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.She couldn't will herself off of the floor.She'd been down here since yesterday when the magnitude of what she'd done had caught up to her.The high road had been easy when she was on the right side of Mab's affections and the killers had done what they were supposed to.She'd never intended to be one of them, and Jay was never going to forgive her if he found out what she'd done.Brenwyn prayed to Danu that he was still intact enough to care.The knot of dread was so big and so tight she couldn't breathe around it.Life would have been easier if she'd been born a sociopath, but sweet mother, even Tian, who was a bonafide legend where sociopathic behavior was concerned, had looked terrified when she realized that Sio'd been shot.Betrayer.Brenwyn choked and took a proactive swipe at her eyes with the back of her left hand.It stunk like gunpowder and came away streaked with the kind of heavy duty eye makeup that swore up, down, and sideways it was waterproof.It wasn't.Minimizing the aftermath wouldn't change anything.The rifle was still on her bed where she'd dropped it.Sio's blood was still on her hands.The single pane windows of the apartment rattled in reproach and the sudden awareness of Sio's continued existence flared like a lit match.A cold chill followed the unseen wave of power as it swept over the city bearing the news.That he'd been so well concealed meant that he'd been warded or that he nearly had died, which wasn't possible given his current beacon.Sio's essence burned so brightly she could have found him from any continent on the globe with her eyes closed.Such was her gift, and her gift never led her astray.Relief bubbled up into so much adrenaline it made her teeth ache.The short lived surge turned to mindless dread at the apex of her emotional arc as the implication settled back into her bones.His survival didn't negate the fact that she'd tried to kill him, or would again if given the chance.It didn't negate the fact that Jay's life would be forfeited if she didn't.Truly, the only thing that Sio's newfound fortitude did unequivocally ensure was that Mab, The Queen of Air and Darkness, was not going to take Brenwyn's failure well.****Tian sat on her bed and watched Sio brush his teeth in the bathroom.their bathroom.Ours.She turned the phrase over in her skull, examining it, wondering if it fit the way it was supposed to.It was a multifaceted phrase, that one.Tricky.Sio leaned over the sink to spit out a mouthful of toothpaste.The easy domesticity of the act was surprisingly comforting.She watched the broad muscles of his bare back flex and shift under his tan.He caught her watching him in the mirror and grinned in that earth shattering way of his, intensifying the steady burn of her natural inclination."Is it strange claiming territory like that after so many years of not giving a shit?" he asked."That's not what I was thinking about.""It was before."The heat suffusing his languid movements and the condensation on the mirror said that he knew exactly what she'd been thinking about after.Tian shrugged, working around the lust towards an answer in the vicinity of honest."After so many years of nothing, everything feels strange.""I've recently learned that strange makes for a damn fine start."He turned around, bracing himself against the marble counter top with both arms.A gleaming ribbon of pale scar tissue where Eamon had made the union official wound its way down Sio's left forearm, traveling over his hand, and around his index and ring fingers.The identical markings in her own skin pulsed in time with his heartbeat."You're in luck then.It's probably never going to get any more normal than this."A soft breeze trailed in on the heels of the rising sun, entering through the hole left by the destruction of the picture window.It tangled itself in the long mass of her hair, carrying with it the wild scent of rich earth and orchids."I always did like that perfect stretch of calm before the storm," he said.The sight of him was perfect.The obsidian torc of the Unseelie crown was imprinted low around his throat where it had appeared during the battle with the wizards, but he didn't need it [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]