candyfloss, although the hair clashes with the outfit, in which case I’d say she looks more like a clown.“Really, and you think you can talk to me like shit when you look like that, and you were the one having sex with other men, and Hunter’s own uncle.Now do me a favour and get lost, I have nothing to say to a gold digging whore such as yourself.” I say it all in the sweetest possible tone, finding it hard to stamp down on the anger that is threatening to explode.God I hate this bitch.Watching Ashley’s nostrils flare, and her face flaming so red it matches her hair, gives me immense satisfaction in knowing I have hit the target and pissed her off with my words.Of course, life could never be so simple as she just leaves without another word though.“How dare you, the woman sleeping with a married man, judge me.I come from money, and have a right to take what is rightfully mine.And pay up he will, I’m the wife he has ditched and left alone without support whilst he is out sleeping with other women and throwing his money at them.And I don’t know why you are sitting there sneering at what I am wearing, my husband bought this outfit for me about a week in to meeting you, I wondered why he was being so generous all of a sudden, guilty conscience.Keep an eye on that, if he starts buying you extravagant gifts, then you can bet he is sleeping with another woman.” The words come out on a smirk.“Why are you even here? Are you that desperate to be near a man that doesn’t want or love you? Do yourself a favour and sign the papers, you were stupid enough to try and screw Hunter over for your own selfish gain, and karma came and bit you in the ass, this is all your own doing.Now if you don’t mind, I’m having lunch with a friend before I go back to my man, and fuck his brains out.” I offer up the sweetest smile I can, hoping she just walks away.The woman is a nut job, and I’ve got enough on my plate without worrying about her.She has to be lying about the clothes, Hunter got rid of her before he met me, no way would he be buying his soon to be ex-wife presents after catching her in bed with another man.I watch in amazement as she starts to lower herself in to Diane’s seat,“Is everything okay here?” I glance over at Tony, who is standing beside Ashley, with his hand on her shoulder and glaring at her in such a way it sends shivers down my spine.“Er, Ashley was just leaving, isn’t that right?” My eyes don’t leave Tony’s face, myself wondering why he is always so hard in everything he does.Diane’s chair scrapes back, and Ashley straightens up, brushing down her dress and fixing a sneer on me,“whatever, just remember I’ll always be the first Mrs Jacobson, anddon’t forget all those secrets he likes to keep.” And she turns and stalks off to a table with a couple of older, equally as snooty women sat on the far side of the restaurant.“All good?” Tony looks to me.“Yeah I’m fine.” He nods, turns on his heel and walks away without another word, pulling out his mobile and walking away.Great, no doubt he is going to call Hunter, and the overprotective arse is going to be blowing up my phone.I don’t believe a word Ashley said, I know she has picked upon what Diane and I were saying and twisted it to her advantage, but then it also happens to be my biggest worry and insecurity with Hunter, I know he didn’t tell me things to protect me, but how many more things are there.I shake off all thoughts Ashley and Hunter as Diane approaches the table, opting to enjoy my food, my time with my friend, pick my daughter up and head home to my man.We have some talking to do.CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVENHunter:“Are you kidding me?” How on earth was Ash even able to get close to Connie? If she was able to then Dan could have too.“No sir, your wife took advantage of,”“She is never to be called my wife.” I bellow out, cutting Tony off.“Sorry sir,” he replies,“she took advantage of Connie’s friend leaving the table for a moment, and caused a scene.”That bitch, can she not just leave us alone, she has caused enough problems, without making things worse [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]