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.If they got naked together, Alex would seeeverything.He would see all the disgusting ugliness mapping your body.Alex wouldlikely think the scars were from IED shrapnel taken during his time in the MiddleEast, but the thought of such an incorrect assumption only made Hunter morenauseous.Sickness moved from his gut into his throat.He could evade or outrightlie to Alex, to anyone for that matter.A person who’d never served time in a warwould believe the story.Hunter could never do it, though.He knew too many fellowsoldiers with severe, real injuries sustained in just such situations, and he couldHawkins Ranch: Quick to the Hunt25never denigrate their suffering for an easy out to embarrassing questions.Alex—nobody—could ever see Hunter naked again.Hunter laughed out loud, the sound awful as it filled his empty truck.Sowhat? The physical complications didn’t even take into account the fuckstorm inHunter’s head.It wasn’t like he could be intimate with Alex, even if the manwanted it.Hunter’s mind was so screwy he would freak the guy out within fiveminutes of time alone together.Except you were mostly okay when you helped himjust now.You kept control of your heart rate and hardly got panicky for your knife atall.Hunter rolled his truck to a stop in the Hawkins Ranch employee parkingarea, his jaw on his chest as that truth hit him.He’d been nervous, yes, but not tofreak-out levels.Buzzing with attraction and awareness of Alex, Hunter had dealtwith it as any normal man would.Maybe he could overcome his need to self-injure,just as he’d read on the Internet.With a little experimentation, and some insanewillpower, he might not only get his relationship with Sarah back but one day beable to have something with a man too.As he got out of his truck and said hello to another cowboy, Hunter didn’t feelquite so heavy a press on his shoulders as he had just the Friday before.* * *Thrashing in bed, in deep sleep, Hunter walked among hundreds of bloodied,dead soldiers, the bodies piled so high they reached his knees.No.Please.Go away.Hunter covered his eyes, desperate to get through the field of crimson-coveredmasses to the safety on the other side.In the distance, a male voice called toHunter, promising him sanctuary in his arms.Yes.Hunter knew that rich voice; itboth stirred and soothed him at the same time.Hunter slogged through the carcasses, tears streaming down his cheeks as hesilently apologized for not looking into each of their faces or honoring their deaths.His pulse threaded into his throat and down into his gut, making him feel like hewould throw up.He had to get to Alex soon; only Alex could make Hunter better.Alex called to Hunter again, his voice so close this time Hunter risked openinghis eyes.Stunning blond male perfection stood nude less than twenty feet away,beckoning Hunter home.Alex.Hunter ran, tripping and catching himself repeatedlyin his need to reach Alex and salvation.One more leap and Hunter cleared the fieldof death and swooped Alex into his arms.Laughing uproariously, Alex threw hisarms around Hunter’s neck and began kissing him all over his face.In between, hepromised Hunter wild, romantic nights of lovemaking that would last a lifetime.Hunger burned within Hunter, and he mumbled into Alex’s mouth that he wantedto get started right now.With one whisper of agreement from Alex, Hunter shoved his way past Alex’slips and kissed him with a passion that left Alex’s mouth swollen and red.Notnearly enough, not an ounce of anything gentle in him anymore, Hunter snarled,spun Alex around, and folded him over at the waist.Hunter ripped through Alex’s26Cameron Danebody with a brutal attack, fucking him until he’d surely torn the man in two.Relentless adrenaline pumped through Hunter’s blood, and orgasm offered him norelease [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]