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.” Kate smiled friskily.“Interesting nickname.”“You think it’s cute, don’t you?”“I think I do.Can we keep it? Huh? Huh? Can we?” she teased playfully, wrapping her legs around his torso as they sunk into chest-deep water.“It’s not a puppy.”“It’s as cute as a puppy.Can we keep it?” she begged.“I’ll take care of it.I’ll feed it and pet it…and when he rolls over, I’ll rub his belly.”He kissed her hungrily, licking the salt from her lips.She could feel him harden through the thin suit.“I’m taking you back to the room,” he whispered between kisses.“Wait,” she asked naughtily, “are we continuing the doggy theme there, or has that run its course?”“You’re incorrigible, girl,” he added in playful disgust as they swam to the shore.Exiting the water, Kate tossed him a towel to cover his bulging cock that his suit could no longer contain, his swollen head peeking out over the waistband.They stopped at the outdoor shower, just long enough to rinse the sand and salt from their bodies before hastening back to the privacy of the suite.They slipped out of their suits, and Kate flopped onto the luxurious white comforter, not bothering to pull back the sheets.He leaned over her, kissing her softly before lying on her, enveloping her in his warm, damp skin.Flesh pressed against flesh as they kissed.He dipped his lips to kiss her neck, as she spread her knees for him.He ran his hands up her thigh and then urgently slid his engorged head into the moist pussy that awaited him.He thrust gently and then pulled out, dripping with her juices.She whimpered.He slipped his glistening head up, and swirled it playfully against her clit.A cry escaped as she ran her fingers through his hair, clutching the curls at the base of his neck.He plunged his cock back in her hole, moaning as he delivered another series of short thrusts.Again, he pulled out and swirled his cock against her.Kate’s muscles tightened, then released in delightful spasms.He slipped into her again, thrusting before he pulled out.“Taste it,” he murmured, tilting forward.She hesitated briefly, before leaning forward to lick the moisture from the head of his cock.“Do you like it?” She wasn’t entirely sure if she did, preferring the taste of his fluid to her own, but eagerly took his head into her mouth, sucking lightly.“Damn, girl,” he exclaimed.He slid back into her pussy, leaning heavily against her body.“I’ve teased you enough.” He thrust slowly, entering deeper and deeper into her as he kissed through her moans.With increasing intensity, he thrust, sending crashing waves of pleasure through her body.She tightened her internal muscles around him.“Oh God, Kate.That’s incredible.” His breathing deepened, his thrusts urgent.“Oh my god…I have to co-o-ome,” he moaned, releasing inside her.They spent the remainder of the afternoon sleeping naked on the balcony, waking to make love before drifting off again in a tangle of limbs and skin.At six o’clock, Kate awoke, showered, and dressed for dinner, slipping into a comfortable cotton dress and sandals.After a gourmet dinner of blackened sea bass and seasonal vegetables, they moved to the lanai.Brad and Richard wandered down to a lower level as Isabelle and Kate sat under the pergola that was heavy with wisteria blooms.Isabelle briefly excused herself, returning to the villa for a wrap to protect against the cool evening air.The bittersweet smell of cigar smoke greeted Kate, and she inhaled deeply.“These are extraordinary,” she heard Richard say, his voice carried by the water.“Where did you get them?”“They were a gift from Kate.”“She has exceptional taste.” Richard paused, taking a long pull on the Salomones.She was flattered, knowing that Richard was personally acquainted with excellence.“If you knew the story behind the gift, you’d know just how exceptional she is.”“It’s a cigar, GQ, from your girlfriend.I don’t have to let my imagination run far to figure out the gift’s meaning.”Kate heard Brad chuckle as they sat quietly for a moment, enjoying the peace and tranquility of the evening.“You’ve done very well, Brad.She is delightful.Beautiful.Intelligent.You should hold on to that one.” He rolled the cigar in his fingers.“I have every intention of doing just that,” she overhead Brad say.Isabelle returned with two blankets as a butler appeared, delivering mugs of tea that she had requested.They sat under the stars and she listened intently as Isabelle shared her childhood story.Isabelle had overcome poverty and family dysfunction to become the top student in her school.At fourteen she had attracted the attention of a modeling scout who facilitated her escape to the USA, signed her to a lucrative contract while arranging for a scholarship from Cornell University to study marine biology.She was completing her master’s when she met a recently divorced Richard on a scuba diving expedition.Kate did the math, calculating that she was more than fifteen years his junior even though her maturity and poise more than made up the gap.She was his equal.Still deep in conversation with Isabelle, the lights began to dim around them, signaling the end of a beautiful evening.The men approached, Bradley pulling Kate to her feet in a warm embrace.They walked hand in hand to their room.Kate opened the glass wall, stepping out onto the balcony and relaxed against the railing, admiring the brilliant twinkle of stars against the pitch-black sky.The lingering earthen aroma from the cigar filled her senses as Bradley wrapped her in his arms.“There’s Ursa Major,” he whispered, pointing to the constellation of the great bear in the sky.“Incredible how exceptional the stars are, without light pollution to diminish their brilliance,” she added.Kate felt his hand slide up her thigh, lifting her dress as he explored.With urgency, he dropped his pants to the floor, and pushed her legs apart.“Why can’t I get enough of you?” he murmured as he slipped his hands between her legs, pushing her firmly against the railing.“I hope you never do.”His long, hard shaft slipped between her legs as she bent forward to take him into her pussy.She gasped as he filled her completely, thrusting urgently and passionately, his hand gently massaging her clit.She could faintly hear the birds chirping in the trees as his breathing intensified and his thrusts grew more urgent.“I’m co-o—” she gasped unable to speak as spasms ripped through her body [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]