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.He stared down at the almost-empty bottle dangling from his right hand.I’d been there.Hell, I was there.I stood up and made my way over to him.Talking to him was a bad idea.Just being in the same space was dangerous.I slammed my beer onto the counter.“What are you doing here when your beautiful fiancé is at home waiting for you?” I didn’t bother hiding anger and bitterness out of my voice, and Lukas didn’t hide his hatred for me.He jumped out of his chair, leaning slightly toward the left and shoved a finger in my face.“Go fuck yourself.”I smiled.“I haven’t been able to congratulate the happy couple.” I raised my beer in the air.“Probst to you and Katja! I wish you a happy life filled with love, health, and happiness.”“Just leave her the hell alone.”Out of the corner of my eye I saw a few people glancing our way.I should have stepped away before this went from bad to worse, but misery loved company and I wanted nothing more than to bring Katja down.In my mind I saw him touching her body, claiming it as his own, and I saw red.My fingers curled into fists.“I can’t.”Lukas looked ready to beat me to death.“You’re just here because I took what you thought was yours.”My shoulders straightened.“It’s driving you crazy that she chose me.”I smiled darkly.“But who did she want first?”His eyes widened and his nostrils flared, and I knew I’d hit a sore spot.As much I wanted to stay here and take all my anger out on him, I knew I needed to leave right now.Pulling out my wallet, I tossed a few bills onto the bar and walked away.“It was a pleasure talking to you, Lukas.”Taking a deep breath, I walked to the exit, telling myself I couldn’t beat him within an inch of his life.I was so close to leaving.My hand reached for the door handle when I was pushed from behind.I stumbled and whipped around.Lukas stood a few steps away, with rage in his eyes.The entire place was quiet, the only sound coming from the TV in the corner.“Come on, fight!” Lukas shouted.“That’s what you want, right?”I straightened my shoulders.Right now, a red mist was covering my eyes.Anger took over my body and it became harder and harder to ignore it.“For Katja, I’m not doing this, and if you love her like you claim you did, you wouldn’t either.”Lukas lunged for me and I did nothing to stop him.When my back hit the wall, my night went to complete shit.K A T J AI ran my fingers over the gold letters that spelled STEINWAY, and opened the lid to the piano.I sat down behind my piano and stared down at the keys.I tried to remember my life before Mathias.The competitions and triumphs and pitfalls and happiness, but they all seemed dull and lifeless.Nothing compared to my memories with Mathias.I glanced outside.The sun slowly set, creeping down around the mountains, outlining them in a fiery hue.It was a beautiful sight, but I couldn’t appreciate it; Lukas was still out.I had to eat dinner with his mom.She probed me, trying to find out why Lukas and I argued and if it was because of ‘that person’ who came to see me today.I told her nothing.Before she left, Johanna told me that everything would be okay.Lukas would come back and we’d work things out.She smiled and patted my cheek, looking so sure of herself.But what if he didn’t come back? What if Mathias being here was enough to make him walk away? For most couples, their love should be a strong enough foundation to get them through everything, but Lukas and I were not there.Do you even love him? My heart asked me.My fingers hesitated over the keys.Lukas would always have a piece of my heart.We’d grown up together—it’d be impossible for him not to.But did I love him like Mathias? No.And I didn’t want that kind of love.The kind that consumed and ate you alive and left you with nothing.That love was terrifying.Deep in my gut, though, I knew that was the kind of love that lasted.Down the hall the front door slammed.I ran toward the hallway, only to see Lukas stalking toward me.His left eye was swollen, surrounded in deep shades of blue and plum.Dread threatened to swallow me whole.“What happened?”Lukas brushed past me and walked into my bedroom.He flipped on the light and pulled off his shirt.I repeated my question even louder.“Mathias is what happened!” He snapped as he pulled his shirt over his head.He wadded it up and threw it in the corner.I watched him, a riot of emotions swarming through me.I stopped myself from grabbing him by the neck and shaking the truth out of him.“And?”He picked a shirt from random and whirled around.When he looked at me I saw nothing but frustration and anger in his gaze.“And I fucking punched him!”“Why?”“That’s your question … why? He’s up to no good, and if you think otherwise, then you’re delusional.” Lukas unbuttoned his jeans and walked to the bathroom.I followed him and leaned against the doorframe.“I don’t even know what’s going on.One minute I’m telling you that he was knocking at my door, and the next you’re stalking away.If you could fill me in that would be great.”Lukas leaned against the wall, and his shoulders drooped in defeat.I walked to him and wrapped my arms around him.“I needed to have a breather.So I went and had a drink.Mathias was there and things escalated.” He took a deep breath and dragged his hands through his hair.“He’s never going to give you up.”I shook my head, trying to erase his words and stepped into his arms.Lukas held me tightly.“It was just a fight, okay? We’re still together [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]