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.The mirrors spiked other ideas, particularly the one where they stared at each other in their reflection.How would Nick react if he spun him around, made him stare in the mirror as they had sex? He could almost feel his fingers tangling in Nick’s hair, demanding he watch, but he had no time for that, his need too urgent.An application of cool lube made Nick pleasantly slippery.Looping Nick’s legs over his shoulders, Alex glanced down to watch his fingers sinking in, opening Nick for his use.He couldn’t tell whether Nick clung to him and the counter out of terror that the surface wasn’t strong enough or because of what 131Sharon Maria Bidwellwas to happen.As wonderful as it was to have Nick in such a compromising position, the angle was wrong and wouldn’t work.Alex pulled back, catching Nick’s legs, wrapping them around his hips.He rolled the condom into place and then surged in, giving Nick no letupand little time to adjust.Nick’s gasp might have been one of pain, and maybe there was a little discomfort in his expression, but the look quickly changed.Nick bit his lip so hard, Alex considered telling him to ease up, dismissing the notion as fast as the thought came.Let make-up cover the blemish if Nick marked his lip.If Nick made his lip bleed, Alex entertained the crazy idea that he would lick up the blood.Terrible temptation, stupid.Nick had already asked if condoms were nec-essary.Alex was clean, and he would bet his life that Nick was, too, but unless he was in a serious relationship with someone — serious enough for them to both have tests and then rely on trust — he wouldn’t compound one foolish act with another.He’d put Nick at risk letting him use his mouth just that once.He’d pulled him off at the last moment but he wouldn’t do something so thoughtless again, even if it were a bit like the horse galloping after the cart, even if free from disease.He didn’t want Nick to get into the routine of trusting someone.He didn’t know whom Nick might have sex with…in thefuture.Wouldn’t teach him bad habits.The thought of Nick having sex with someone else made Alex’s rhythmfalter.Nick looked up.Agony of passion not pain painted his expression with that beauty Alex loved so well.When Nick’s expression turned pleading, Alex settled in for long, deep strokes.When Nick’s hand reached for his own cock in desperation, Alex grabbed both of Nick’s hands and held them down, pressed between flesh and countertop.Alex held Nick open to him for his use, and he could tell from the familiar sounds falling from Nick’s lips, the whipping back and forth of his head, that Nick loved every moment.Nick wanted more, but he didn’t know how to ask, especially when unsurewhat that something more was.If he didn’t come soon, something inside him might quite possibly die.Why was the prelude to release such agony? Why was this journey such an uphill trek? Sex could be a fast jaunt to the beach, but Alex turned sex into a pilgrimage.As for… this…what Alex was doing to him, Nick didn’t have the words, couldn’t express it.He couldn’t understand why having Alex furrow into him made him feel complete.Even as he struggled to thepeak, only a few strokes of his hand away — bastard for holding his hands — Nick 132Calm and Chaos: Acting Outdreaded the coming down.It was never enough.The moment they finished,he would be wishing their bodies could fuse.He fought to free a hand, but Alex restrained him.Alex had him spread.He had Nick at his mercy, and praise be, Alex didn’t know the meaning ofthe word.Nick wanted more; he just didn’t know how to ask or what he wanted or needed, but his body did, responding to Alex’s expertise so Nick felt it coming even before he realised what it was.His pleasure was a pressure, a building, a force outside his beckoning.It was all those things and none at all.It was a wave, and it was devastating.His eyes closed.His head slammed back against the mirror so hard, he wondered if he’d cracked the glass or his skull.His body tightened and then released so he floundered and jerked, might havejolted right off the counter if he’d not been trapped by Alex’s body.Still, Alex kept thrusting into him so that the flashing thought sending rainbow-coloured sparks off behind his eyes, I’ve come without being touched, went on as long as the orgasm itself.133Chapter SixteenAlana’s voice murmured along rapidly as a soothing drone rather like abee buzzing on the other side of the glass unable to sting.Unfortunately, unlike a bee, Alana could sting more than once.She could be the equivalent of a moody wasp.“Are you hearing any of this?”“Yes.” Forcing his attention to her face, Nick waited for her to tell him to repeat her words, knowing he’d be unable to.She just sighed, closed the folder, and waved the file in his face.“Manuscript,” she said.“Go.Read.You know, it’s a pity you don’t share Alex’s attention span.How you learn your lines is beyond me.”Would another agent dare speak to him like this? Not that he blamed her.He was preoccupied.He had no proof that Alex was having sex with anyoneelse, but even if he weren’t, Alex could surely take sex as unbelievably casual [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]