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.They were giving the sixty-inch television to Caden and Caden was taking his thirty-seven incher over to one of the new subs at Indiscreet who, according to Danny, didn’t have one.After the job was done, Danny made some coffee for Gary and Caden, accompanied by his now famous coffee cake.“You spent quite a bit of time with Masato Friday night.He’s always been quiet and a little stand-offish.” Danny prepared Gary’s coffee.“You’re butting into your brother’s business again, Danny.Do you want strokes?” Gary’s question elicited a small pout.He fixed Caden’s coffee and put it in front of him.“Thanks, Squirt.”Danny’s face crunched up in annoyance with both his Dom and his brother as they laughed.“Yes, I spent quite a bit of time with Masato, Friday.I like him and want to get to know him better.Does that assuage your curiosity, Squirt?” Caden lifted his eyebrow.“That is a Dom’s trait, the lifted eyebrow, it’s like genetic or something.The only sub I know that can do it is Jim and whenever he does it, it makes Brian crazy.I asked because the subs were talking.We were thinking of inviting Masato to Monday tea at Jim’s.He is after all, one of us.He came up in the same class as we did, and Jamie, Greg and I think that we should make the overture.” Danny cut the cake and served one piece each for Gary and Caden.“You can have a small piece.” Gary told him.“You’re not bouncing off any walls today.” Danny cut himself a piece of cake, got his pillow and sat down next to Gary’s feet.“So you’re thinking of putting a toe in the water? You’ve been coming to the club with us every Friday night for four months now.It’s about time you decided to play.” Gary sipped his coffee.“Up until now, I had nothing to offer a sub with the exception of a good arm with a flogger.My financial situation has changed.By the way,” Caden reached into his pocket and drew out a check from his wallet.“Here is a check for what I owed you for the down payment on the car and the car payments up until last month.With my salary, I can more than afford to pay for the Honda.I’m thinking of moving to my own place as soon as I get enough saved for the furnishings and closing costs.I can get a VA loan with no money down.”“If you are planning on getting a sub, I’d wait and see what he has to say about housing.I got lucky, Danny loved this house on sight, but if you pick one out alone, you may not get the right kind of kitchen or garden.We may be the Doms, but since it’s the subs that do most of the cooking, cleaning and gardening, it behooves you to let them have their say.Besides, the longer you stay at the cottage, the more money you’ll be able to save toward furnishings.” Gary took a bite of cake.“What do you think, Squirt?” Caden asked his brother.Danny looked at Gary for permission to speak.Gary said, “Go ahead…”“I think Sir’s right.Most subs will live with what their Master gives them but occasionally it’s nice to have your opinion considered.Gary is good to me that way.The whole yard business was my idea.Sir, can I get some iced tea out of the fridge?”Gary motioned for Danny to go ahead.Caden wasn’t so sure about Danny and the other subs getting their hooks into Masato.They tended to plot and Caden already knew he was slated to be their next victim.Caden gave Gary a long look.“Why don’t you take your cake and iced tea into the great room and watch the new television.If it needs adjustments, you can make them.You’re much better with electronics than I am.” Gary told Danny.Danny sighed and left the room.“You know, of course, they’re plotting.The lot of them have decided you and Masato would make a good match and now they’re trying to figure out how to make it happen.Danny, Greg and Jamie aren’t so bad, but Brian and Jim are formidable.”Gary put another forkful of cake into his mouth and shouted into the great room.“Is this a new recipe? It’s moister than it is usually.”Danny turned down the television.“I used sour cream instead of milk.I think it turned out better.”“I agree,” Caden said.“Do you need anything, Sir?” It was clear to Caden that Danny wanted to come back into the kitchen so he could hear what was going on.As much as he loved his brother, he wanted to keep his business private for a little longer.“No, baby, you watch television.We’re fine in here,” Gary told him, winking at Caden.Watching Danny from the corner of his eye, Caden saw his brother go into full pout.Caden knew Gary saw what he was watching when Gary laughed out loud.“Now that you’re making money, I think that I should put you in touch with the investment planner Sam found me.He’s very good and charges a reasonable flat fee.You have to start planning for the future,” Gary said reasonably.“You’re right, especially since I’m thinking of taking a sub.I want to be able to take care of both of us as time goes on.” Gary got up and retrieved the notepad from the side of the refrigerator.“Here, I’ll jot down his name and number.He works out of Princeton.Sam told me that Milo and Liam use him as does Jake Cohen and Cisco.Bear handles all of Reed’s investments as well as his own, but his money is all in real estate and I wanted a more diversified portfolio [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]