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.That was wrong.With the belt right up there, as soon as she moved the flaps would fly open and expose her legs and the dildo in her ass.Ah fuck! That was the whole point.They were going to walk her through the BDSM club with the fucking dildo and flogger strands hanging out of her ass like a fucking tail! Fucking hell!Chapter SixAs soon as Darcy had seen the trench coat, he’d known how to use it in a scene.Of course, he couldn’t expose who she was.Her ass, yes, with its neat row of pink lines from the whip, complemented by the flogger tail hanging out of her pretty rosette.But not her face.He found a ball gag and a mask in the top drawer under the counter in the dungeon, and slid the ball gag into her mouth, tightening the straps around her head to hold it in place.Next, he popped a plain black hood over her head, covering her down to her shoulders.He picked up her tiny bra and thong, holding them in his left hand, and unlocked the dungeon with his right hand, waving Raff to lead Violet through the doorway.She moved slowly and cautiously with the spreader bar manacled to her feet, but that was good.It’d give her ass a nice sway, ensuring the coat flaps opened and the cold air teased over her hot ass and made her tail move.Although just her slow pace would waggle the flogger anyway.He led them up the stairs, to the main level, noticing that she managed very well for someone not used to walking locked in a spreader bar.Then he slowly guided her through two of the private rooms, letting everyone there see her.He twirled her underwear on his finger as they walked, and caught the nods of appreciation from several other Doms.Only then did he lead the way to the elevator and the room he’d rented for the night.Now would come the next part of the program.Giving her some orgasms.He’d talked this part of the evening through with Raff as well.Tonight he’d take her ass and Raff her cunt.Since they were supposed to accompany her to brunch in the morning, he hoped that would mean she’d spend the entire night with them.In the morning they should have time to play another game, if she was willing.And between him and Raff, he thought he could ensure she was not just willing, but desperate for their mouths, hands, and cocks again.Once they arrived in their room, he dropped her underwear on a chair and unlocked the spreader bar.Likely her knees would be somewhat tired from walking in it but it’d served its purpose and they’d played their scene.His wolf senses could smell the heady aroma of her womanly musk.So he knew the public exhibition had aroused her, not upset her.Raff removed her coat, hood, and ball gag, and then Darcy said, “The scene is over now.How did it make you feel?”“Forget all the touchy-feely HR PR bullshit and take me to bed and fuck me.That’s all I’ve been able to think about for the past half hour.”Raff laughed and he snorted.Yes, that was his pushy woman running true to form.“Answer the question or there will be no orgasms.”“Hot damn! All right.It was damn hard to walk in the fucking spreader bar.I was hoping like hell I didn’t see anyone who knew me.But actually it was very exciting.”“Good answer.”“So why aren’t you both naked yet?”“Why don’t you look in the nightstand and find us some condoms instead of talking?”He couldn’t resist pushing her back when she pushed him, but condoms were needed and it wouldn’t take him very long to strip out of his Dom’s outfit.He’d modified it a little, knowing they were going out to brunch in the morning, and hoping she’d spend the night with him and Raff.That meant he was wearing black jeans instead of his black leather pants.Also, he’d put a yellow T-shirt and sweater in his truck to change into from the tight black turtleneck he was wearing right now.She’d set out some condoms on the nightstand and was waiting for his instructions.“Come here,” he asked gently.As she came across, he turned her round and Raff took her into his arms, kissing her.With her attention on Raff, he began playing with the dildo, fucking her just a little with it.Raff’s hands were on her breasts, so Darcy slid a couple of fingers into her cunt.She was very wet, more than ready for them.Reluctantly he removed the dildo from her ass, and laid it on the chair with her underwear.When Raff lifted his lips from Violet’s, Darcy nodded toward the bed.Raff picked her up and carried her across to it, laying her carefully in the center, on red silk sheets.Darcy climbed on one side as Raff joined them on the other side.The condoms were on his side of the bed so he rolled one down his cock and handed one to Raff then lay on his side, turning Violet onto her side as well, and lifting her upper leg high.Darcy opened her ass cheeks and fit his cock to her back door.The heat from her ass was incredibly arousing.His dick popped through the tight muscles of her entry easily, sliding deep inside her with only a couple of thrusts.Then her hot little ass was pressed hard against his pelvis, filling him with pride, possession, and lust.Once he was settled, Raff wiggled in closer to Violet, sliding his leg underneath hers, but on top of Darcy’s.This time they withdrew together.It was a bit more complicated in this position, but it was very much a united triad position.Their legs and arms were completely interwoven, so they were totally a single unit as he and Raff worked to pleasure Violet.He tried to move as slowly as possible, but the entire dungeon scene had been foreplay, and walking through the rooms with her had aroused him to an extreme level of anticipation, higher than even the scene itself, and far more than he’d expected.He’d even thought he might feel a little like an actor doing it.But what he’d felt was intense pride and possession, just as he sensed now.Violet was theirs, his and Raff’s, and no matter what anyone else might say, there was nothing that could prevent them from being together from now on.He recognized that there were a few complications to sort out yet [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]