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.The longer he spent with Jake, the more he hated how long they’d been apart.“You can get it next time,” he countered.“Though, what would you think of next time inviting our boyfriends? I’d like to get to know your partner.All of us be friends, you know?”“I’d like that.Thanks.”Jake walked beside Kade as they headed to their respective cars, chatting more.Kade didn’t want Jake to leave, but knew he had to.Hugs and kisses given, Jake was walking away when he stopped and came back to Kade.“Hey, why don’t I talk to Sam and see about setting up another dinner like the first one.I mean, going out with him is fun and all, but we can’t really….” he trailed off, one hand rolling as he searched for the words, Kade assumed.“You on the cushion and me kneeling while we ate.We can’t do that here,” he continued, gesturing at the restaurant.“And you said you didn’t want to visit the club again, though I’m hoping that’s a ‘yet’ kind of thing.” Kade opened his mouth, but Jake talked over him.“And I don’t want to hear any nay-saying or worries.I’m not trying to force you back to Fierce.I’m just saying it would be fun to do it both ways.Eat out with our boyfriends and eat in with our Doms.”“I’d really like that.” Kade pulled Jake into a hug.“Thanks for tonight, Jake.”“No, thank you.Thanks for giving me back my friend.” Jake gave him one last hug, then stepped back.“You want me to wait until you’re in your car and ready to go?”The brief worry clear in Jake’s eyes buoyed him even more.“No, I’ll be fine.I’m used to doing the car-chair thing now.But thanks.”After a small wave, Jake walked back to his car, a few stores down, and got in.Kade sat and watched, something inside him loosening as he thought about having a friend and a sub around again.Someone he could talk to, share with.Someone that would understand his kinks.Eventually he climbed into his car and pointed it toward home, content yet excited.He had Jake back, and a Dom that really seemed to like him, just as he was.Kade didn’t believe for one moment that Deacon would stick around forever, but right then he didn’t care, satisfied to have Deacon in his life for however long he could, and that was good enough for him.DEACON SAT next to Sam on the plush seat at the private table reserved for the owners and their friends at Fierce.He looked out at the mix of Doms and subs on the floor.Some together, others prowling, hoping to find a playmate for a time.It was not a scene he had ever enjoyed, having always believed the best sex happened when the hearts, not just the dicks, were engaged.Some of the men he knew, a few he’d even enjoyed years ago, but other than technique or interesting attire, nothing really caught his attention.Still, there was something seductive about the thought of bringing Kade with him some night when he visited Sam.Showing off his sweet boy.He knew they weren’t anywhere close to being ready for something like that, though.It had been nearly a month since their first date and night together, and while Kade was more comfortable and took anything Deacon gave him, always begging for more, he also knew how the treatment he’d received before had jaded Kade.The thought drew a sigh from him as he considered how scared his boy still was.“Deacon?” Jake said from where he knelt beside Sam.He looked down at Jake, admiring again how confidant yet boyish his friend’s lover and sub was.They had all been chatting until his focus drifted, so he wasn’t surprised to be pulled back in.“Yes?”“Have you given more thought to my Master’s proposal?” Jake flushed as he spoke, forcing Deacon to smile.“Yes, have you? I think after last weekend’s dinner with the four of us that it would be both enjoyable for everyone involved and good for your boy.”Do a scene at his home with all four of them? Deacon thought about it, had even fantasized about it, but still wasn’t sold on the idea.He and Sam had shared subs years ago; that wasn’t the problem.He didn’t even mind the fact that Jake would be touching his boy—they had done everything from torture each other to full sex, all under a Dom’s command in the past.No, what bothered him was the idea of another Dom, even his best friend, seeing how beautiful his boy was.That, and he wasn’t certain how Kade would react to the idea.“I am… undecided right now if that would be good for him.”Sam’s feelings were masked, as always, but Jake’s shy smile changed into a deep frown.Deacon couldn’t figure out why, though.“What?”Jake shook his head.“Nothing, Sir.Sorry.”“No, what is it, pet?” Sam asked, lifting Jake’s face to meet his gaze.“Something about this topic, or at least Deacon’s response to it, is upsetting you.”Jake looked back and forth between Sam and Deacon a couple of times before he faced Deacon again.“Do you want to play with us both, with Sam there? I’m not asking what you think Kade will want, feel, or think.Just what you do.”Deacon was a little taken aback at how forcefully the little sub was speaking to him, but he also knew Jake wanted the best for Kade.“I….Yes and no.I won’t share Kade’s affection with anyone, Dom, sub, or otherwise, but I don’t mind the idea of you two playing as long as Sam never penetrates my boy.”“Easy enough concession to make, Deacon,” Sam said, threading one large hand through Jake’s hair repeatedly.“I’m the same way with Jake.He still acts as a house sub on occasion, but no anal sex with another Dom.Ever.”“Really? Huh.” Deacon didn’t think he would put up with the boy subbing for just anyone, not if Jake were his, but he knew different people had different rules.“Only when he wants to and it’s a friend of his who asks.”Jake nodded.“I prefer to be with just Sam usually, but I always liked working with another sub at times too, like Kade and I used to do.But if that’s the only reason you aren’t saying yes… [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]