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.Soothe insisted on keeping it to himself.Did he tell you?”I shook my head no.“He didn’t tell me much of anything actually.Don’t you think it’s important that we find out the missing piece?” I boldly questioned.He smiled brightly.“Yes I do.I think it would help.But then one’s faced with knowing the truth, good or bad.Which leaves me questioning if we really should know.Soothe may not seem all there, but he knows what he’s doing.If you are meant to know, you will…one day.”One day can’t come soon enough.I’ll have to go back and find him, I thought, tucking the idea away for a later day.I didn’t know if he was in my head or not, but if he heard what I was thinking, then he must agree or he would’ve said otherwise.I hoped.I had one last question.“What happened after I left that night?” The sound of Gabe’s cry and the image of Astral’s worried faced was the most prominent memory.“The other two Fates were on their brother’s tail.They stopped them before they could go any further.”“What about you and Gabe?”Instead of answering, he smiled coyly.“There will be time to discuss these things Aurora.For now we need to plan what we’re going to do with Zane and get you settled in.”I followed him out of the room and back into the living room.Gabe and Myrdinn were huddled with their backs to us, whispering something I couldn’t understand.Myrdinn looked up at my arrival, and I caught him mouthing “…We’ll talk about this later.”What couldn’t they say in front of me?Gabe turned around to face me.It was strange seeing his face, knowing that I was wideawake.“Aurora,” he said as he walked slowly towards me.He stopped right in front of me, and as I reached out to hug him I wound up hugging the air.I opened my eyes and found him kneeling in front of me.I tried to recover myself as quickly as possible without anyone noticing, but of course nothing got past Astral.He chuckled from behind me.“It’s so good to see you alive and all grown up.The last time I saw you, you were…”I cut him off by finishing, “…a little girl.The night I left.”He stood back up, now looking down at me.“Yes, the night you went into hiding.Though we didn’t protect you as well as we should have.” His eyes shot to Myrdinn and then to the ground.Astral stepped in before I could ask what he meant.“Myrdinn, there was nothing anyone could have done to prevent the connection from happening.You have to accept what The Fates have planned.” Gabe must have told my father about my near death experience.“Honestly, it’s okay Myr…I mean, Dad.I’m fine.And we have bigger problems to worry about right now.”“As in dealing with Zane, I assume you mean,” he replied.Lexi walked in.“He’s chained up downstairs,” she announced, answering everyone’s question.“I don’t think it’s a good idea that we keep him here,” said Gabe.“We shouldn’t take the chance of Zordon tracking him.”Astral rubbed his chin as he paced back and forth.“He shouldn’t be able to track this house.Astral has enough enchantments to hide it from anyone,” said Myrdinn.“Except The Fates,” added Astral.“But they wouldn’t…” replied Myrdinn.Lexi grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the conversation to stand by the fire.“Your father heard about Zordon meeting with the Dark Saar.That is really why he is so upset.” I should have known.It’s not like I was going to come back to a perfect life.I was returning to fight a war.“How do you know?” I asked.“I overheard them talking while you were with Astral.” She looked as nervous as I felt.“My mother?” I asked, hoping that she would be okay.“That’s the thing.Myrdinn can’t get in touch with her.Gabe wants to keep that from you thinking it’s in your best interest, but I feel like you should know.This is, after all, about you.”She’s right, I should know.They want me to fight for them, to be their savior, so they should keep me in the loop.At least I think they should.And how could my mom defeat the Dark Saar alone?“Thank you for telling me, Lexi.” My aggravation was growing and I could feel an outburst brewing.It was well overdue.“Although I appreciate them looking out for me, I think they should know that I’m not a little girl.” I tilted my eyebrows, hoping for her permission to confront them about what she just told me.She threw her hands up in front of her face and said, “By all means feel free.We are friends of honesty, my dear.” Her smile made me feel a little bit better.Then she tilted her head towards the hall and perked her ear up.“Got to go…good luck.” And with a pat on my arm she was gone.I sucked in a deep breath hoping to find some courage, but it didn’t seem to help.So I stood there for a minute and had a mental debate with myself.This was my fight.I had to take ownership of that.Zordon and I were connected, and it was up to me to end him.I needed to know exactly what was going on at all times, right? I blocked the weaker side of my brain and stormed up to Gabe and my dad.It was now or never.“Is there something you’d like to tell me?” I demanded in my most authoritative tone [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]