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.“Is this what it's come to? You are going to sell me off for a few bucks?”“It's not like that,” Tamaki said.“You need to listen to your father.”“What? Listen, mate, I'm not going to marry you and your cheekbones and your razzle dazzle smile.Go get yourself a real girlfriend.Or boyfriend if that's what you are into.”“Hannah!”There was nothing else for it.I couldn't stay around here.I threw my napkin on the table and walked out.Chapter 10.HannahI got off the plane in a foul mood.Being confined to a small space for hours with a bunch of random strangers is not one of my favourite things and I sure as hell was not going to use my father’s money to fly first class.I regretted my pride when I found out I had a mother with a crying baby on one side of me and a guy determined to drink out the entire drinks trolley on the other.But at least I was going home, where people were sane and not trying to marry me off.Tamaki seemed like a decent guy.Why would he agree to this? Maybe he was gay and he wanted a beard or maybe he had some dark secret.I didn’t care.I’d never see him again.I rushed off the plane as soon as we landed, pushing through the crowds, hellbent on getting to the taxi rank before anyone else.I was totally oblivious to anything around me until someone came bowling out of nowhere and threw themselves at me.Even then, I shook them off, thinking it was a bratty child up to tricks.“Hannah, have you forgotten me?” A green-haired Angie stood in front of me wrapped in a faux fur coat.I hugged her back.Then an extra pair of arms wrapped around us both.“Eric!” I squealed.I couldn't believe they'd gone to all the trouble of coming to pick me up.No one ever met me at the airport.It was usually taxis or private cars.I hadn't realised how much I'd missed those guys.Coming back really felt like coming home with them there to greet me.All the tension and crankiness from the flight melted away.Then I noticed him, hanging back.Jack Colt gave me a salute then grabbed my suitcases.“Hurry up, airport parking costs a fortune.If it clicks over to the next hour, we're screwed.”I scowled at him but it was a scowl with a twitch to my mouth.I’d forgotten the way he swaggered when he walked and how his smile slowly spread across his face.I’d totally forgotten the lock of hair that flopped down in his eyes.And I’d forgotten the strength in his hands.The sight of him was like a punch to my heart.“Do you have my boots?” Angie bounced up and down beside me.“Please, please tell me you haven't forgotten them.”“They're in my bags.I have presents for everyone.” I still felt uncomfortable about having bought Jack a present.I didn't know why, it just seemed a bit personal.It'd be a lot less embarrassing giving it to him if there were a group of us though.When we stepped outside, the glare of morning sun blinded me.I fished in my bag for my sunglasses.I’d forgotten it was morning.As we walked through the airport car park, I couldn't help but grin.Heads turned to stare at us.Even if Storm weren't a household name yet, they had star quality and people around us knew that.Of course, Angie in that coat and her huge sunglasses gave off a celeb vibe, which is probably what she’d intended.“Shotgun!” called Angie.“Hannah's riding shotgun.It's her homecoming,” said Jack.That made me grin even more.I wasn't sure how I'd feel about seeing him again and I'd spent the entire flight home playing through different scenarios in my mind.From the one where he took me in his arms and threw me on the bed, tearing off my clothes and doing all the dirty things to me without even speaking, to him having found someone else and forgetting I existed.Either way, it shouldn't matter to me.I was his manager and that was all.Maybe…“I’m not sure that is part of the international law of shotgun, to be honest, but I’m so happy to see Hannah come home, I’ll let it pass this time.”I knew Angie was making love heart gestures behind my back as I rushed to keep up with Jack's pace, which was incredibly childish, but I didn't care.“We can sing all the way home,” I said.“By the way, where is home? You know I'm homeless, right? And I have to have a shower and get my shit to this meeting in a few hours.”“You can crash at our place until you get things sorted.Angie's bought all your stuff over.We thought you'd want to freshen up before the meeting then you can come back and we can all discuss it.”“Yeah, and Mum's coming over to cook dinner tonight.She loves you, Hannah.”Woohoo! I loved Eric-Mama too.And her cooking.Her cooking was extreme, like she'd taken everything that was good in the world and made it into food form.I wasn’t sure about sleeping under the same roof as Jack though.If he was too close, my hormones might overrule my common sense.“She loves Hannah, hates me, it seems.” Angie pouted.I wondered when she'd met Eric-Mama.She hadn't told me about that.“Come for dinner too, Angie.I'm sure she'll love you when she gets used to you.”“She told me not to go to the airport because I'll set off all the metal detectors!”I laughed.What was going on between Eric and Angie anyway? They seemed a lot closer than they had been before I left [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]