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.Eventually she fell asleep from sheer exhaustion.Jill slept late.The ringing of the phone woke her.Thinking it was Adam, she fumbled, still half-asleep, for the receiver.“Good morning!” a too perky voice sang in her ear.“Is your chimney stuffed? Is your—”“Good Lord!” Jill hung up, uncharacteristically rude.“You should get stuffed!”Now fully awake, Jill rose from the bed and padded into the bathroom.***Adam called mid-morning.“I’ll be home tonight—but late.Got a lot of paperwork to deal with, so eat dinner without me.”Jill couldn’t possibly miss the excitement in his voice.Even so, she wasn’t prepared for what Adam said next.“The powers that be,” the name he’d given to the CEO and COO, “thought I did a terrific job in Atlanta.”“That’s wonderful, sweetheart.”“Yeah.That’s why they’re sending me to Maine.”Now Maine? Jill had already stopped listening.Just when she’d thought they had finally tethered their drifting marriage and they were growing closer, his job hijacked the tiller again.Adam would be off to Maine for an indefinite amount of time next month.Alone again.Great title for a book—not my life, she thought as she watched the light drizzle outside her bedroom window turn into a steady downfall.***Later that day, Evelyn called.“Are you sitting down, Jill? I have exciting news.”“I’m sitting now.”“Good.Your promotional tour is all set up.“That’s exciting—but scary.Who would go with me?”“Well, for starters, I would.If you’d like, bring your hubby along for moral support.”“Evelyn, where would I be going?” Jill asked, suddenly a mixed bundle of excitement and anxiety.Evelyn told her the itinerary she had planned.“You sure I’m ready for all this? There will be thousands of people watching and listening.”Evelyn chuckled.“I would hope so.Listen, Jill, you have nothing to worry about.I know you’ll do just fine.Just as you’re doing with the book signings and receptions.”“Yes, but—”“You’ll be just as sensational on a promotional tour,” Evelyn said.“Remember—you’re ‘the epitome of American womanhood,’” she teased waggling her eyebrows.They laughed, and most of the tension dissipated.When they said their goodbyes, Evelyn promised to get back to her later with all the final details.Jill would have plenty of time to take care of all the things that needed to be done before she left.***It would be nice to have Adam along for moral support, but following his last phone call, Jill knew it might be out of the question and decided not to even ask him.And yet, she really didn’t want to go alone.Even though Evelyn would be there, it was hardly the same.She wanted Adam to be there to share in the excitement and offer moral support.Suddenly Jill chided herself for behaving like a child.She didn’t need Adam to hold her hand.It was time she took control of her life.He didn’t write the book; she did.She had gone to the book signings and the awards dinner by herself.Although it was embarrassing not to have her husband’s support, and she saw pity in Evelyn’s eyes, she’d put on a brave front.Who held her hand there? No one.If she wanted to be a success as an author, she had to work for it.And if it called for a book tour, she had to be adult enough to do it.Besides, she had already agreed to it.***Adam got home late that night.He crawled into bed waking her, kissed her on her forehead and promptly fell asleep.Now wide awake, Jill stared at the wall, suddenly feeling horny.She had missed Adam and had the urge to wake him up and make love, but the desire disappeared as quickly as it had come.If Adam wasn't into it, it was just a step up from masturbation.Of course, there was the vibrator, but she really didn’t feel like using it tonight.Instead, she sighed with disappointment, got out of bed, and headed for the kitchen.Sipping a cup of herbal tea, Jill thought of the last-minute things she needed to do before she started her promo tour.She would have to pick up her business suits from the dry cleaners and do laundry.Before long, excitement had crept into the equation.Sure, Jill was a little apprehensive about going on TV, of all things, but on the other hand, this was a chance of a lifetime.She hoped and prayed she wouldn’t make a fool of herself.Chapter ThirteenAdam was still asleep when Jill awoke at nine o’clock the following morning.That in itself was out of character for Adam.Usually, that hour would have been mid-morning for him and he’d be long gone.Poor guy must be exhausted, she thought.Then she remembered he still didn’t know about her promotional tour.At least she’d be able to give him the exciting details over breakfast.Freshly showered and dressed in a dark blue Armani suit, gray shirt, and maroon silk tie, Adam entered the kitchen when Jill was on her second cup of coffee, reading the newspaper.He walked over to her and kissed her cheek.“Sorry if I woke you up last night.My flight had been delayed and it was too late to call.”Tamping down the memory of the sexual disappointment she’d felt, Jill replied, “No biggie.Glad you’re home safe.”“Me, too.At least things are back on track and the client’s happy.And how are things in the writing world?” Adam said, as he put a K-Cup in the Keurig and hit brew [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]